Fox News Cavuto Show Hosts 9/11 Skeptic to Bash

In reference to last nights post, here is the video clip of a guy named Christopher Young who was apparently brought on for the sole purpose of bashing his opinions without offering any real substance.

While I am not familiar with Young or his opinions on all things 9/11, I do respect him having the balls to run for office and openly stating that there is a massive coverup of the events of 9/11.

So, more short and hateful mentioning of 9/11 skepticism by the mainstream media, when will they have the guts to interview someone like Griffin I wonder?

can you put this in a

can you put this in a different format? i cant view it.

? Have you tried the

? Have you tried the quicktime alternative codec?

German propaganda minister

German propaganda minister Goebbels could learn something from FOX, if he was still alive...

im at work,i can only do so

im at work,i can only do so much on this computer.and the one at my house has been busted for weeks so im kind of stuck.

The techniques they used

The techniques they used were classic. Show the one event where he may look "bad", put words in his mouth, make him appear dumfounded and confused by asking him questions he probably wasn't expecting, and by cutting him off, and most importantly, split the screen to show the one event where he may look "bad" over and over and over again...

He wasn't ready to respond to the term "Conspiracy Theorist", and also he took a 9/11 route I wouldn't have chosen.

The media is working HARD aren't they... First Tucker, and now "British guy" sitting in for Neil Cavuto.

As dz said, have Griffin on. Have Ruppert on... jesus... Ruppert would tear them a new asshole... I know he's an egomaniac, and I know it's hard to get a long with him, and I know there are people who disagree with his take on oil, but the man can perform when it counts.

Speaking of Ruppert...

Speaking of Ruppert... Here's a brand-new story that I could see him adding to his speeches...

Fears Of New Cold War As Russia Threatens To Switch Off The Gas

*Me being Ruppert...*

"If you think there isn't an oil crisis, just take a look at what the Times Of London had to say. On December 29th of this year, Russia threatened to turn off the gas for the Ukraine, "unless Ukraine agrees to a fourfold increase in the price it pays for gas".

What makes Russia think they can get away with highway robbery? Could it be that oil is hard to come by these days, and they know they can charge whatever they want for it?"


I was right with this

I was right with this guy...til he pulled out the missle pod plane thing. Oy vei. Ou t of the hundreds of main smoking gun power points, he chose that WTC7, NORAD war games, Cheney stand down, PNAC manifesto, Able Danger,
etc...but pods. Maybe Fox will only bring on 9/11 skeptics they can quickly discredit? On the other hand, I liked what he said about a new generation uncovering the we wasn't talking religiously, but pulling back the theatre of corruption so persuasive in American and world politics.

F-4 Phantom Disintegrates On

My letter to FOX a-hole Nice

My letter to FOX a-hole

Nice hose job pal.

Ya know It's funny, the faces change, you, ... Tucker ... but the hose jobs stay the same.
How exactly do you describe what you do for a living? Journalists? Investigator? Talking Head? Filler of Dead Air? Pawn of corrupt Government? Am I getting warmer?

You were probably very proud of yourself when you unplugged your lavaliere, and strode across that vacuum of truth you call a "newsroom" and high fived your producer, and spoke some lame line like " Chalk one up for Uncle Sam"

But all you did was embarrass yourself, and continue your wonderful legacy of lying to Americans through the omission of truth.Why don't you pull a Limbaugh and go pop another oxy and kill your guilt.

Have a nice day

Scott Ledger
7421 120 Ave. N.
Largo Fl. 33773

HA. Man. Bring me onto FOX

HA. Man. Bring me onto FOX News, I'd tear this guy a new one. Cut my mike, eh? How about I leap across this desk and steal yours?

I love it, the contrast between local FOX and national FOX news is so overwhelming.

I wonder if the higher-ups are doing damage control because of WICZ's report?


This guy "Christopher Young"

This guy "Christopher Young" looks like disinfo to me. It looks like he's a cointelpro-esq agent who's on an assignment to make the increasingly loud voice of 9/11 sceptics, sound like lunatic fringe bullshit. And Fox seems to be playing their part in the metaphorical staged red corner, by what appears to be theatre showing this actor to the nation. Call me a "conspiracy theorist", but I don't trust Fox News or this suddenly emerged "Christopher Young" character. It just seems a bit fake to me, mixing up credible concerns like molten steel in the basements, with entirely un-credible junk like "pods, missiles and flashes".

Oh and running for three

Oh and running for three offices at once, while chucking chairs and throwing tables, this guyÂ’s either a cointelpro agent, or just a plain lunatic, either way heÂ’s not doing any good in my opinion. It looks like their expecting allot of people to start rising up and getting radical about 9/11 truth, so this is how they try to sabotage legitimate political dissent.


POD PEOPLE WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!The pod is classic dis-info.

Foxe's audience is not our

Foxe's audience is not our audience. The web is far more powerful than Roger Ailes.

I haven't seen anyone comment on the Boondocks Advert on CNN where the character says, "Jesus was black, Ronald Reagan was the anti-christ and government is lying about 9/11.

The problem is focus... What

The problem is focus...

What is needed is to focus on 1 area (how about WTC 1,2 and 7 collapsing) and stick with that..... push it hard, with straight scientific evidence that disputes "official explanations"...

All this Attention Defecit Disorder junk, going off topic, making unfounded claims and theories, it doesn't do any good...

If you stick with the plausible and don't give the opposition a chance to throw the "outrageous" in your face, then the only thing they can do is either answer the questions presented, or keep running and hiding...

When I was a composition

When I was a composition student at Berklee College of Music, one of my roomates was surrounded by Scientoligists asking him for a donation to the church. Although they never overtly threatned him, he felt threatened and gave them 25 bucks, a small fortune for a poor college student. At that time, in the state of Mass, an individual had the right to reclaim any money donated to a church within a couple of weeks. We other roomates coached our friend to only say, "I want my money back please" and sent him on his way to the Church of Cruise. The church people badgered him with phrases like "do you always let you friends tell you what to do" et . . but my roomate stayed on message simply repeating "I want my 25 dollars back." After several hours of them trying all of their mind fuck routines, they finally gave my friend his money.

So stay on message especially when you're being bullied. Don't let people pull you into the personal arena. Don't let them pull your strings, pull theirs, expose them for the bullies they are.

Good advice Edward.

Good advice Edward.

I agree, we should all focus

I agree, we should all focus on controlled demo. If we could all put our differences aside and push this theory that is so easily proven.

Unfortunately we got the pod people, the hologram people, the lihopers, etc that will not give up their pet project instead of putting their fringe theories aside for the greater good.

Jon and I have tried to unite the movement, unfortunately we were attacked by the hologrammers for not embracing their happy little theories. Its their theory or no theory.

We have been attacked by a

We have been attacked by a helluva lot more than that my friend... a HELLUVA lot more... ;)

The dudes a joke. He had to

The dudes a joke. He had to know he was only going to be able to make one point and hes talking about pods. Since were on the subject I have seen the pod videos in Loose Change and on the South Tower(2nd plane) I dont really see anything conclusive. However on the one video of the North Tower it looks really obvious something was fired long before the plane makes contact. This video was shot by the Naudet brothers makeing the doccumentary on the NYFD. What do you guys think about the first plane being caught on film? Was this a coincedence or just lucky? If it was caught on video just by chance it would explain why the "flash" is so much easier to see since they knew everone would be filming the 2nd plane. Doesnt really matter but just interesting.

I'm glad I could bring so

I'm glad I could bring so many people together to talk on 911.

Hundreds of thousands have now at least gone to investigating alot of the issues and facts you guys speak of and are also on my website.

I was able to mention my website in the FOX interview, although the host appeared to be hurt that I did.

I really did try to get the truth out, I wasn't allowed to speak, FOX had A/B roll ready to go to discredit me in this "LIVE" interview.

I do believe I am the only candidate in the country running for the U.S. Senate addressing alot of the others issues you guys have bought up. More facts on 911 are posted on

I hope I can do more in the future but since this interview, I have been blocked by every large media outlet in the country.

in your support,

Chris Young
Campaign for Justice

I thought Young did a great

I thought Young did a great job, at least he's saying something and running for office, other people don't even speak out as Halliburton gets contract for detention camps

I'll vote for Young

I'll vote for Young

cicilline does whatever his

cicilline does whatever his father tells him to do, working for the city of providence you learn how things work. The mob runs this city and cicilline as well as the whole city government are in it for themselves

keep it up kid, you got my

keep it up kid, you got my vote

Young speaks out more than

Young speaks out more than anyone in Rhode Island he has my vote.
:) Jen

I like this kid, :) keep it

I like this kid, :) keep it up!

I saw your hunger strike

I saw your hunger strike posting on, Chris your awesome

can't believe the journal

can't believe the journal won't print your press releases on your hunger strike, a U.S. Senate candidate on a hunger strike should make national news. This country is seriously screwed, there is no free press.

I'll vote for you kid.


finally saw you in a

finally saw you in a narragansett newspaper about your hunger strike, this should be statewide news, even national news, the Providence Journal is a poor representation of the free press


I've told my family and friends about you chris, i'm going to vote for you
may God be with you

i hope you win God be with

i hope you win God be with you adam

saw your article in Rhode

saw your article in Rhode Island monthly, May 2006, nice job, you have my vote