Dr. David Ray Griffin in NYC on Oct. 16th 2005 - <strike>Video Download</strike>

(119MB WMV)
(1hr. 43min.)
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I was finally able to find a copy of Dr. Griffin's appearance at St. Mark's Church in NYC on 10/16/2005 entitled 'A Christian Theologian Speaks Out on 9/11'. For those unfamiliar you can find a bit on what was covered here.

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I was asked to take down this raw footage of Griffin's speech in NYC this October. Apparently the raw footage is going to be used for a larger work which will include video insets, pictures, etc. to show more detail than can be conveyed just by words. This DVD should be available in another month or so from ny911truth.org. Once I have more details I will link them here.

Sorry for the disappointment, I'm sure what will eventually be released will be that much better than the raw footage alone.

p.s. If you would like a copy of the raw footage you may be able to grab it at one of the ny911truth.org events listed on the 'Upcoming Events' panel, otherwise you'll have to wait until the final version is up for sale on the web.

Thanks man...

Thanks man...

Les organized this whole

Les organized this whole thing I think...

(aka cbrawuser in rawstory

(aka cbrawuser in rawstory forums)
(aka TRUTH in usenet)

I'm the one who uploaded it in the binary DVD and multimedia newsgroups, and am VERY HAPPY it reached this far!

I got the DVD from the weekly 9/11 meetings at St Marks Church in NYC, and ripped it using DVD Decrypter. It is digitally identical to the original disc. (The audio problems exist on the orginal unfortunately.)

I posted in DVD format in abdvd,abdbdr. and abdvdrs. I then converted to AVI and posted in abmultimedia.

The DVD costs $10. Each person downloading it please donate $5 to the Movement!

CB, it cant have been


it cant have been digital all the way to the source, it had 5+ minutes of the sony dvd screen at the end.. i guess whoever gave it to you recorded it manually..

in any event, thanks, and nice to meet you!

All the DVDs must be that

All the DVDs must be that way, mines an official copy with case, scan and everything. Not important though... if a better version is coming out. I will inquire at the next meeting for more info

meanwhile the rest of the

meanwhile the rest of the world outside of st. marks church NYC twiddles its thumbs waiting for the 2 1/2 month old speech..

bah, im frustrated, forgive me.

This raw footage version is

This raw footage version is pretty crappy and am looking forward to the newer verison. But the people in charge at the NYC meetings are really trying to get more money though, and encourage people to buy the DVD. If they ask me not to upload it I would have to comply.

Fortunately the entire transcript is here: http://mujca.com/newyork.htm



Information wants to be

Information wants to be free!!!

People who try to own (and profit from) information include the lying fascist U.S. government, the MPAA (Hollywood), the RIAA (record companies), and, apparently, (ny)911truth.org.

When I went to see Ellen Mariani (and publicly talk to Phil Berg by phone) in Boulder last year, the sponsors ([Colorado] 911visibility [aka "911truth"]) of the gathering had large obnoxious signs at every entrance telling people that they could not, in any way, record the presentation.

One of my primary purposes in being there was to publicly discuss with Phil why his rambling, 100-point litany of evidence that proved prior knowledge of 9/11 failed to include Bush's own, well-documented, incriminating witness statements.

Since I don't take orders from gatekeepers of 911 truth, I ignored the signs and made an audio recording of the entire presentation. I thus obtained an audio recording of Phil Berg publicly admitting that Bush's statements did belong in Ellen's case. (One person affiliated with CO911vis was aware that I was making this audio recording, but was 'with' me at the time, and didn't say anything.)

Soon thereafter, Ellen's case evaporated.

BTW, 911vis did record the presentation, both audio and video. It has never been published! (So doesn't it seem to you like they were more interested in controlling [the flow of] information than in seeing it disseminated?)

(CB: to which newsgroups are you posting 911 truth materials? Thanks!)