Flashback - Jimmy Walter on 'Week in Review'


alciada.net posted a video clip of Jimmy Walter (reopen911.org) on a show called 'Week in Review' which aired on October 3rd, 2004.

I had not seen this video before, despite it being hosted on reopen911.org. I was very impressed not only with Jimmy's ability to run through the subject matter in a short period of time, but the fact that the entire panel of the show was instantly interested in the material presented.

If we could have this opportunity with more stations I think the media might be surprised at how receptive American's would be. We all want the truth, and the lies surrounding 9/11 just don't pass the smell test.

Please explain why I should

Please explain why I should Google "Arrest Bush 41". I did, and didn't get whatever it is your trying to show us.

maddog, i believe walter

maddog, i believe walter suffers from parkinsons disease, but i may be wrong.. he is always twitchy with his hands, he didn't look too nervous to me..


Great interview/presentation.

some of the panelists were pretty lame though

Agreed Rebel Patriot -- I've

Agreed Rebel Patriot -- I've got more respect for Walters after watching this. He was armed with some great rebuttals to the stoopid panelists who kept asking "where are you trying to go with this?" Jeezus.

jimmy walters is a hero.

jimmy walters is a hero.

Google: "Arrest Bush 41"

Google: "Arrest Bush 41"

Walters did a good job but

Walters did a good job but he looked very nervous. I noticed his hands kept twitching. I just wish he had Griffin or Tarply with him. The so-called panel seemed to gang-up on him. Still I think he did a fine job. Changing the subject, yesterday was the anniversary of the JFK murder. Mike Malloy did a beautiful tribute to his memory. You can download the show at http://www.whiterosesociety.org/Malloy.html
Check it out. It brought tears to my eyes. Then compare JFK to what we have squatting in the Oval Office now.

Finally got around to

Finally got around to watching this, and I've gotta say, I'm really impressed. Jimmy handled the panelist's questions really well, knew his facts, and made clear and concise points.

Also, he didn't look nervous at all, I would say he has a condition of some sort like DZ says.

The panelists were lame, especially the one character's implication that the attacks aren't worth investigating since you'll never be able to prove it anyway. Jimmy counters with, "I am trying to solve the murder of 2800 Americans", which cut straight to the chase and shut the ignorant panelist right down.

All around good job, Jimmy has a new fan.