Late Night Round Up

Sizeable Minorities Still Believe Saddam Hussein Had Strong Links to Al Qaeda, Helped Plan 9/11 and Had Weapons of Mass Destruction
This article proves that at least 24% of the public will believe anything they want, and that cognitive association really does work.

  • Forty-one percent (41%) of U.S. adults believe that Saddam Hussein had "strong links to Al Qaeda."
  • Twenty-two percent (22%) of adults believe that Saddam Hussein "helped plan and support the hijackers who attacked the United States on September 11."
  • Twenty-six percent (26%) of adults believe that Iraq "had weapons of mass destruction when the U.S. invaded."
  • Twenty-four percent (24%) of all adults believe that "several of the hijackers who attacked the United States on September 11 were Iraqis."

Sibel Edmonds Calls for National Security Officials to Step Forward as Whistleblowers
Sibel Edmonds releases her first article since being denied by the Supreme Court.

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9 11 was done by god to

9 11 was done by god to punish the evil new yorkers of new york

ha ha ha just kidding

Some brief

Some brief cognition/conformity info:

Asch conformity experiments

5-minute talk on conformity experiments

A song to go along

Sibel Edmonds has more

Sibel Edmonds has more backbone than all the US Congress put together (minus Cynthia McKinney, of course :-) )

It saddens me that our country, as a whole, probably doesn't deserve to count Edmonds as a fellow citizen.

Sibel, if you ever read this - you have my undying appreciation, respect, and even love for what you're all about.

God Bless You.

$13K for 911 truth NIST

$13K for 911 truth

NIST demands $13278 for massive photo/video library of 9/11 NYC events

Rove has taught Bush

Rove has taught Bush neuro-linguistic-programming. Repeat after me: Al-ki-da ... Al-ki-da gonna git ya.

Seriously. Power to ya

Seriously. Power to ya Sibel. The time is now.

FYI - Interesting

FYI - Interesting development in the cover-up front: Michael Berg Changes His Story About Nick and Moussaoui

Flight 77 crashed in

Flight 77 crashed in Indiana.

System Planning Corporation

I had a good conversation

I had a good conversation tonight with a retired master Sgt from the USMC who does ROTC for a local high school. I thought, this was a night some former military man was gonna swing on me, espec. being a Marine.

I told him all about Northwoods, and then led to WTC-7, controlled demolition, militry standown, and Silverstein. He kept going to hot fires, and I said no, not so hot.

You should have seen him, his world just crumbled. We discussed Iraq and I mentioned depleted uranium, and GWS. What a change in him.

he had so many questions, which I was glad to inform him on.



Way to go, Rebel Patriot!

Way to go, Rebel Patriot! Sounds like he's already ripening up for one o' them DVDs...

I'll add another wave for Sibel, while I'm here (wave). Thank you, American!!

And a Happy New Year to everyone here. Recall Dr. Griffin's words "This movement has accomplished its first task--providing evidence strong enough to convince anyone with an even slightly open mind that the official story is a lie."

Terrorists In High Places