Indira Singh Interviewed by Michael Corbin

Got a heads up tonight that Indira Singh recently did an interview with Michael Corbin on a radio show called 'A Closer Look' out of Colorado. I haven't had a chance to listen to the nearly 3 hour interview so I will just post the summary off of

1st and 2nd Hour:
Michael interviews Indira Singh, a whistleblower on 9/11. Indira links some very important facts in her investigation that leads to disturbing conclusions about who was behind 9/11 and why.

Here is a link to their download page:
(look for the October 28th show)

Apparently it is definitely worth checking out, and I will be sure to listen myself while I'm driving around this weekend.

Thanks kw for the heads up, and thanks to the Rigorous Intuition Board for pointing it out as well!

Another great download for

Another great download for anyone who hasn't already...



Michel Chossudovsky

Professor of Econ @ Univ. of Ottawa

And.. http://www.globalresear

This is by far the most

This is by far the most important, and damningly explosive evidence and story I've heard relating to everything. Sadly I doubt hardlyanyone is even going to click to listen, but my gosh. The 9/11 Truth movement and people against the real nwo(not the disinfo David Icke crap) need more credible whistleblowers lik Singh. I mean it's incredible...working for JP Morgan Chase(folks who created the corrupt federal reserve) and uncovering an al Qaeda technology firm that had access to FAA systems on 9/11, 9/11 being an inside job, as well as deeply in bed with Suadi and White House officials...and then connecting everything to Iran Contra, BCCI, drug profitting, child sex trafficking, and Bohemian Grove on some level? This is a story that needs to be heard.

It is interesting to me how

It is interesting to me how the owner of the Rigorous Intuition blog is of the opinion that there is no evidence to be had vis a vis WTC 7, or that any who raise questions about the coziness and seemingly dovetailing objectives of neocons and Zionists "are seeing Jews under their beds". I detest that shit.

Just a heads up about that site.

About Indira, it is simply startling her knowledge hasn't resulted in mass arrests. It would in a non-corrupt law enforcement system.

Singh and Sybel Edmonds, I wonder if Patrick Fitzgerald will ever have cause to get testimony from them.
Abramoff ties to Atta, through the Florida cruise boats Abramoff owned, and Atta visited.

Maybe, somehow, Patrick chats with Sybel...

Jeff Wells, the guy who

Jeff Wells, the guy who writes the Rigorous Intuition essays (not on the blog) at is the author of the incredible piece "The Coincidence Theorist's Guide to 9/11" at

So, I wouldn't dismiss his blog or the discussion board simply because there's debate within the 9/11 truth community about WTC 7.

I think we all agree that a new independent investigation needs to be held. It's the people who believe the 9/11 Commission report that we need to be worried about.