150+ 9/11 Smoking Guns Found in the Mainstream Media

150+ 9/11 Smoking Guns Found in the Mainstream Media

This is quite a great list of links all from the MSM regarding 9/11. Definitely worth checking out.

I love this one too. I

I love this one too. I meant to print out more of them and include them with the few select people I gave a DVD and book to for Christmas. Chances are, four out of five of them will never speak to me again. But keep pluggin' away, because you know what they say about Critical Mass. Impeachment is in the air (and we've -- I say we've -- got to clean house) but what will replace it? Karl Schwarz has dropped out, hasn't he? Kinda getting off the subject ... it's late. Maybe Boxer. She made comments recently on a radio program on public radio with someone from MUJCA. She said she was willing to follow the 9/11 truth wherever it leads. (I'm paraphrasing here) I'm holding her to it, although she said it might have to be back-burnered for awhile while we deal with the war. I don't have the link for you now, but it may be on here somewhere. And we should all be sure to write to Curt Weldon, as the Able Danger investigation kicks off next year. Good night and good luck.

One of my favorites too. I

One of my favorites too. I passed the URL around the NYC meetings last month

Great summary. Yes, It's

Great summary. Yes, It's time to clean house. I would vote for Barbara Boxer in a heartbeat. She answers all my e-mails and she has had long talks with some of my fellow 9/11 truth activists. She knows the score.

OT: US intellingence expert

OT: US intellingence expert Michael Scheuer gave an interview in "Die Zeit". I've done a short translation.


The CIA has the right to breake every law.

Michael Scheuer quits his job at the CIA in Nov 2004 after 22 years of service. From 1995 to 1999 he runs the division that search for OBL.
Since 2000 he was one of the chief antiterrorist officers in the CIA. While he was at service he wrote a critical book already, called Imperial Hubris. Michael Scheuer was seen as a runner-down of one's own country from the CIA. He lives with his family in Virginia.

Q: You co-developed the system of »renditions«. Terror suspects were caught abroad and delivered to other countries. Were those renditions a success in view of the CIA?

Michael Scheuer: Absolutely. It was the most successful US anti terror fight for a [b]decade.[/b]

Q: Who had invented this system?

Scheuer: President Clinton, his security council Sandy Berger and terror adviser Richard Clarke cahrged the CIA in autumn 1995 to destroy al-Qaida. We asked the president: What should we do with people that we'll arrest?
And Clinton awnswered: It's your case. The CIA sayed: We were not gaolers. But they told us again that we should solve this problem somehow. Therefore we built a procedure, and I became a member of this working staff. We concentrated on Al-Qaida-members, who were looked for in their home countries or who were comdemned in absence.


Q: The human rights didn't play a role in the Clinton admin?

Scheuer: The CIA posed these questions. The people in Cairo were treated different to Milwaukee. The Clinton admin asked us: Do you believe that the prisoners were treated under the guidelines of law of these countries?, And we awnswered: Yes, we are quite sure.

Q: The Clinton admin didn't want to know exactly what did happen there?

Scheuer: Precise. The concerned CIA employees were sure from the beginning, that we'll be seen guilty at the end. And maybe you'll notice: In this debate is no word to hear from Bill Clinton, Sandy Berger or Richard Clarke.

Q: Which laws were broken?

Scheuer: I really don't know.
Anyway no americans. The CIA has the right to break every law, except american law- like every intelligence agency. Abroad we act only with approbation from local authorities.


Excuse eventually translation errors.
My english still isn't the best.
So why I have make work? Not for those who'll blame Clinton on every faulty step of the Bush-regime.
But for another strong hint that the CIA was very close to al-Quaida since 1995 at last.