Open the NORAD Pandora's Box

Just one item to note in this article:

NORAD has been the foundation of the Canada-United States defence
architecture since 1957. Its surveillance systems detect airplane and missile threats inside and outside North America's airspace.

Oh really??? According to Popular Mechanics, Norad can't be bothered with internal threats.

I added another poorly

I added another poorly thought out and hastily typed entry into my little blog. but it does got a couple funny altered pictures of bush.

its about disinformation and defining your opponent's argument.

it's funny how every

it's funny how every conservative that throws that article in our faces says it is proof that 9-11 was done the way the government says, yet probably doesn't realize how many outright lies there are in it, such as this. (or that Jerkhoff's cousin is the editor)

i was reading Michelle Malkins blog after Steven Jones came out with his paper....her response was, "what a nutjob. Popular mechanics already debunked that. here's the link. case closed."

i'm so glad she is here on this planet to give us her professional opinion, otherwise i might be lost.