Pentagon Written Statement Regarding Commercial Airliner?

Check out the second hour of Greg Szymanski's radio show around minute 48, a woman claims a Pentagon insider will be coming out on Friday stating that Pentagon officials were given prepared written statements saying a commercial airliner hit the Pentagon.

as always, take everything

as always, take everything with a grain of salt of course!

Can you please post the

Can you please post the link? This one sounds like Ellen Mariani, and am not hearing anything about this around the 48 min mark. So I assume its a different interview I should be looking for? Thanks

Nevermind, found it. Here's

Nevermind, found it.

Here's the correct link for the mp3. The link posted above seems to be hour 1 only

Caller is: Carol from PA. Time @ 48:46

Grain of salt of course, but thanks for the heads up.

Didnt realize that stream

Didnt realize that stream played through to the 2nd hour. My bad.

ARG News Brief: Weldon Hints

What's the big deal? Doesn't

What's the big deal? Doesn't every office have a bunch of "prepared written statements" already written to hand out in the event of a special occurance??

I know MY office has the "sun dropping out of the sky on Berkeley" paperwork typed and at hand, and the "UFO swallowed our inspection report" paper ALL ready to deliver to client when needed.

Not sure about the "Plane hit our building and got swallowed up in the hole too small for a commercial jet" paperwork, though. I think it got burned up at the WTC tower, see, PASSPORTS survived the infernos (as well as Firemen walking up stairways) that *melted* the steel supports, so it wasn't, maybe I should give Uncle Cheney a call, and see what he has planned next to commit against US. That way, I can be all prepared with written statements, like FEMA showing up on 9/10/01 at Dick's request.

BTW, again, there is a "smoking gun" at "blastedreality", video one, at the 2:47 mark. On another site, can't recall which, it suggests that you can see an F-15 streak by right after the second tower gets slammed. But, it is hazy because the F-15 is FULL THROTTLE.

From the "blastedreality" site, that video has a different angle of the F-15. I can freeze an USAF Insignia on it, on the tail, and I can see an outline of the pilot in cockpit.

AND, it has a clock running on the WMV, so we can be certain it was RIGHT BEHIND the second jet, or whatever, as it flew into the tower.

Yet, the "Official 911 Report" had NORAD stating they were 70 miles out, flying at 500 mph.

BULLfuckingshit, people, go look.


Why? Why wouldn't you jump up and shout "WE MISSED 'EM BY THAT MUCH!!!!!"

'Cause you're guilty of something, THAT'S FUCKING WHY!!!!!

Sorry, that is "WMP", not

Sorry, that is "WMP", not "WMV".

Taken from:

Taken from:

9/11 Evidence Ignored by Apathetic American Public Exercising Their Constitutional Right to Remain 'Uninformed'

For example, this Friday on the Power Hour radio show, Dave von Kleist and Joyce Riley will interview former Pentagon insider working there on 9/11 who will present damaging evidence that the military brass lied about what type of aircraft actually struck the Pentagon.

Although Flowers was unavailable for comment, he is going to tell Riley and von Kleist on Friday that he was one of “many who were given prepared written statements to say that a commercial airliner hit the Pentagon” when in fact they had no knowledge of the fact or knew it was false.

“Under those chaotic conditions, Paul thought his prescribed protocol was acting in national security's best interests. Well, today he sees the big mistake he had made by not telling the immediate truth,” said a promotion on the Power Hour web site for the Friday interview.

By following orders from the Pentagon brass, Flowers provides even more evidence that the government was involved in causing 9/11 and the resulting deaths of more than 3,000 people.