9/11 Story Pulled

An interesting twist to this story at the bottom of this article:


SURE we've got a "Free Press" in America. HA!

We were amazed that a FOX affiliate had actually done a story on 9/11 that WASN'T a "tinfoil hat" hit piece. ...So amazed in fact that we linked to their website so other people could see for themselves. -Oh, but our amazement was short lived.

Within days, the story was killed, the transcript removed from their website, the video links taken down, and all references in the archives were gone. POOF, just like that, it never existed.

Wouldn't you love to know who "gave the order" to make that story disappear without a trace? They must be pretty powerful, huh?

This only further reinforces what we already know: There is a deliberate effort by the mainstream media to suppress the irrefutable evidence of a 9/11 cover up. No problem. We've got a copy of the video below. Be sure to save one for yourself and then spread this info FAR and WIDE.

This is what the government and the corporate media criminals didn't feel you had the right to see.


Oh, and maybe you should drop them a line...ask them why they pulled the story. Ask them why, if what the government says is true, they're so afraid of THE EVIDENCE.

UPDATE: Unbelievable! There is apparently a battle going on at that station because the links are now back up. I went through that site myself...all references had been removed. Now the story is back on the home page, in the archives, and the original pages (below) have been restored. VERRRYYY Interesting.

When I first posted this story (before the links had been taken down) I said we should write the station and THANK the brave reporters who put the piece together. Well, maybe we owe them an even bigger thanks. It looks like they not only had the courage to report on this; they also had the courage to fight having it squashed.

http://www.wicz.com/news2005/viewarticle.asp?a=282 (Part 1)

http://www.wicz.com/news2005/viewarticle.asp?a=291 (Part 2)

Links need fixin'!

Links need fixin'!

Subject: wicz video From:

Subject: wicz video
From: [snip]
Date: Sat, Dec 03, 2005 6:26 pm

The news article was temporarily pulled because of bandwidth problems here, not beacuse of any foul play. ItÂ’s now on a different server temporarily as long as wicz's article remains current (5 days).

We could not continue to host the video with all the deep linking directly to the video it was getting since it was having a direct negative impact on our clientÂ’s website performance. As a website host we always reserve the right to remove anything on our servers that uses too much bandwidth and degrades performance for everyone else.

You might want to download yourself a copy if you wish to host it after the article has expired.


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Well, at the very least its

Well, at the very least its getting a lot of exposure. If they are on the level, then they must be getting hit hard with traffic.

I like how they use the phrase "temporarily pulled".

@ Dylan Just tried to buy on

@ Dylan

Just tried to buy on ex. of LC2E, but the site throws me out. :-(

I would to suggest anyway, that you have to make it soon available in other languages like german or french. Maybe you can think about it after selling one million copies. ;-)

It sure looks like an enormous success right now. Maybe the time is ripe for it.

Sitting-Bull, Our website is

Our website is down until later tonight, we had to buy a new server to accomodate our newfound popularity.
Hopefully everything will be operational again by later today.
We are having LC2E translated to a number of different languages, and will rerelease it with them included.

Great job Dylan! Your team

Great job Dylan! Your team has given me a lot of optimism for the future of 9/11 truth. We owe you a lot of gratitude for what you've done.

In any case, I can understand them pulling the video because of bandwidth problems, but the story itself and links to it? That doesn't make sense to me as a simple bandwidth problem.

Google: "Arrest Bush 41"

Google: "Arrest Bush 41"

right on...i tried to watch

right on...i tried to watch the video i think yesterday from FOX40 linked from this site and it didn;t work and now it does.

good investigating...and I can't wait for edition 2 to come out.

Hi Dylan. Thanks for doing

Hi Dylan.

Thanks for doing all this.

I´m from
Denmark, and would be happy to translate it into danish, if you´d like

Peter Kofod, Denmark

Some more info on this