Dylan Avery on Greg Szymanski

Listening to it now.

Part 1
Part 2

Dylan mentioned 911blogger!!!

Ok so I'm just some guy

Ok so I'm just some guy named Ed from Chicago but I think this and 911citizenswatch.org are the two best 911 sites.

Thanks Ed from Chicago!!!

Thanks Ed from Chicago!!!

Keep your eye on the Sears tower out there for us, you know who owns and/or leases that don't you?

Great interview Dylan and

Great interview Dylan and thanks so much for the plug!

Anytime, Kill.

Anytime, Kill.

Good interview...was green

Good interview...was green with envy that you had a sit down with Tony Soprano;) - I love that show. Anyhow, I enjoyed listening but one thing that really bothered me is Greg's constant allusion that you are a college student even though you had told him straight up right off the bat that you weren't. It made me wonder if Greg was a little senile.

thanks, very good job on 911

thanks, very good job on 911 the truth has to be known.