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Hi all, here are a few good links to check out on an otherwise slow news day...

Jimmy Walter on the Charles Goyette Show on 12/8/2005 - Audio Download


”Police have found what they believe to be a suspicious device and they fear that it may lead to another explosion."
This report mirrors those that emerged in the hours following the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, where bomb squads removed numerous unexploded secondary devices from the Alfred P. Murrah building.

Thanks to PolarBear who recoded the "Building the WTC" videos we posted previously as a torrent. Download it here and spread it around:
Edit (thanks to Rebel Patriot): The torrent file has to be renamed after downloading to a .torrent mine after downloading was as .avi, just renamed it and its downloading fine now. File size is 289.40 MB

Here's one I hadn't heard before? Did WTC7 hit anything on the way down?

The West Street building was badly damaged when the former 7 World Trade Center building collapsed against it during the terrorist attack.

Click here for Draft 3.0 of Steven Jones' paper

Finally, thanks to Carol who submitted this little review of a book called 'Ambushed: Secrets of the Bush Family, the Stolen Presidency, 9-11, and 2004 by Toby Rogers.

The last part, at the end, has an interesting item about 9/11 :
9/11 Smoking Gun : The Slattery Report.

The author starts that part saying that long before the 2000 campaign, one of the components to the Bush family's re-acquisition of power would somehow include a staged disaster. Either a political assassination or a major terrorist attack. He says that he had no idea how it would unfold but it seemed the only logical way for the Bush family to sear their way back into the national consciousness.

Then he goes on to say that on September 11, 2001, all journalists sprang into action. One of them was John Slattery of Channel 2 News. Then he goes into a profile of John Slattery from the Channel 2 News website.
Then he says that on September 11, 2001, Slattery was blocks from the World Trade Center at around 9:30 AM, when the thousands of workers began streaming out of their buildings into the streets, a man approached him and introduced himself and said he was from the White House Advance Office. Minutes before Flight 77 hit the Pentagon, this member of the White House Advance Office said that a third plane was highjacked and was headed to New York. This information was completely identical to what the US Military told the Port Authority Police Officials in New York. The Port Authority was forced to release the transcripts. They heard on the police radio about a third plane on the way. Slattery told the same misinformation that the military told the NYPD. F-16s were sent to NY to intercept the plane At 9:41 the third plane hit the Pentagon.
Slattery went on the air : " What we heard about twenty minutes ago---from a man who identified himself as a... member of the White House advance staff---he came up to me and said that a third plane was coming in."
A few minutes later another plane, Flight 93, crashed in Pennsylvania.
The author was wondering about that---a White House presence at Ground Zero.
In 2002, he contacted a London Times NY correspondent to talk about this and investigate it.
They couldn't get anything about it from CBS 2 News---they wouldn't let anyone see the tape of that newscast. The White House wouldn't talk about it.
The author says that if you ask anyone from the White House Advance Office was in downtown Manhattan on the morning of September 11 2001 prior to the attacks, the White House freezes in its tracks and stonewalls as if more than its political survival is at stake.

Then he goes on to say as final thoughts in the last two pages that in the case of the Bush White House and the Slattery report on 9/11, it may or may not be just coincidence that the White House Advance was at the World Trade Center. But the White House's cover up paints a much darker portrait of the Bush Administration, and its participation in the 9/11 attacks. Bush's pattern of stonewalling and cover up that dominates all elements of the government's 9/11 investigation is almost worse than the treason. What's worse than treason? Assisting in the attacks, manipulating the event politically in the aftermath through fear, suppressing the truth about it, and using it as a pretext for repression and ' preemptive' war.

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the torrent file has to be

the torrent file has to be renamed after downloading to a .torrent

mine after downloading was as .avi, just renamed it and its downloading fine now.

file size is 289.40 MB

dz:Aahh...nevermind. I got

dz:Aahh...nevermind. I got the details. Just took a while.

Can u please post a post

Can u please post a post about steven e. jones's new 3.0 draft of his paper.
In the future, i would put up posts when he updates his work.

Here is the

the update of the Jones

the update of the Jones article is very good. He has now got an image of a wrecking crane pulling up a hunk of steel frame that is red-yellow hot, bolstering his claim, and many others, of molten steel in the sub basements of the buildings. First I have seen of this photo. No way the temps could have gotten this hot, and STAYED this hot under 1000s of tons of debris and water spraying on it.

Damn, that is a good image.

Question raised by pockybot

Question raised by pockybot in previous article:

"But if Flight 77 didnt strike the Pentagon, then where did it go?"

I suggest that we ask pasengers of this flight, they necessarily have some interesting response:


Please notice the Vatican passport! There is evidence here that God was involved!

BTW, the day Barbara Olson

BTW, the day Barbara Olson was arrested, I heard the info on French national radio 'France Info' but nothing since then! Was BO released to American Intelligence? My opinion is: very likely.

wow, that image from steven

wow, that image from steven jones' updated paper is definately new, and amazing.

dz: you're crazy, that's

dz: you're crazy, that's just an orange towel obviously ;)

that would be a flourescent

that would be a flourescent orange towel I am sure of it.

CrooksandLiars.com just

CrooksandLiars.com just posted a 9/11/Bin Laden story. lets get over there and show them some shit.