Loose Change Second Edition Full Review

Two nights ago I was lucky enough to receive a pre-production copy of Dylan Avery's 'Loose Change - 2nd Edition'. It's hard to believe it has only been 9 months since the release of the first edition, longer ago than even Griffin's speech on CSPAN. Time moves faster and faster in the 9/11 truth movement, and it seems only fitting that a new version of Loose Change be released. After grabbing the DVD from my mailbox I went straight to the DVD player, ready to see what Dylan had come up with.

From the opening mock FBI warning screen it was apparent that this movie was coming from a newer, younger generation of political activists. The hiphop began, and so did the movie. Throughout almost the entire movie some very fresh hiphop tracks helped set the tone, set the pace, and set this documentary apart from almost all other 9/11 related DVDs, except perhaps GNN's 'Aftermath' which was also directed with a sort of modern hiphop style. While the majority of the movie was set to hiphop, at no point was the music overpowering, nor did it take away from the movie, but instead it established the films attitude - this information is fresh, from the underground, and important for all of those of the 'hiphop generation' to take action on.

The production value of 'Loose Change - 2nd Edition' goes much further than just the soundtrack though. The film featured numerous newly created scenes including 3D renderings of the official descent path of Flight 77 into the Pentagon, traveling between points of interest via global satellite maps, overhead renderings of proposed scenarios, and good use of zooming, panning, and tracking of film clips. The menu system is what you would expect from a commercial DVD with very lengthy video clip backgrounds and menu to menu transitions. It is also worth mentioning that the entire movie is filled with overlayed quotes related to almost everything covered.

Overall the production value of 'Loose Change - 2nd Edition' is the best seen in any 9/11 documentary to date, bar none.

EDIT: It should be noted there were a few clips taken from DVDs which had not been properly deinterlaced, however these were few and far between.

About 60-70 minutes into the 120 minute DVD I had to turn off the movie and meetup with a relative that had just arrived in town. After stopping the movie and getting ready to head out I was visibly shaken. Despite having researched 9/11 personally for over 15 months, accepting most of the theories presented, and having seen at least a dozen other 9/11 related documentaries, I was literally shaking, and was glad for a break to shake it off. Something about this DVD in particular had really hit me.

After finishing the DVD I thought that I should run through the DVD again to try to take some quick notes on the content covered so that I could give some sort of brief breakdown on the information covered. About an hour later I ended up with around 300 notes or so. To try to summarize this movie was pretty futile given the number of facts that were run through at an almost dizzying pace, but I will do my best.

The scene selections on the DVD are broken down in the following order:

  • Timeline
  • Credits
  • Pentagon
  • WTC
  • Flight 93
  • Oddities
  • Qui Bono?

The scenes listed on the DVD line up with the notes I had taken, but I will expound a bit on what was in section.

Basically a short run through of events related to 9/11 that took place leading up to 9/11 dating back to Operation Northwoods. Included in the timeline were references to the history of remote control flights, military drills related to 9/11, PNAC's Rebuilding America's Defenses, Silverstein's purchase of the WTC lease, put options of 9/11 related stocks, pilots being banned from carrying guns, warnings issued to government officials prior to 9/11, and the CIA meeting with UBL in Dubai. It then followed with a brief timeline of the events on 9/11 jumping all across the country on a sort of GoogleEarth type of 3D satellite globe. The events of 9/11 in the timeline included the actions of the wargames on 9/11 and where they took place, followed by a summary of events depicted through clip after clip after clip of mainstream media. The numerous mainstream media clips of the events of 9/11 reminded me how astounding the footage just from CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, and Fox could be.

Opening Credits
The opening credits are really the start of the movie. The previous timeline scene was a sort of introduction while the opening credits seemed like a break to get ready for the material that was coming up and give credit to those that put it all together. The credit section was backdropped with a famous interview with Hunter Thompson shortly after 9/11 in which he states that as a man familiar with the inner workings of the U.S. Government he could see how 9/11 was an attack that would help Bush facilitate his agenda and suggesting quite firmly that the American people were being lied to.

The credits scene was a lot like a music video of sorts. While a hiphop track set the mood and Hunter Thompson set the stage, more media clips of the 'collapses' of WTC1 and WTC2 were shown from angle after angle leading up to a sort of 'break it down' type of section in the hiphop track which covered WTC7 through multiple clips of WTC7 mixed with controlled demolition footage. The opening credits section alone would make a great 9/11 mixtape video addition.

The Pentagon section of LC2E opens with a new 3D simulation of Flight 77 on its 7000 ft., 270 degree descent to hit the Pentagon. Throughout this and the following animation quotes are being displayed from various sources on the maneuvers exhibited by Flight 77. A new 3D simulation showing the ground level path of Flight 77 through the lightpoles and into the Pentagon is shown as well. About 25-30 different subjects related to the Pentagon were covered including an interview with Hani Hanjour's flight instructor, analysis of plane parts, analysis of Pentagon damage and holes, shockwave comments, 2nd fireball video footage, comparisons to other plane crashes, witness media footage, and a bunch more.

I jotted 80+ notes on the topics covered in this section. Point after point were hit, including: detailed background information and specifications of WTC1, WTC2, and WTC7; speed of collapse; official story; history of major building fires; Galileo's law of falling bodies; expert comments; MASSIVE amounts of media footage; interviews with firefighters; quotes from blocked fire fighter tapes; Columbia University seismic recordings; molten steel quotes; squibs/explosions; how demolition could have been done; Marvin Bush connections; removal of WTC steel; CDI ties.

Flight 93
This section is definitely the most controversial of the DVD. Instead of arguing that the plane was shot down over Shanksville, the DVD goes a completely different route, suggesting that Flight 93 landed in Cleveland on 9/11. Using newly created overhead map style renderings a timeline of how Flight 93 may have landed in Cleveland is presented. Obviously some will take offense from the suggestions made, but I actually found this section to be quite interesting as it is not something that is argued by any other DVDs which I own. A quick listing of my notes includes: numerous media clips, interviews, and quotes; Cleveland airport timeline; forced evacuation of Cleveland airport; comparison of 2 planes evacuated at Cleveland airport after forced evacuation.

This section basically goes over oddities and inconsistencies related to 9/11. From issues with the black boxes not being recovered (or being recovered and denied) to the cell phone call anomalies ('Mom, this is Mark Bingham'), this section is a quick run through of oddities, and I found the section on the UBL confession tape to be quite good. Some notes I jotted down included: detailed black box segment; passport found at GZ; tail numbers of planes still listed as active; Flight 93 voice recording from blackbox; Project Achilles; articles on cell phones in commercial planes; voice morphing technology media coverage; alive hijackers; no highjackers on flight manifests; UBL confession tape.

Qui Bono?
This section runs through a few different examples of who benefited from 9/11. Perhaps the most interesting section of this segment involves the coverage of the gold stored at the WTC - how much there was, and how much was recovered. I found the gold topic to be quite interesting as it is not an angle which we generally hear much about. Topics covered: Larry Silverstein; put options; gold in WTC; Bush's agenda fulfilled through 9/11.

The movie closes with a quick spot on how anyone who questions 9/11 is bashed by the media, followed up by a plea to activists to do whatever it takes to get this information out. There is also the statement of 'ask questions, demand answers', a tagline frequently used here in our ads. There was also a quick listing of 9/11 related websites, a very short list of only 4 or 5 sites, and I was quite honored to see 911blogger.com listed.

There is an extras section on the DVD as well which contains a first hand look at what the guys who created Loose Change were up to on 9/11/2005 in NYC. This rundown of their actions on 9/11 gave a bit more insight into who these guys are, and what they are all about, and I thought it made a good addition. I found the section with Jason Bermas at ground zero to be a great show of his character, and I was very impressed with his abilities to rattle off facts back to back to back. The extras also showed how these three guys plastered NYC with flyers on the morning of 9/11, and showed how they are active in other ways than just DVD creation.

It is quite apparent from the very start of the DVD that this is not your parent's type of documentary. Through the use of hiphop and fancy production techniques this DVD sets itself apart from all previous 9/11 related DVDs, and sets itself up to be the 9/11 documentary for the hiphop generation. The authors of this DVD would be well served to get this DVD in the hands of people like Immortal Technique and other underground hiphop artists.

Loose Change Second Edition was created by individuals not afraid to ruffle some feathers of other 9/11 researchers. It appears that the creators of this film are not concerned with sticking only to things that everyone in the 9/11 community agrees with, but instead they decided to cover what they wanted to cover regardless of who might agree or disagree with any specific topic.

Given the number of topics covered in this DVD the creators would be well served to continue to flesh out an online reference to accompany this film. In fact, I would argue that a book or pamphlet should accompany this DVD, there is just that much stuff in it. I personally was hit by a number of things which I would like to do some research on, topics which I have not seen much on before in the 9/11 community.

Overall Loose Change Second Edition has the highest production value of any 9/11 DVD to come out, and it is one of the most information packed 9/11 DVDs I've seen covering around 300 different 9/11 related points in just 2 hours. Undoubtedly some will take issue with a few of the topics covered (most likely the Flight 93 or Pentagon section), but those that do so would be well served by actually watching the DVD to see the points covered before issuing any such comments.

Loose Change Second Edition is one of the best 9/11 DVDs to come out in my opinion, and I hope we can expect more from Louder Than Words in the future.

I haven't seen it yet, but I

I haven't seen it yet, but I will. Very few of us have managed to get a mainstream affiliate to cover us, so that in and of itself deserves a viewing.

I will comment on it only after I have seen it. If I did otherwise, it would be no different than the neoconservatives who bashed, "Fahrenheit 9/11" without ever having seen it.

Congratulations to the makers of the movie for getting the coverage.

time to torrent??? LOL, jk

time to torrent???

LOL, jk

dylan, if you see this plz


if you see this plz email me, all of your emails are being rejected with the following error:
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even from gmail accounts..

WTF? That's probably not a


That's probably not a good thing.

But hey, btw, thanks for an

But hey, btw, thanks for an outstanding review!

Great job Dylan and company.

Great job Dylan and company. Looks like you've done an excellent job in getting basically all information there is out there and presenting it to people who initially don't want to do all the research.

Did you also cover the pyroclastic clouds?, like:
(can anyone tell me which video this part is of?)

Things I'd really like to see myself are:
* Good computer simulations of the towers. Even without the official plans should it be possible to run some pretty realistic simulations. A nice simulation would be what would happen if you would kill all the strenght of three storeys.
* Where are all the controlled demolition experts of this world? They should be able to conclusively state what happened here and why. Or all they all connected to Controlled Demolition Inc?

And Dylan and co, what are

And Dylan and co, what are your ideas about the spreading of your work (concerning bittorrent, production costs, overseas people like me worldwide, etc.)

I will get this DVD after

I will get this DVD after christmas.
Thank you guys so much. Man I'm geeked after just reading the review.

I am impressed by the

I am impressed by the review. Also I am excited to hear that there are others that have the same theory that I have in regards to flight 93 and the still valid registration on the two United aircraft.

The Fox News coverage of LC is really what makes the LC crew stand out from all previous efforts. I think the FOX affiliate may have screwed up and actually thought Murdoch(sp?) wanted a fair and balanced network.

I'm really curious how they were able to break through twice since the station covered LC over two broadcasts in particular is no easy task. Hell I couldn't get past the producer to talk to Governor Napolitano last week for talk radio because "...oh that sounds like a conspiracy theory" and "thats a federal issue"
Kudos to the LC crew.

Where can I download a copy

Where can I download a copy without having to wait for a snail-mail copy? I need a copy asap. I would love to show it to my 9/11 truth group this afternoon at our meeting in SF. I could burn it to a cd or play it through a laptop and a LCD projector. Quick I need help now.

K, let's start at the

K, let's start at the top...

Jon: Thanks.
Rebel: Ha ha.
N: Our feelings on distribution of LC2E are clearly stated when you first put the DVD in your player.
Mike: Hope it lives up to expectations.
runaround: Really, we were in the right place, at the right time, with intriguing T-Shirts, an expensive camera on our shoulders, and a DVD-R of LC2E. I guess we made a good impression.
maddog: You can't. We haven't even gotten our shipment yet. Sorry man.

Thanks for all the kind words, everybody.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Thanks for the quick reply. I guess we will all have to wait but thanks anyhow.

The authors of this DVD

The authors of this DVD would be well served to get this DVD in the hands of people like Immortal Technique and other underground hiphop artists.
was Immortal Techniques music used in the movie at all? it would be quite fitting if it was.and as far as the Flight 93 landing in Cleveland scenario,ever since i read a news report about a plane landing at the Cleveland airport i have been very intrigued in this angle, but the 9/11 truth movement for the most part hasnt gone this route because of the "shoot-down" theory.i cant wait to see how LC2 covers it.is there anything in the movie about a crash in Kentucky by any chance?

Hey guys, I've been posting

Hey guys, I've been posting comments here and there, and since I figure alot of people are going to view this review this may be a good spot to tell you all a little about me. Next month I'll be 25. I live in Ohio with my girlfriend and her daughter. About 8 months now I've been with you guys. I've seen all the documentries (except the new ones). I visit all the sites(911blogger, letsroll911, whatreallyhappened, nineoneone.nl is a good one lots of videos and there from Amsterdam!, ect...) So far I've changed quite a few minds about 911. Some Iknewould see this stuff and say " yeah man thats some crazy shit, I knew our government might of had something to do with it." Most of the people I talk to and share this stuff with agree that these questions need answers. But then there are the few who no matter what you say or do they still ain't going to change there mind. Case in point, my 2 bosses at work. Both are republicans and love Bush to death. Before I noticed this stuff about 911 I was big into the anti-Bush stuff, and no matter what I said or did I could not get them to see the light when it comes to Bush.Same thing with 911. The other day I was talking to one of them and he said to me "Mike you're not goint to change my mind on this." And I said "Pete I'm not going to stop trying to change your mind." I gave him a copy of the free dvd from reopen911.org. He said he watch some of it. I told him to go back and watch the painful questions part and then come back to me and we would talk. When I get LC2 I'm passing that out to everybody and there mom.

Well thanks for reading this. I feel like I know some of you guys because you changed the way I thought our government worked, so I figured I would tell alittle of myself.

I do have a question. In a earlier post here on 911blogger titled "Evidence of Demolition Charges In WTC 2" it says ""Somewhere around the middle of the World Trade Center, there was this orange and red flash coming out. Initially it was just one flash. Then this flash just kept popping all the way around the building and that building had started to explode." My question is how come we can't see this on any video? We all see the squibs, but none of this stuff.

One last thing before I go. About building 7 and the people that may think that the damage done to it caused it to collapse. One only has to look at the Oklahoma City building. It had 1/3 to 1/2 of that building blown away, and with concrete construction which if I'm not mistaken is weaker than steel. So why didn't that building collapse???
Thank you all.

One last thing before I go.

One last thing before I go. About building 7 and the people that may think that the damage done to it caused it to collapse. One only has to look at the Oklahoma City building. It had 1/3 to 1/2 of that building blown away, and with concrete construction which if I'm not mistaken is weaker than steel. So why didn't that building collapse???
Thank you all.
Mike Jr. | 12.04.05 - 12:14 pm | #
good point about the Oklahoma City bombing.but that event alone opens a whole new can of worms,hahahahaha.like the fact that Mcviegh was most certaintly not working alone.

im still waiting for the FBI

im still waiting for the FBI to release the surviellence tapes outside the Murrah building that would prove there were arabs with him.i guess i'll still be waiting for that one along with the pentagon tapes........

and along with the FBI files

and along with the FBI files that would prove TWA800 was an al-qaeda(Ramzi Yousef) job and not "technical problems"..............

the amount of corruption is

the amount of corruption is staggering, thats why 9/11 is so hard to prove to people.its almost as if most amercians dont care how corrupt and shadowy their government is as long as it doesnt directly affect them.we have to make them see that it does.its all done in OUR names,the crimes, the cover-ups, the murder.its all done in OUR names.

I wounder if dz realizes he

I wounder if dz realizes he posted hes review at 9:11 pm? I've noticed that I tend to look at the clock alot right when it hits 9:11.

mike, thats for the


thats for the introduction, nice to meet you.. and good point about the OKC building.. i never thought about how it didnt collapse after half the building was blown out.. although i am quite familiar with the other details of it..

as for the red flashes in the nytimes tapes released.. if you watch any demolition videos you can see them if the explosives are set near the outer edges of the buildings, but in the case of the WTC towers the explosives would have to have been on the central core columns, meaning that unless you had a clear view through a window or something like that then you probably wouldnt see the flashes the eye witnesses reported..

a good video example is the dome destruction footage.. the explosives are on the outer edges, and you can see these flashes.. but in other videos where the explosives are internal the flashes cant be seen from far away..


you will like the cleveland section then, because it goes much further than just the report about 93 landing there..

Mike, No shit? I do that

No shit? I do that ALL the time! =D
And I noticed that, too...just didnt point it out...figured it was intentional.

Dylan who you got in the

Dylan who you got in the Gaints/Cowgirls game??

And are you guys READY FOR

And are you guys READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!!!???

Hi Dylan, after reading this

Hi Dylan,

after reading this review and learning that Cleveland is a major point, I hope I will soon be able to watch the movie.

It's my firm opinion that the shoot-down of Flight 93 (that never happened) was the biggest distraction right from the beginning.

Just go to Shanksville, PA, and ask the people what they have observed. I'm sure that many of them know that the official crash story is wrong. But they prefer to believe in the "small" government secret (shoot-down) rather the "big" secret (MIHOP). This is what I call distraction.


Woody, I'm glad you posted.

I'm glad you posted. I need your country man! I took the address you gave me to the post office and they had no clue where to send it. Can you re-mail me your complete address, so you can see it for yourself? =D

Hey Mike, thanks for the

Hey Mike,
thanks for the intro. The flashes wrapping around the building- I thought I had seen that but more than likely I had simply envisioned it while listening to the audio's or reading the reports on one of my many all night research efforts. The image that I have is it was at about floor 30 the explosions started in the middle on one face of the tower then split into two and the two flashes wrapped around the building.
As far as not being able to change everyones mind. I don't bother trying too hard to persued people on the issue, I like quantity over quality meaning I'd rather tell ten people a little of the truth than spend that time wasted trying to convince one bush-moron.
Even without 9-11 issues With all that has gone wrong I can't believe there are still those that drive with that f*ckin stupid*ss W sticker! The idiot-leader was in Phoenix last week to raise money for Senator Kyl. There were 1300 morons with enough cash to pay $1000 to listen to his dribble. Ugh!!

Dylan when are the dvd's

Dylan when are the dvd's shipping?

BTW Thanks for the response after I posted I had went back to your site and spent more time thumbing through it. There I found the answer with pics of it all going down. You guys did do well with the exception of “There are millions of unanswered questions..." I think that it's actually only in the hundreds. LOL

When you guys were in NYC for 9-11 this year. Were strickly at GZ or did you take part in the media protest?

Run... Yea well...what can I

Yea well...what can I say. I was a little nervous.
As for 9-11, we stuck to Ground Zero. We felt the protest was a limited hangout; we wanted to be down at the WTC where it mattered.

So if I read the review

So if I read the review correctly DylanCo proposes that there was NO shootdown of flt 93 over PA? I felt this was widely accepted, with rumsfeld himself slipping up about it.

It's flight 77, the "pentagon plane" which Hufschmid and others propose landed in Cleveland, replaced by a global hawk drone which was flown into the pentagon. See the "pentagon" sections of Painful Questions at reopen911.org; where Hufschmid proposes all the switching around with flt 77 landed at cleveland, TPTB's killing everyone, and providing burned bodies to examiners to "identify", bodies supposedly recovered from the Pentagon crash.

SOMETHING crashed in PA, no? With debris over several miles? You're saying... what are you saying??

SOMETHING crashed in PA, no?

SOMETHING crashed in PA, no? With debris over several miles? You're saying... what are you saying??
Poopy | 12.04.05 - 5:14 pm | #
yeah, i cant sqaure that part either.

"we wanted to be down at the

"we wanted to be down at the WTC where it mattered."

True that the protest didn't even make it on the news I don't think it was a wasted effort.

I'm curious to see your footage of the events at GZ as I decided to stay away from because of the ceremonies and the emotions tied to the site.

SOMETHING crashed in PA, no?

SOMETHING crashed in PA, no? With debris over several miles? You're saying... what are you saying??

i think a missle was fired into the ground in shanksville.

All I know is there is

All I know is there is absolutely no physical trace of Flight 93 at Shanksville, PA, and all of the alleged huge pieces of debris have NEVER been photographed.
All we have is a crater in the ground, and some light debris, which was in the first edition.
I've gone through the scenario in my mind a million times, and I firmly believe what Woody so excellently surmizes:

"It's my firm opinion that the shoot-down of Flight 93 (that never happened) was the biggest distraction right from the beginning.

Just go to Shanksville, PA, and ask the people what they have observed. I'm sure that many of them know that the official crash story is wrong.
But they prefer to believe in the "small" government secret (shoot-down) rather the "big" secret (MIHOP). This is what I call distraction."

Watch LC2E, see the footage, before you make any judgements.

"i think a missle was fired

"i think a missle was fired into the ground in shanksville."

What of the reported ground witnesses in PA who made claims about seeing the plane come down in pieces?

So, what is the theory proposed by LC2 as to 77 and 93? I gather it's saying 93 landed in cleveland. What does it say happened to 77? I also gather LC2 suggests pentagon was hit by a cruise missile.. though I find Hufscmid's notion that it was a global hawk/UAV painted will AA stripes, with an explosive nose cone, was flown into the pentagon, a more plausible theory which helps account for the numerous varying eyewitness accounts of what they saw/heard/smelled wrt the pentagon.

The interview with Dylan has

The interview with Dylan has him saying that the WTC towers fell at free fall speed. Not so. They fell at near free fall speed, but that has been estimated at 12 - 16 seconds, not 8 seconds, more or less.
I understand how this misconception arises. The falling rubble creates and expanding dust "tail" behind it, which eventually completely encircles both towers (respectively). This rubble is falling at free fall speed. However, this rubble is falling faster than the building itself is being demolished. Unfortunately, I can't easily find the photo I had examined previously, but if you look around on the internet you should be able to find one with which you will be able to count about 20 floors between the BOTTOM of the falling rubble and the edge of the tower that is STILL COMPLETETLY INTACT.
See http://911research.wtc7.net/ for a discussion of actual collapse times.

Dylan Avery is a spook. He

Dylan Avery is a spook. He renigs on agreement then steals other peoples research to make a buck off the misery of the victims.

Tell me how a chopshop specialist has now become a researcher?

Its not his work, it belongs to the researchers who discovered the anomollies, not Dylan.

I used to respect him, but now hes a fucking Celebraty feeding off the dead.

DROP DEAD DYLAN, your a fucking good little spook.

Who really knows this guy?

Paul Isaac Jr

Is it really showing respect

Is it really showing respect to the families when you go to ground zero to sell your shit?

If I were attend your families memorial to sell DVDs and other Bullshit wouldn't I be a fucking hipocrit?

If I went there to insult your families in their time of grieving to insult them and the other attendies, do you really think I showed respect for your family?

Are you that stupid that you would actualy believe Government snitches (WingTv) over someone who actually went through 911?

If you don't believe me about Wingtv the Google: "wingtv calls FBI on Revere Radio Network" and see how back in July 05 just two fucking months before the aniversary these people called the FBI or someone to harrass the RRN. Why did you do that Lisa.

What was so funy is Dylan went on his own blog to anounce that their story was bullshit then he turned around and did the very same spook shit by playing the bait and switch game to get me to speak on the issue, then turned around and RENIG.


GoFuckyourself.com.org whatever,LOL

Paul Isaac Jr

I'm only 15 and live way

I'm only 15 and live way away in England. I watched the movie on the internet and thought it was one of the best 9-11 films to have come out so far. I mean, people can judge what you're saying and some of ideas involved, but atleast you're thinking about it, and really taking a look at the facts. I feel that some people are even starting to forget about it