Professor at University of Minnesota Duluth Supports 9/11 Truth Movement


James H. Fetzer
Distinguished McKnight University Professor
University of Minnesota Duluth

As an expression of support for those who are attempting to expose the truth about the events of 9/11 for the benefit of the American people, I am posting the penultimate version of a chapter I have submitted to David Ray Griffin and Peter Dale Scott for publication in their volume, 9/11 AND THE AMERICAN EMPIRE (forthcoming). I stand with Steve Jones, Professor of Physics at Brigham Young, David Ray Griffin, Professor Emeritus of Theology at Claremont, and other students and scholars of 9/11, who believe that extraordinary times require extraordinary measures. Further discussion may be found at NIST's Evasion.

Be sure to check out his credentials at the link above, and post some comments.

SBG, it was nothing unusual,

SBG, it was nothing unusual, an acknowledgement, a thank you for reading the article, etc, etc.

I was thankful for the courtesy though. It sounds like he has some media experience and could handle a TV or radio interview and not get dominated by some MSNBC thugs against the truth.

Maybe we should forward this

Maybe we should forward this to Tucker Carlson, because as we all know, he said he would consider any evidence we gave him!!!

What do you think? Maybe

What do you think? Maybe Fox40 or the CBS station that did the Steven Jones article would be interested, since their previous stories generated such great ratings for them!!!



Wow, he makes some

Wow, he makes some incredible statements regarding the JFK assassination that I had never heard of, but thats for another blogger!!

Anyway, spectacular write up, based primarily on scientific principals as well as logic and common sense!!

One more nail in the coffin. I say, "bring em on".

any time I see a .edu

any time I see a .edu article I get goosebumps, and I haven't even read it yet.

We need some Charles Bronsons, and some Buford Pussers...

excellent document -- I read

excellent document -- I read much of it just now -- it's, of course, kinda wordy in an academic way, but that's not a bad thing actually -- what's needed though is the media to pick up on this

it's encouraging that more reputable scientists at universities in America are speaking out

but, the media holds the key to all of this, as always.... and, that, my friends, is what worries me most

going over another site

going over another site which Fetzer has contributed to:

more: http://www.assassinatio


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I wrote Mr. Fetzer a nice

I wrote Mr. Fetzer a nice congratulatory email, and he replied!!!

Let this be another crack in the read-to-burst dike of cover-up and concealment.

Hey Rebel, what he say? We

Hey Rebel, what he say?

We can't let this die down, we gotta get him on the news.

Absolutely, let's get this

Absolutely, let's get this guys name to the media and see if he can get some airtime (if he's willing!)...