Loose Change 2 on Local Fox Affiliate - Part 2

Part 2: Student Documentary on 9-11

The creators say it’s only more evidence of who is really responsible for the 9/11 attacks. Film producer Korey Rowe says his experience serving the military for 12 months in Iraq and 6 months in Afghanistan, leads him to believe first hand that we are not fighting a war on terror. “If you ask any Iraqi, why we are there they will say Oil, and political power for President Bush and his administration to do anything they choose under the pretense of terror” Rowe states.

Fox 40 Binghamton has released part 2 of their coverage of Dylan Avery's recent release of 'Loose Change Second Edition' (find part 1 here).

Surprisingly the station continued with their coverage, without a hint of negative or attack journalism. I have never seen anything like this type of coverage when it comes to those of us who question 9/11, and I am very thankful. If anything the spot came out almost like an ad for the movie, which should hopefully bring in a lot of newbies to 9/11 research.

After watching the movie and this news coverage I am excited to see that the other 2 members of Dylan's group 'Louder Than Words' seem to be some pretty cool guys. One interviewed in this clip served in Iraq and Afghanistan, while the other was quite an impressive speaker at ground zero on 9/11/2005 (available in the extras on the DVD).

Great stuff, help spread it around!

NOTE: There is a pretty bad skip in the video posted, hopefully they will have it fixed soon. Don't forget to contact them and thank them for their coverage!

There may be a darker side

There may be a darker side to this. Recall that recently, Cheney was shown with a big X over his head on CNN. Of course, it was later announced that this was an accident.

I'm basically speculating, but here goes. When you consider:

1) That Bush was allowed to be videoed sitting on his rear end while Americans were jumping out of the WTC buildings


2) That testimony clearly showing VP Cheney was directing a fighter response (or non-response) was allowed to be presented to the 911 commission

3) The uber-weird telescoping, powderizing "collapse" of the surviving 60-70 floor spire (see plaguepuppy.net) clearly shows that some kind of unknown military technology was involved


4) the Cheney incident mentioned above, which I in no way believe was an accident


5) the honest reporting by Fox

.... I have previously theorized from 1), 2) and 3) that the 911 plot had to involve the military, and their price for going along may have been that civilians Bush and Cheney clearly be set up as fall guys, if the plot unravelled. Thus, 4) and 5) may be understood in 1 or 2 ways

1) the "secret government" may be telling Bush and Cheney to resign, or else face impeachment and arrest, or worse

2) the "secret government" may be telling Bush and Cheney to "stay the course" in the Middle East

In other words, these may be psy-ops directed not at the American public, but at other elites, who formally hold the reins of power. However, from the JFK assassination, we conclude that there is some power centers that are hidden, that can blow away a President and maintain a coverup for 40+ years, and counting.....

Once the truth is learned it

Once the truth is learned it cannot be unlearned. One mind at a time is a worthy accomplishment. Much love to Dylan and his crew as well as 911blogger for their daily vigilance. This coverage is great to see.

overall it is very good

overall it is very good coverage and exposure for the documentary films.

I sent an email to the station congratulating them on their coverage and not stooping low with the standard conspiracy denegrations.

What can I say, you three

What can I say, you three guys are awsome. Keep up the great work.

Truly fantastic stuff! I

Truly fantastic stuff! I sent the station this grateful note:

What great and brave reporting on the documentary "Loose Change." Thank you very much! Bringing this important documentary into the news is not only timely but is a crucial indicator that media in this country is not dead, that journalism will still question power, and that the first amendment's entreaty to challenge government is still in places a genuine priority. Your network has demonstrated the true mark of American patriotism -- answering the call of our Constitution.

Sincerely, thank you.

- Tony Brasunas

Wow, I love it. And, the

Wow, I love it. And, the reporter at the end plugs the DVD with a big smile, giving the web page address and sounding downright bubbly like he's encouraging people to buy the DVD. He almost sounds excited in the way someone might who knows they're on dangerous ground, like it's a milestone in history that he's uncovering the truth about. Maybe I'm reading into it, but heck, have you ever, EVER seen anyone report these questions in this manner?

Is it possible for me to actually feel some excitement and some hope? We've been beaten down so much. I know we're not done trying to get the truth out, but damn it this feels like a bigger step. I'll celebrate tonight and hope I don't just get cynical all over again tomorrow.

From what I can tell from

From what I can tell from browsing various forums, there are MANY who have forwarded words of encouragment to WICZ. I'm sure there has been a lot more correspondence to this small news affiliate in NY then they have ever gotten. This means two things:

a) This has been noticed by managment

b) This traffic has probably been forwarded on to 'upper managenment'. (If I worked at a nice restaurant and sold 10 bottles of Dom to one table, I'd tell my boss.)

The thing to look for now is fallout (Doug Kolk getting 're-assigned') and trivialization. (look for them to run UFO or JFK stories)

When the tables turn, Rupert Murdock will not have the neocon PR office (FoxNews)destroyed by a local affiliate.

Keep your eyes peeled.

- valis

Also, the fact that they are

Also, the fact that they are not students wiil come back to bite them in the ass.

@valis:"(look for them to

@valis:"(look for them to run UFO or JFK stories)"

Dylan, youre in danger. In

Dylan, youre in danger. In danger of being kissed by guys. Oh yes, Im not gay, but I will kiss you. Oh yeah, I will!

Maybe I'm a little naive

Maybe I'm a little naive here, but by judging the age of the reporter and the female newscaster here, we might be heading towards something better in the mainstream media - once the old establishement cheerleaders leave.

Unfortunaly the big boys on

Unfortunaly the big boys on the big newschannels will still likely be cheerleaders/puppets.

and the people have been

and the people have been primed for this story by recent events.

yes, this story is amazingly

yes, this story is amazingly great. I could NOT believe how uncritically they reported it, ending with a plug for the video.

I just hope this is not some sort of sneaky set-up for sabotage. I hope hope hope that the local reporters truly are open-minded.

I have relatives in Binghamton, and they are true Bushbots. I can't imagine this is going over well with many people in that area. Upstate NY is quite conservative.

kw-- I feel exactly the way

kw-- I feel exactly the way you do.



Can I nominate someone for the Nobel Peace Prize?
"No, you cannot if you're not invited ..."

Just putting it out there. Awesome.

I didn't know Corey

I didn't know Corey served... I'd be interested to talk with him.

Way to go, Dylan and

Way to go, Dylan and crew!!!

A quick song, then;

Rebel, did you upload your

Rebel, did you upload your book to mininova? Or was that someone else's book?

I agree with sl. Lately I

I agree with sl. Lately I have had the feeling something is going on behind the scenes. Something we don't know about. Could be a power struggle among the Globalist Elite. It would be interesting to know what Webster Tarpley thinks.

I guess I'm missing

I guess I'm missing something, but how do I get to see the entire documentary "Loose change 2". Can I buy it, download it?? Where? How?

sl, interesting suggestions.

sl, interesting suggestions. But what if, for example, Cheney himself is part of the actual shadow government? My sense is that the shadow government has always been there, but that some of the worst thugs from behind the scenes are now in the highest, visible positions of government. The mistakes and anomalies of 9/11 could simply be a result of sloppiness in carrying out a very high-profile psy-op. Even since then, there have been numerous overt mistakes -- the Iraq war prime among them, including revelations of torture, secret prisons, white phosphorus, depleted uranium, etc. -- at least to those of us paying attention. Has that changed anything? Is the opposition to Bush really making any difference? The Dems are either stupid or in on the scam, and the other Republicans merely slap Bush and Cheney's wrists. The criminals and terrorists are still in power. Left wing pundits are gleefully calling Bush a lame duck president, as if he has no support for his policies. Does he need support? These people will do whatever they damn well please, regardless of polls and pundits' opinions. The only way to stop them is literally to put them in jail. That's unlikely.

I know I'm sounding rather defeatist here, but I'm just trying to state things the way I see them. That said, I do think that 9/11 truth is the key to getting them into jail, if anything can do it. It may be a long shot, but I'm still doing my part to expose these thugs for who they are. I haven't given up!

And, I'm inspired by Dylan and also by the young newscasters in Binghamton -- although, I fear that they've got an incredibly difficult battle to break through the corporate media status quo. Not impossible though, so let's keep up the fight.

There's been an update to

There's been an update to the Tucker Carlson/Steven E. Jones interview...


I agree with sl. Lately I

I agree with sl. Lately I have had the feeling something is going on behind the scenes. Something we don't know about. Could be a power struggle among the Globalist Elite. It would be interesting to know what Webster Tarpley thinks.
madog | Homepage | 12.03.05 - 2:21 pm | #
i hate to sound morbid, but things are gettting so bad, the 9/11 truth movement is growing every day,the Iraq war is getting worse and less popular every day, and im afraid another 9/11 is going to happen within at least 3 years.(i would guess a dirty bomb type attack,hard to prove and film like 9/11).as far as Cheney being a part of the REAL power structure that runs things,i agree, he has always been a sort of evil lynchpin for a lot that is wrong with this country and government. as well as Rumsfeld.i have the picture of Rumsfeld shaking agent Hussiens hand on my wall for kicks, hahaha.

Sorry... here's the new

anyone notice all links and

anyone notice all links and stories about Loose Change are gone from the site?? either that or my internet connection just doesn't want to load the video OR the article. part one doesn't want to load either.....down the memory hole?

did anyone get a copy of the video?

k. First, go


First, go here:

Then, wait until later tonight, and I'll have part 2 uploaded in MPG form.

Questions? Bueller?

rayrayjones, Perhaps that's

Perhaps that's what my problem is. I have been trying to download the Loose Change videos, but nothing happens. It doesn't say "link does not exist." It just times out while waiting to download, and nothing downloads. These are the links I was trying to use:

Dylan, Thank you so much for

Thank you so much for putting up an MPG version!
Thanks, too for the great job you've done!

I expected a Super 9/11

I expected a Super 9/11 (suitcase nuke or dirty bomb) last summer as a motive to attack Iran. Thank God it didn't come off. Tarpley and quite a few 9/11 activists warned of it also. There were warnings all over the net. Could be we made enough noise to scare them off or could it be a power struggle within the shadow government? Could some of the Elite be "waking up" themselves and becoming human? I guess I am just dreaming. Whatever, we must keep plugging away. In my mind 9/11 is still the only issue. All else is irrelevant.

I guess we just have to feel

I guess we just have to feel sorry for all the blind Bush bashers out there...virtually every young kid out there screams how much "Bush Sucks", and doesn't know why. Noone sees that Bush is merely the humble servent figurehead puppet. I see Dick Cheney what JP Morgan was a hundred years ago...the total end of the video game end boss. I don't even see Bush anymore, but all the handlers like Cheney, Rove, Rumsfeld, etc. I'm sure they love how he comes off as naive and a simpleton.

Anyways, like I said I'm willing to bet 2006 is when the 9/11 truth movement moves from the fringe/underground into the mainstream as the anti war movement has.

I also would like to see the 9/11 Truth movement apply a harder standard of proof, to make things airtight. I see wyayy too many documentaries and sites using outdated facts that are easily refuted by the mainstream.
Hey, show all the WTC7 pix, show the Pentagon surveilence clip, show everything. The more we debunk some things, the better it will make the overall presentation. Personally the tower explosions, pentagon theory, etc can all be debunked...and that still would have zero affect on the fact Cheney himself allowed 9/11 to happen.

The article was only

The article was only temporarily off the site, because of bandwith problems. It's back up now:


Hear the talking points

Hear the talking points about the upcoming Iran war:

AEI is as important to monitor as PNAC.

First, go

First, go here:
letsroll911.org/ipw-web/bulletin/bb/weblog.php? w=6

Then, wait until later tonight, and I'll have part 2 uploaded in MPG form.

Questions? Bueller?
Dylan | Homepage | 12.03.05 - 3:54 pm | #

i was curious as to what was wrong....meanwhile just waiting for the vid in the mail.

Thanks for the hard work!

Hey all, now that Fox has

Hey all, now that Fox has removed the story and video from the site, what can we do to keep this ball rolling? Anyone have any ideas?

We had Steven Jones on the tube a couple of weeks ago, which was awesome, however that kind of died off which gave the real perpetrators time to react and attempt to discredit him.

Now we have the Loose Change launch on the tube, which again was awesome, however, the cover up for it it looks like its beginning already. How do we keep the heat on????

We cannot allow them time to respond and recover from these stories. We have them on the ropes, we need to keep them there, and keep hitting the public with the truth. Anyone have any ideas? How do we push the next big story into the mainstream?

Maybe a massive "Letter to

Maybe a massive "Letter to the Editor" campaign? Can all of us truthers take the time to send out a couple of letters with the goal of getting maybe a thousand published in the course of a couple of weeks?

Can someone send the videos

Can someone send the videos to crooksandliars.com ?

Sure that means the story got legs.

I've downloaded only one part ( 2nd.) , but my E-Mail program has problems to send it.


CrooksandLiars.com are a

CrooksandLiars.com are a bunch of cowards. good luck there.i fight the good 9/11 fight there almost everyday and its pretty tough over there with all the apologists and excuse makers.

"Anyone have any ideas? How

"Anyone have any ideas? How do we push the next big story into the mainstream?"

I mostly don't bother with main stream media, as I believe it's terminally co-opted.

However, approaching the public "directly" with not just 911 Truth, but 911 CENSORED Truth, might well pique the interest of many people.

Unfortunately, not really sure how best to do that. :-)

Yes, but we gotta keep it in

Yes, but we gotta keep it in the mainstream. We know its all corrupt, but it is our goals, to get this into every living room in the world.

You need not to worry. It's

You need not to worry. It's on google video site and i bet it's getting plenty of hits. I mean it was right there on front page amongst popular videos. That's how i heard of this.

Too bad that the description doesn't mention the original site, but some king of scam-adsense-gettraffic-getclicks-moneymaking-attempt.


Looks like the Fox News

Looks like the Fox News video has been taken permanently off-line. :( Does anyone have a copy of the news clip up somewhere else?