Reader Comments On Disbelief Tehran Building Didn't Collapse

This statement...

We all know that buildings hit by planes collapse in on their own footprint within 90 minutes

...cracks me up. These would be funny times if the stakes weren't so high:
As you will be aware, a C-130 hit a building in Tehran. Everyone on board (94 passengers and crew) are dead.

I waited and waited for the building to collapse like a house of cards.. {Because that's what happens if a plane hits a building ya know}... But as yet nothing of the sort has happened.

I have no idea what went wrong. How can these people build a structure that withstands the ferocious fires fuelled in part by jet-fuel, when the Americans lose not only the buildings that were hit by planes, but also a selection of Silverstein-owned surrounding buildings?

I think the Americans (and the rest of us) should rush over to Iran and ask their architects to help out with decent designs!

I'm sure the argument will include the difference between a steel building and a concrete one - or maybe if they have a bit of a slip they might admit the difference is the lack of pre-set explosives in the Iranian building?
FLASHBACK: The Windsor Building in Madrid burned for nearly two days on almost all its floors. Its structural core was weaker than that of the WTC towers and yet it didn't collapse

Planes hit by buildings...?

Planes hit by buildings...?

Funny thing is, the plane

Funny thing is, the plane didn't even appear to penetrate the building, unless its on the other side.

How big is a C-130?

A C-130 is one of the larger

A C-130 is one of the larger cargo planes...

The funny thing is... I saw this this morning, and it didn't even occur to me... nice catch whoever the reader is...

C-130: span: 132ft,

C-130: span: 132ft, length:97ft, height: 37ft

B767: span: 156ft, lenght: 159ft, height: 52ft

Some things though: C130 is NOT a jet, its propellor driven. So it doesn't carry jet fuel.

After reading various articles this evening, it might have been that it kinda clipped the building or something. Reports are confusing.

I just watched Jones video

I just watched Jones video from his visit at ground zero. In the video he mentioned where we find that Marvin Bush was head of security for WTC in Barbara Bushs' book Reflections. I tried searching Google Books and the page that has the information on it is restricted and cannot be viewed. The page before and the page after can be seen but not that one.

Is this a Google complicity issue?
Google explains that the site is not for reading books but to get familiar with books and if you want to read it you should buy a copy.

"All of this of course is

"All of this of course is based on the assumption that it really was a plane that hit the building."

This statement is uncalled for. Planes hit the WTC... not holograms.

Military plane crashes into

alex jones rules

alex jones rules

Did you see the damage on

Did you see the damage on the ground from the crash. Maybe they can build better buildings but at least we have the indestructable Penta-lawn.

This is so ironic!

This is so ironic! Awesome!

I guess 1-2 years till the truth is out. Including trial etc.

Your guess?

LOL!! Tough building!

LOL!! Tough building! Reminds me of a song:

hey, i guess bin laden


i guess bin laden might have been involved in the zip feed tower fiasco in South Dakota.

check it out:

Patridge: There is no doubt

Patridge: There is no doubt fuel for the turboprop's right?

Alex Jones is a hero in my

Alex Jones is a hero in my book. While he does tend to focus a bit too much on "shadowy secret societies", he is right on the money when it comes to big brother technology and other things. And he was presenting 9/11 truth even BEFORE the sept 11th attacks occures(anyone seen his episode from july 25th 2001 where he is saying the US government is going to plan out a major attack soon and pin it on bin Laden?) His Martial Law 9/11 is by far the best and most enertatining(IMHO) 9/11 related documentary.

If you want an idea of how

If you want an idea of how the buildings' structures are in Iran, just check the outcome of Bam earthquake in December 2003!

9/11 truth not yet well spread in France as media are also carefully controlled. Glad to have found the Dutch TV stuff showing some truth arising from european big Guys.

for interesting tsunami theories involving Wolfowitz and co.

Just impatient to read next news from your excellent site!

yeah pockybot, Alex Jones is

yeah pockybot, Alex Jones is a little abrasive,and he does tend to go too far over the top to be taken seriously by some people, but there is no denying his skills. he has brought a lot to the 9/11 truth movement. and yes, i heard about how he was talking about our government blaming bin laden for a large scale terrorist attack before 9/ can you not respect someone with such foresight?as far as him always focusing on "shadowy secret societys", i dont mind that at all.take one look at whos a part of those secret societies and you will see why that scares him so much.

Id love to know how many

Id love to know how many people listen to Alex Jones on a daily average as well as how many copies of those 911 videos he has sold. I do like Alex and he is a very funny man. I have almost pissed my pants laughing at some of his rants. I do think he takes some speculations a little too far but he has done far more than me to open minds.