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Sorry for the lack of updates today folks, still doin' the family thing.

What's the news? Have at it.

Goss refuses to give

Goss refuses to give Fitzgerald CIA leak damage assessment

PentagonÂ’s Wolfowitz and Fife espionage evidence before grand jury
George Tenet granted partial immunity to testify against White House
CIA: Plame outed to disrupt probe into Israeli attempt to plant WMD
Probe of 10+ legislators, high officials tied to drugs and 9-11 finance before jury

The movement is dead.

The movement is dead. Why?

Because people will post anything without checking out the source for credibility.

Example: Victor Thorns (Scott Magufka)
Bullshit article from the WTC Memorial.

1st How can it be a movement about truth when you have people like Lisa and Victor writing about things that in the real world could never have happened, Much less in NYC.

2nd How can any credibal news service continue to post an article after the subject of the article presents actual truth including E-mail cooraspondence proving that the article is false yet, still promotes the lie.

3rd Doesn't the presentation of a lie or false article constitute huipocracies when the movements supposed goal is truth?

Isn't the second article the Loser Guliani proof of retaliation as well as the first article when that was asked of these fucking morons was to respect the WTC site?

Then after AFP stated they would retract the article they then discredited themselves by continueing to post the bullshit article?

Why become hostile about it?

This is why the movement is dead, the rest is just rigamortis.

I used to have respect for the movement but all I continue to see is hipocrasie.

To Bad

Paul Isaac Jr