Jonesing on conspiracy theories

Look what happens when you read the academic paper questioning the official version of the collapse of the three World Trade Center buildings that Brigham Young University physics professor Steven E. Jones recently posted at

Jones is an honest-to-goodness scientist whose specialties are metal-catalyzed fusion, solar energy and something called archaeometry. The 9,000-word abstract, part of a 2006 book called "The Hidden History of 9/11/2001," asks, "Why Indeed did the WTC Buildings Collapse?"
Professor Jones really did his science homework. He supplies links to slow-motion video of collapsing buildings, discuses their well-engineered innards at length and doggedly critiques the official explanation. Jones isn't the first to make this shocking/unbelievable claim (see But it's hard to imagine anyone making it clearer.
No matter how obvious, simple or logical it sounds, you should never completely believe the official version. And given our federal government's sorry track record on truth-telling, that's the only rational thing a good citizen should do.

1. jones is the first of

1. jones is the first of many i hope

2. round earth science v. republicans

3. i choose round earth science

we need some famous people

we need some famous people to come out. what would happen if bill oreilly changed his mind and decided it was a conspiracy? he'd probably say, "i never said it wasn't a conspiracy".. we seriously need some famous people to get some balls and come out and support this movement.

Hey Dantastic, thats what

Hey Dantastic, thats what I've been thinking, I've been quietly generating a list of celebs to contact. The hard part is how to get a hold of them.

I'm thinking we need celebs that have taken up causes in the past, and have done so even though it could have been detrimental to their career.

My list so far includes:

Oliver Stone
Woody Harrelson
Bob Geldof
Paul McCartney
Martin Sheen

Anyone have any ideas of how to get a hold of these people? We need to send a package with a letter, then some videos, reports, etc.

Who else should we add to the list?

somebigguy: Sean Penn Rosie


Sean Penn
Rosie O'Donnell

exactly, where are all

exactly, where are all these people, and how do we contact them?

you want to hear an interesting story? I went to an anarchists meeting a few weeks ago. they were discussing causes and things to get involved in. I raised my hand and said something about exposing 911 truth and my idea went no where. even anarchists are afraid of 911 truth... at least the anarchists here. I just don't get it. this is their revolution handed to them on a silver platter.

Thanks DHS, I'll add those

Thanks DHS, I'll add those to my list, however, I have my doubts regarding Rosie O'Donnell.

Anarchists couldn't be

Anarchists couldn't be bothered with 9/11 truth??

I can't believe that one, we really are mainstream!!!

Maureen Farrell is back at

Maureen Farrell is back at buzzflash

Anarchists not interested?

Anarchists not interested? Smells like False Flag spirit to me.

i couldn't believe it

i couldn't believe it either. it was the "great plains anarchists network" annual meeting. some were open minded, but the "leadership" were not. then i found out later they were complaining about some 911 conspiracy nut handing out info.

hey, is that blogad at brad blog generating much traffic?

I'm finding the discussion

I'm finding the discussion boards over there are down...anyone else?

Hey, I just took the time to

Hey, I just took the time to write to the guy to commend him for his courage in publishing the article and he wrote back! Let's give this columnist some props for this article I say!

The Last and only anarchist

The Last and only anarchist meeting
i went to was about 2 years ago when they had a big G-8 summit meeting in
Miami,get this, the women who was spokesman/women her headquaters was in Washinton D.C....the same money that spew the lies of the Bush adm also financed this Anarchist movement.
think about that? peace,pw

Oh yeah, Bono and Paul

Oh yeah, Bono and Paul McCartney. Why the hell not throw in Sting?

Let Christopher Walken have a say at it.

i think many anarchists are

i think many anarchists are just doing it like its the latest fashion. Its cool to be rebellious. most of them don't know what the hell they stand for, other than they hate walmart.

but investigate 911? that might require actual thinking. maybe anarchists don't like to think.

Larry Flynt's been on it

Larry Flynt's been on it somewhat, with Hustler interviews with Ruppert and D.R. Griffin. His site links to FTW and OnlineJournal. He could do more, be louder, stage a publicity stunt or two, maybe a contest/reward etc like Jimmy Walter's contest; which the MSM would ignore of course but what the heck. Remember during Clinton's BJ-gate, Flynt offered a reward for outing of repug congressperps sexual chicanery... I don't recall if it yeilded anything. The adultery, homosexuality & pedophilia runs so deep in DC, where to begin? Search "Project Monarch" and/or "MK Ultra", & watch the "Desparate Wives" video at

When any non-PTB peasants step out of line and go public with what they know, they get suicided.

Oh yeah, forgot about Howard

Oh yeah, forgot about Howard Stern. His site used to link to some 911-Truth stories, but a quick search just now didn't find any. You could use the "Contact" button and let him know that you'd like more 911 Truth...

Nice generalization. Maybe

Nice generalization. Maybe you could take it a step further, people that hate Walmart aren't into 911 truth.

And who said 911 wasn't fashionable?

I email truth related stuff

I email truth related stuff to Stern constantly. One day it might show up on their news segment.

Why is the LEFT, the

Why is the LEFT, the ACTIVISTS, the Mainstream, the outspoken CELEBRITIES, etc ALL AFRAID OF 9/11 Truth? Quite simple. Because no matter how big the elephant is in the room, everyone looks around to take a consensus on what is 'safe' to talk about. These freaking leftish activists, anarchists, etc are ok taking on the new world order's free trade BS, the "Iraq War Conspiracy", but don't have the cajones to even question 9/11. It's sad really. "Conspiracy fringe" my ass, 9/11 is a human rights issue.
Celebrities who have stoof behind 9/11 or have eluded to 9/11 being an inside job: Ed Asner, Larry Flynt, Madonna(see newest rolling stone issue), Gore Vidal, the late Hunter S Thompson, various senators and former FBI and intelligence people. And heck every now and then The Boondocks throws 9/11 truth in the face of every American who reads the newspaper or watches cartoon network. Don't let
disinfo people with their 'pods and missle' theories make th ewhole movement seem fringe. The more people make this into a concise political activist movement and away from the UFO freemason apocalyptic fringe, the more even the liberals will start to accept it.

I was gonna say Madonna as a

I was gonna say Madonna as a good celeb to contact, but saw pockybot beat me to it. She seems to be LIHOP at minimum. She must have a website one could try to contact her through.