Growing Trend Of New 9/11 Themed Movies

Here comes the propaganda!!! It isn't all bad though, check out the comments at the end of this article, very promising.

It's been more than four years since terrorists crashed Flight 93 in rural Pennsylvania as part of the Sept. 11 attacks, killing 40 crew members and passengers. And some movie producers are hoping that audiences are now ready to watch what happened on that plane.

Outside London this month, British writer-director Paul Greengrass began shooting a Flight 93 movie, produced by Universal Pictures and London-based Working Title Films. In Los Angeles, American filmmaker Peter Markle is finishing up his movie, produced by Fox Television Studios for the A&E cable network.

The films are part of a growing trend of new Sept. 11-themed movies. Oliver Stone is shooting an untitled 9/11 film; Mike Binder's "Reign O'er Me" deals with 9/11-related grief; and a movie adaptation of the book "102 Minutes" and a TV miniseries on the 9/11 Commission's findings are planned. (haha, look for this miniseries to air on the Conspiracy Theory Channel)

at least we know were not

at least we know were not alone.

I forwarded all this on to

I forwarded all this on to over 40 people. A friend and I,who was born about the time and, like, me served in combat in WWII, believe that this is the worst state our nation has been in during our life times. And that's believing a lot.