Server Outage

I've been going through some issues related to massive bandwidth usage over the last 2 days. Out of the blue we sent out 30-40GB of transfers in the last 2 days.

I am in the process of moving the server to a new host, so the next few days may be bumpy, but will pay off in the long term. With our new server we will have 15x the bandwidth, and 14x the storage.

Sorry for the downtime, it will all be straightened out soon enough.


i am glad to see the site

i am glad to see the site back up, i have been freaking out since last night.. got alot of worried emails too :)

with the new bandwidth and storage we will be setting up a new '9/11 Related Videos' section hosting the shorter mixtape style videos we have seen recently along with the video clips from NY, speeches, etc..

post some links for videos you think we should host on the new server..

The Lone Gunmen, First

glad to see you back! I was

glad to see you back! I was worried!

Great to have the site back

Great to have the site back up and running, dz. Thanks for all your efforts -- great to hear you'll be getting more bandwidth and storage capacity!

ok, should have everything

ok, should have everything switched.. just gotta wait for the DNS to propogate through the web..

you can tell if you are being sent to the old host or new host based on if the '9/11 Quote' panel in the left panel appears or not.. if you can see it then you are on the old server, if you can't see it then you are on the new server..

they say it takes 2 days for it to propogate, but i am betting that most everyone will be seeing the new server in the morning..

sorry for being down everyone, and please post some links to short videos, interviews, 9/11 panels, etc. that should be re-hosted with the new server space, such as donna marsh oconner's speech which was moved off of the server a few months ago..


I'd love to see more

I'd love to see more articles/interviews/etc on Sibel Edmonds, Indira Singh, John O'Neil's eluding to government complicity, articles about front companies for terrorism that the US was invovled with, etc. However I'd also love to see more coverage on who out there in the mainstream(be it philosophers, celebrities, writers, journalists etc OUTSIDE the fringe who feel 9/11 was a coverup)

No '9/11 Quote' panel on my

No '9/11 Quote' panel on my end. Just a boatload of 9/11 info to catch up on. Thanks dz, SBG, and contributors!!

You should consider allowing

You should consider allowing people to donate to pay for your bandwidth, especially if it's a significant $$ figure.

Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

If I was you, and tight on money, I would simply state "my monthly hosting and bandwidth costs are $X.00, please help out if you can."

sl, i pay out of pocket for


i pay out of pocket for bandwidth, and for google/yahoo advertising.. somewhere around 100$ a month on average.. to me that is fine, as long as it doesn't break the bank then i would rather users donate to help pay for new advertising..

if and when i incure $400 bills (like from the griffin cspan video) then i ask for donations for bandwidth, otherwise i hope that viewers will donate for more advertising through the donation links on the left panel, but those donations are pretty sporatic, so i setup the $5/week reocurring donations, but noone has used it yet, perhaps it is too high.. oddly enough when i do get donations they are for $20, or $50, or even $100, but never a steady $5 here and there..

if you wanna donate please do, but for now i will encure whatever i can afford and any generosity from viewers will be spent helping spread the word, which has to be our #1 goal..

I was really worried...this

I was really worried...this is my new favorite site.

Honestly, though I visit

Honestly, though I visit your site quite often, I'd never noticed the recurring payment button.

If I was you, I would bold the titles. Plus, most recurring payment plans do monthly withdrawals, not weekly. Perhaps you can try $10/month? You certainly won't do worse :-)

Finally, having a 1 week popup campaign every few months wouldn't hurt (I would DEFINITELY make note, on the popup, of how long the popup campaign campaign will last.) People tend to take things for granted, and a gentle reminder doesn't hurt.

hehe, i still am getting the

hehe, i still am getting the old page from here, so i cant see anything i post! :)

hopefully it will all be switched over soon, if your on the old server you cant see the articles above this post.. but the DNS should be switched out for everyone by tommorrow night.

Just so you guys know... I

Just so you guys know... I started a thread entitled, "Now That You KNOW, What Can YOU Do?"

It's a good place to share ideas on the best ways to get the truth out...