Yet another voice has been raised in the ongoing skepticism about the 9/11 Commission Report, but it comes from a somewhat surprising source. U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer [D-CA] - occasionally mentioned as a potential 2008 presidential candidate - has joined the ranks of those lacking confidence in the Commission's findings.

According to an analysis at, the Senator's statement that truth must be pursued "wherever it leads," reflects the "growing awareness among Americans that the 9/11 Commission Report is, as David Griffin writes, 'a 567-page lie.'" The article cites a Zogby poll result, showing that "half of New Yorkers believe that top U.S. officials conspired to commit high treason and mass murder on 9/11/01." It then summarizes Boxer's discussion of the issue, as broadcast on the Wisconsin Public Radio program "Conversations with Kathleen Dunn," with Kevin Barrett of the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth.

Barrett brought up the issue of Mohammed Atta and the apparently nefarious connections that existed between him and the CIA, as well as with certain members of Congress and other government operatives. Boxer noted, "That isn't what the 9/11 Commission Report said — but that doesn't mean it isn't true." She emphasized that "we need to pursue the truth about 9/11 wherever it leads. The truth should be the only priority. And we need the truth." However, she declared, this would probably have to be back-burnered for the immediate future: "My main focus now is to end the war in Iraq."

Excellent! Yesterday I

Excellent! Yesterday I dropped off a copy of Griffin's 9/11 Commission Report: Ommissions and Distortions at Boxer's San Bernardino office and chatted w/ the admin about the Sen's positions on the Patriot Act, secure elections and the need for a new investigation into 9/11. Got the feeling I was being politely humored and that Boxer is not doing anything constructive- she printed out a couple of "positions" in which she's calling for 9/11 Commission recommendations to be implemented, wasn't aware of how Boxer was intending to vote on the Patriot Act, and said she had no position on securing elections, or a statement on the GAO electronic voting report. I'm still registering Green as they're the only party that has had the guts to call for real investigations into electronic vote fraud and 9/11, but Boxer has stood up for the public interest many times before.

Good to hear Barbara Boxer's

Good to hear Barbara Boxer's name come up again, as an advocate for following the truth wherever it leads.

As I posted elsewhere, if you live in Boxer's district, call her up Wed. morning. Ask her to oppose Patriot Act reauthorization and to join any fillabuster. Call Feinstein too. I let Feinstein's staff know that she lost me with her support for the Patriot Act. Here's her chance to redeem herself.

Remember, without 9/11, there would be no Patriot Act. You can work that into your comments. There are too many unanswered questions about 9/11 for the Patriot Act to be reauthorized. We all know that if the truth were to come out, the Patriot Act would be repealed, and the entire Administration impeached and jailed for life (or should be).

Has anyone walked into their

Has anyone walked into their congressman's office with a laptop and showed them (support staff) the Fox40 clips.

"Kevin Barrett of the

"Kevin Barrett of the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth ... brought up the issue of Mohammed Atta and the apparently nefarious connections that existed between him and the CIA"

Does it seem strange to anyone [else] that the leader of a group which claims to know and say that 9/11 was an inside job would allude to Mohammed Atta like that (an act which seems to supplement the mainstream/LIHOP enemy-creating lie of who to blame and hate)?