Daryl Bradford Smith interviews Ray McGovern (ex-CIA)


McGovern attacks the press. More importantly, he goes further than any high ranking government official has gone before on 9-11, and on identifying the real criminals behind our money system and our government.

Plus a special appearance from Dr. Karen Kwiatkowski, Lt. Col, ret

Click the links below for the MP3 audio files:

Hour_1, from Nov 29, 2005
Hour_2, from Nov 29, 2005

an interview with mcgovern

an interview with mcgovern on this show with the same description was posted on this site a few weeks back.. are we sure this is a new interview?

Its supposed to be new from

Its supposed to be new from the 19th, but haven't been able to get connected.

I just downloaded and saved

I just downloaded and saved the file, and it is working.

Works now..

Works now..

I had no problem with the

I had no problem with the download.

The download is working here

The download is working here too. I don't have time to listen until much later.... anybody got a few money quotes from the interview?

I hope McGovern indeed

I hope McGovern indeed speaks out on questioning 9/11. I believe he was at the Cynthia McKinney hearings -- or at the outdoor speeches at least. I remember thinking that it was great to see him there, although I have yet to see him write anything about 9/11 in his ongoing essays which are often posted at truthout (one of those places that's great for news, as long as it's not 9/11 truth-related, that is).

OK, I'm listening to the

OK, I'm listening to the interview. To save yourself a lot of time and frustration, skip the entire first file and go to the second MP3 file at 19:00 -- the interviewer gets Ray McGovern to talk about 9/11.

McGovern essentially endorses David Ray Griffin's books. He also cited the conversation between Cheney and Mineta in the bunker on the morning of 9/11 -- and he figures the 9/11 Commission didn't ask Cheney about that. He's also wondering why Bush and Cheney testified together for the 9/11 hearings. "What was that all about?"

Not any new information, EXCEPT, as far as I know, this is the first time McGovern has publicly voiced his opinion.