As The Bush Administration Continues to Falter, 9/11 Remains His Trump Card

It is no surprise that when the President is finally challenged by the mainstream press that he again pulls his ultimate trump card, 9/11. For some reason or another the 9/11 families don't much appreciate this. Perhaps it is the carelessness with which he throws around 9/11, or perhaps they are tired of having their loved ones as the ultimate political tool for this administration.

How about this, he can use 9/11 to justify anything he wants, and we can have subpoena rights and ask all of his administration un-filtered questions about 9/11 under oath. Sound fair?

The King's Red Herring - Kristen Breitweiser
It is always great to see comments from Kristen, a Jersey Girl, one of the many family members who fought for a 9/11 investigation, which unfortunately was a horrible whitewash. Be sure to check out the whole article, I don't want to quote it all here.

Recently, President Bush has admitted to carrying out surveillance on U.S. citizens in the interest of national security. He unabashedly admits to doing it. He offers no apologies. With his bellicose swagger, he once again uses 9/11 as his justification for breaking our constitutional laws. The President's justification of 9/11 to carry out such surveillance begs a closer examination.
President Bush should be stopped in his tracks with regard to his use of 9/11 scare tactics to circumvent constitutional laws that are meant to protect U.S. citizens. His justification for doing so -- the inability to conduct surveillance on the 9/11 hijackers -- is a red herring. History will bear out the truth -- our intelligence agencies held a treasure trove of intelligence on the 9/11 hijackers, intelligence that was gathered through their initially unencumbered surveillance. President Bush should busy himself by investigating why that information was then stymied and not capitalized upon to stop the 9/11 attacks.

G.W. Bush and that 9/11 Refrain -
Be sure to follow this link for a form to contact your local paper demanding that Bush stop using 9/11 as a trump card.

Whether 'intel' supported the decision or was 'manufactured' to fit the scenario Bush and the Neocons wanted is unimportant to him or his administration. He will blame anyone in lieu of accepting 'personal' or 'administration' responsibility. In this case, he pretends to accept responsibility but, in fact and for the record, blames the intelligence community.

This AWOL, Chickenhawk, Neocon has no honor and will eventually fall as a result of his lies to the world, Congress, and the American people. And believe me, someone somewhere knows exactly what the intelligence was and how it was warped to fit the Neocon desire to remove Saddam from power.

Not one Iraqi commandeered the 9/11 crafts; there were no WMDs or yellow cake in Iraq; and the cause given for the war has changed more times than Joan Rivers has had plastic surgery.

Most 9/11 families have sought the truth through a variety of channels, and have moved forward embracing the hard reality that the Bush administration had volumes of information and warnings about a possible attack using commercial airlines as the weapon of choice. Bush dishonors the memories of the 9/11 victims and their families each and every time he uses this excuse (his 'red herring')as a "stay-out-of-jail free card" and a rationale for his illegal war and spying on American citizens.

Following is a hopefully

Following is a hopefully useful reply to George W. Bush using 9/11 that takes the conversation in the direction of the big question.

I agree 9/11 did change everything

9/11 is the overriding issue for all the other issues and George W. Bush uses it to his benefit constantly. George W. Bush will continue to use 9/11 until the truth about what happened on 9/11 is widely known.

The theory promoted by George W. Bush and the 9/11 commission is full of lies and omissions:

Confront George W. Bush with the truth about 9/11 and he falls. I believe that it the only way that we are going to stop him and his gang.