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It's been a long few weeks for me, from being car-less, to having relatives visit, to going out of town and more, but it is time to get back to work.

First off, new events have been posted by, including an event with John Judge.

Next, I've added a couple more links to the links panel on the right, including Question 9/11 blog, and who has been running a ton of blogads on a variety of different blogs.

Finally, has Loose Change Second Edition up for sale including deception dollars with every order.

On a side note, I got a copy of Disinformation - 22 Media Myths That Undermine the War on Terror for Christmas, should make an interesting read at least. Anyone else give or get any 9/11 related stuff for Christmas?

Also, New Years is near, and as such now is the time to make some new year resolutions. I have a few on my mind, which will hopefully come to fruition relatively soon, how about you?

It's an open thread, have at it!

Seems like the tagline 'Ask

Seems like the tagline 'Ask Questions, Demand Answers' has spread to a bumper sticker, you can grab one here:

i'd like to suggest a name

i'd like to suggest a name other than Question911 for your blog please, I have used that name for a while and would like to avoid confusion. I serve 3000 video downloads a day on my site and would prefer to keep confusion to a minimum on my role, thanks.


brad, ill see if SBG or me

brad, ill see if SBG or me can forward you his contact info.

Thanks for giving me some

Thanks for giving me some exposure, really appreciate it.

Brad, I do apologize, I wasn't aware of your site and the name of your site until now. I'll see what I can do to change the title of my blog. Then I will contact DZ when I do.

Happy holidays

Another reminder to check

Another reminder to check this week's blog entry by James H Kunstler, wherein he supports domestic spying, disses 911-Truth, and Mike Ruppert's contribution to it.. (Kunstler & Ruppert are both Peak Oilers, so you PO skeptics can disregard accordingly). Pile on with your comments below.

Poopy... why even bother

Poopy... why even bother reading that garbage? I read some of it, and that is a man who hasn't read book one about 9/11, or researched anything on his own.

Jon is correct, his last

Jon is correct, his last post was filled with a plethora of 9/11 links. INFORMATIVE links which I assume he didn't even turn a blind eye.

Yes, I don't believe

Yes, I don't believe Ruppert's book is entitled "Across the Rubicon".

This guy is a pile.

peak oil is a tuff issue -

peak oil is a tuff issue - is the world running out of oil or not? either way it's not something we have control over - all we can do is promote the exposure of the 911 fairytale; a difficult enuf task even without the added element of peak oil

geggy, what about just

geggy, what about just reversing the two words? - question911 to 911question - I don't see any others by that name

911questions seems more

911questions seems more appropriate than just 1 question

by the way, is not

by the way, is not my homepage/site - I just link to it because it is unique, I like it, and I don't ever see it promoted anywhere - I don't have anything to do with it nor do I even know who does - I hope that no one, especially the creators of it are offended by my linking to it, and if so I will desist -
James Ha

911blimp created

911blimp created supposedly. It focuses on the idea that something other than a plane hit the towers (holograms)? We all love holograms don't we?

Here's a new article by Mark

Here's a new article by Mark Rabinowitz of -- I'm assuming this is new, anyway. It's listed today on Mike Ruppert's FTW site, for subscribers only, but has the entire article available free. I haven't read it yet, but it looks substantial like the rest of Rabinowitz's site.

It's in response to the following ridiculous article over at the Department of State, where the author wants us to believe all the gov't lies, including a translation of Silverstein's "pull it" comments which somehow is supposed to mean "remove the firemen from WTC7." Sickening.

I've never seen any mention

I've never seen any mention of holograms in - - I think that the hologram theory is nonsense but I bet the technology to do something like that does exist

James Ha, world is not

James Ha, world is not running out of oil. Existing fields are running out of oil and new fields with easily pumped (near the ground) oil are hard to find anymore. So in order for the oil production to keep up with demand (which is rising) the oil companies have to soon (my estimate is in 5 years) start to invest more on new field searching, pump more oil from deeper the sea and start to exploit tar sands and oil shales for oil. This could be enough to keep up with the rising demand for years but the price of oil will rise because the exploration, deep sea drilling and producing oil from tar sands and oil shales is more expensive than pumping oil from existing fields. But how much more expensive oil will get and how fast?

Nobody knows for sure but what we do know is that the oil price affects the economy at the world level. It must be remembered that the current food production is dependent on oil. The price of oil will affect the people in the third world countries first (and already has in places like Zimbabwe). It could be impossible for many people to buy oil and thus the food production (and the food transportation) will decline. Are we willing to help (and in what way?) those people in the third wold countries more than now? Already millions of people die each year because of hunger. What happens when there tens of millions? Hundreds of millions?

What happens in the "developed" countries? I don't know. But if the oil gets expensive enough and no cheaper alternatives are found in time, worldwide recession will occur. To make matters worse, economy is based on assumption that it will grow continously. People and governments have huge debts (especially in USA) which can never be paid back if recession continues long enough...

I guess we can wait forever for the 9/11 truth go break out so that tens of millions people would actually go out and protest. And protesting would still not change anything if people are not able to change the power structure (and it doesn't change by voting :) The real change could come when tens of millions people lose their jobs and their hopes and dreams of the future will perish. Because then they are unpredictable. And TPTB know that. I guess that's why we have seen the rise of fascism. Well, now there are only few dissidents. So it is easy for the general public to believe that the new laws and practices are for their protection against terrorists...

JL I think that oil prices

I think that oil prices would still be exhorbitant even if oil fell from the sky - and maybe the loss of 100's of millions of people would be just what the doctor ordered for some of TPTB, I wouldn't be surprised - - hmm, the only way I know how to fight is by promoting 911 truths, and I agree with you about the ineffectiveness of voting

sorry to waste you guy's

sorry to waste you guy's bandwidth, but I must reiterate that I've never seen any mention of holograms at

Like I've said previously on

Like I've said previously on this website, there's more oil than anyone knows what to do with. And I don't merely say it, I prove it. But government throughout history has always tried to convince the masses that the sky is about to fall at any near moment lest the government step in to run all out lives, necessitating massive increases in funding, power, and control for the government.

For more on the "Peak Oil" scam, see the below post by me:

"The 'Peak Oil' Scam," December 5, 2005:

Disinformation is a terrible

Disinformation is a terrible book. i dont even need to read it to know that.what a waste of time. the guy who wrote it has a serious hard-on for Bill Clinton like most conservatives.

so James, i guess you think

so James, i guess you think that Micheal Ruppert really does work for the CIA huh?

James Ha... on

James Ha... on they state the following, "Are we sure what hit the buildings? How?" Everyone and their mother saw planes flying into the buildings.

I say arguing about whether

I say arguing about whether or not Peak Oil is real is a waste of time. There were other motives we all agree on. If the peak is real, we'll know about it soon enough. If it's fake, which personally, I don't think it is, but if it's fake, we'll know soon enough about that as well.

Hit the mini jackpot today I

Hit the mini jackpot today
I was practicing my tennis against the racquet ball wall and 2 fire trucks pull up and about 8 firemen
came up to play racquet ball, i left, gave them my court and came back and handed out 5 CE dvd's....i always have them with me how about you all?....i have handed out over a 1000 9-11 dvd,s...CE 600, DRG2 200,
Loose Change- painful deception - DRG1 and a few others make up the rest.
somthing tells me LC2 is gonna get alot of BUrn time in 2006

Well, C, I don't hardly

Well, C, I don't hardly doubt it, i.e., regarding Michael Ruppert and some particularly neferious section of government. Of course, Micheal Ruppert was a cop, so he's already tied in with the government.

I do know that Michael Ruppert *viciously* attacked Alex Jones on the obvious murderous assassination of Gary Webb. Michael Ruppert put a lot of effort into trying to shut people up regarding the obvious government assassination of Gary Webb.

And I do know that Michael Ruppert promotes apologetic fallacious nonsense like "Peak Oil" in order to explain (or in reality, excuse) the ruling elite's actions in staging the 9/11 PsyOp attacks. As if the ruling elite have ever required any more incentive than obtaining more power in order to explain such diabolical actions on their part. And as if the world isn't drowning in more oil than it knows what to do with, as anyone can confirm if they merely bother to do the research.

So either Michael Ruppert is an indoctrinated or mind-controlled puppet who actually believes the New World Order statist drivel that he spouts, or he knows what he is doing. Either way, the agenda he is promoting is a New World Order agenda, and it is nothing nice--to say the least.

For more on the "Peak Oil" scam, see the below post by me:

"The 'Peak Oil' Scam," December 5, 2005:

also got all of the

also got all of the professor's and instructors e-mail addresses from the Mathmatics(physics out) dept of West Point and also picked up a few Secret service and a few NSA email addresses(neither one of these has to many....i was kind of scared to get them 8 months ago..but this spying shit...Fuck them all... let the sunshine in

Hey PW, you're a good man,

Hey PW, you're a good man, keep at it...

C, I don't know how you

C, I don't know how you gathered that I believe Ruppert is a CIA, but I do believe he is promoting a globalist agenda and that's an agenda I can not support - Disinformation....that is a book title? what guy has a hard on for Bill Clinton? - gentlemen, it does say at that::"In order to be good at Disinformation Recognition, it is very helpful to be good at Pattern Recognition.", but I don't see any promotion of a book, nor do I see any mention of holograms - I think where it sez:: "Are we sure what hit the buildings? How?" they are referring to what kind of plane, as they make a direct reference to the flash from plane #1

of course we all saw the

of course we all saw the planes...except for the invisible one at WTC7 - it is obvious that you don't care for, so rather than defend it I am just removing the link to it from my name - is responsible for I don't see any reference to holograms there either -

Illuminati: NWO CARD GAME

Illuminati: NWO CARD GAME depicting 911 back in 1995

911blimp has promoted the

911blimp has promoted the "no planes theory" countless times here. He just never explained himself. You can link to whatever you want... I only know what I'm comfortable with... what is comfortable to you may be different. If they're referring to the types of planes that hit the towers, then they should say, "Are we sure commercial airliners hit the towers?" That makes more sense than, "Are we sure what hit the buildings? How?"

ok sorry, I tried to remove

ok sorry, I tried to remove from my good name, but it seems to come back automatically - ha.

Jon what you're saying makes

Jon what you're saying makes sense, but now I can't seem to get rid of it

It's like the herpes.

It's like the herpes.

They snuck some 9-11 news

They snuck some 9-11 news on
Hardball tonight, had Ridgeway vs Creesy, 2nd segmont,
one of the best debates on National TV so far, a long, long, way where
we want it to be....
Its time to keep the presure on.
Start e-mailing congress , the media,
universeties, FBI, military instutions etc.
and for 2006 make sure you hand out at least 365 911 DVD's,its cost 1 stamp to send them to anybody in the USA..think about that!

You got it PW, thats what

You got it PW, thats what this movement needs, simple goals that we can ALL reach.

Everyone of us needs to hand out 365 DVDs this year, thats one a day, whether you hand it out to someone on the street, a relative, a friend, or leave it on the table in a coffee shop,


If you don't have a DVD burner, hand out flyers, here is the best damn 9/11 flyer on the net (IMO):

Grab a copy of this, take it to the copier, get a couple hundred printed out for 10 bucks or whatever it is and go nuts!!

I keep a stack of them in my coat pocket. When I'm walking through parking garages, I drop them on windshields. When I'm in an "information" type area, such as in malls, etc, where there is free information, I drop a few in the display case. When I'm in waiting rooms, I put them inside the magazines so they will slip out the next time someone opens it.

Its pretty darn easy, a few words of advice, never leave tooo many flyers in any one location, because somebody on occasion will throw the whole stack out. Just a stack of 3 or 4 everywhere you go will suffice. Make sure you fold them in such a way as the headline stands out so people walking by the display booth are drawn to it.

DVDs can get expensive, flyers are pretty damn cheap, so go for it.

Everyone of us needs to hand out at least one DVD or flyer a day, not a bad resolution to make...

Hey... does anybody ever

Hey... does anybody ever remember reading this article from 9/13/2001? I just stumbled across it, and it wasn't on my site (not that everything is, but I'm pretty good at collecting articles...). I don't remember reading it before. I'm aware of the May decision to put Cheney in charge of the terrorism exercises, etc... just don't remember reading it...

Commission Warned Bush

What SBG said above about

What SBG said above about flyer distribution, but think about buying a stack of Deception Dollars.

These things are brilliant, and for obvious reasons, they get picked up (even off the ground!), closely inspected, and pocketed. Put them in:

-newsracks, between the papers or between the pages/sections, where they'll fall out and be found. Try to target upscale web-saavy readers, NYT, WSJ, Onion (LOL)

-apartment mail box concentrations, slip one in each box (do NOT open USPS boxes, federal crime)

-cars, roll them up & put in the drivers door latch

-shopping carts, slip one in each cart when they're lined up like a freight trane

-anywhere you'll reach university students or profs

PS: DD's are alot cheaper than 10 cents a copy Kinkos will charge you, or you'll spend in toner at home.

DYLAN Have you considered

Have you considered including bumperstickers with your dvd's?
I had assume was taken but i just plugged it into the url and there is no such site. So why have you not grabbed that to promote your excellent work?

Poopy is correct on the DD's

Poopy is correct on the DD's I take them everywhere i go. I would like to see a version 9 come to print with loosechange 2 on the back in the spot occupied by NPH and Crossing the Rubicon on previous versions.

I dont beleive the noplane

I dont beleive the noplane theory myself as for What hit the towers question. I think Jon is right in pointing out the wording. I never say what hit the towers what I do is point out that the 2nd tower was hit by what "appeared to be a United plane". As I have mentioned before both of the United planes are(were) listed with the FAA as valid registered aircraft. (i recently read where the FAA has changed the website to show the planes as deregistered but not destroyed I have not confirmed that yet)

Poopy I thought even putting

Poopy I thought even putting something in a mailbox that is used for the purpose of USmail is a crime unless of course you pay the postage?

SS: I hadn't heard that, so

SS: I hadn't heard that, so can't comment.. I'd believed the crime was in opening a mailbox.. anyone?

pw, thumbs up!! I envy your

pw, thumbs up!! I envy your mini jackpot! ~1200 DVDs here since July; ~200 CTE's, ~1000 of my internet collage. 6 known active duplicators downline.

And those Deception Dollars are _too_ perfect. Get them in lots of 2000 for only about 4 cents each. I prefer Series 8. After you've hit all the drop spots Poopy listed, scatter them to the wind in appropriate areas. At 30 mph, they make a nice fluttering sound "ftrtrtr" before they fly. Fly little DD, fly!

Boy, I needed a good laugh,

Boy, I needed a good laugh, and I sure got it from that State Dept. site!

Somebigguy's got the right idea ... go NUTS with the flyers! I usually leave a Deception Dollar with the flyer. I take 15 or 20 with me every day. When you want to add a little punch (I like pick-ups with firefighter stickers on the back window) there are some nice little cards I like. has The Great Deception and a brand new one with Bldg. 7 on the front and more questions on the back (thanks to Share The Truth). I'm about to order some now. These run about 12 cents. At they have this beautiful mini card that says We Know, promoting that website for 5 cents ea. I've made up a tiny rubber stamp and added two of my favorite sites in a little space at the bottom on the back. The mini card and the DD go great together. Be sure to send one to Hillary, next time she hits you up for a contribution. I wouldn't return the form.

Would you believe that the DD fits into the tray in an ATM machine?!? Or just leave it on the ledge. At a gas pump, there is usually a little crevice where you can stick one also. Some even have a holder on top for credit card applications.

Watch for in the coming year. We're gearing up!!! The website is about to get a make-over.

No official endorsement of the above is implied, that is why I am ...

(That's windshields, not the

(That's windshields, not the back of the pick-up. They'll blow out.)

Good ideas Anonymous!!!! I

Good ideas Anonymous!!!! I just got my grubby hands on a stack of some Deception Dollars, and they're pretty good, although they could fit "" in there somewhere...

I would like to see that

I would like to see that too. I'd imagine it's like buying advertising space. This is like version #8, and I remember when they were holding off on the new one to see if Bush was going to get re-elected. I don't know when they'll do another one.

Jon, I see you still have


I see you still have not yet received your much-needed deprogramming. (That's giving you, as always, the benefit of the doubt).

I hear David Copperfield once made "Everyone and their mother" see the Statue of Liberty disappear (and that was apparently without the use of any digital media to deliver the images to people for remote viewing!).

You are not just a fool, but you are an obnoxious, divisive, misdirecting, loud-mouthed fool. Your past comments have established that your knowledge is little more than opinion, and your opinions are largely and easily controllable via social coercion by those 911 gatekeepers (and the boob tube) you mistakenly respect (again, giving you the benefit of the doubt).

I hope you will be able to notice and pay attention to the man behind the curtain (or else just cease your baseless noise) sometime in 2006, Jon.

Happy New Year