System Planning Corporation

Jon Gold's hard at work. Follow the link to see his attempts at uncovering the truth:

According to Mark Robinowitz, someone who has been a dick to dz (and if I post anything else from Mark Robinowitz, you can be sure that I will continue to remind people of that until he removes from his list of "Disinfo Sites"), said:

"One of the companies that manufactures remote control flight systems for planes is the military contractor System Planning Corporation. One of its officials was Dov Zakheim, a project participant in the Project for a New American Century “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” report that concluded a “new Pearl Harbor” was needed to implement the neo-conservative agenda for global domination.

From 2001 through early 2004, Mr. Zakheim was the Comptroller of the Pentagon, in charge of the money flow (a little noticed but extremely important position). On September 10, the day before the “attacks,” Donald Rumsfeld held a press conference to admit that $2.3 trillion (not billion) was “missing” from Defense Department financial systems. The timing of this press conference seemed calculated to bury this extraordinary confession under the events of 9/11. Information about this press conference is still archived in mass media websites such as CBS (see for details). The case of the missing trillions is also described in Crossing the Rubicon.

It is probably not possible to prove 100% that remote control was used to guide the planes to their targets, but it is the only theory that fits the proven evidence. The black boxes retrieved from the World Trade Center and Pentagon crash sites would confirm or refute this accusation, but their hiding is a form of evidence suppression that indicates the evidence on these recorders would not support the official story."

Is the government still

Is the government still paying Mark Robinowitz to cajole/coerce/smear/marginalize/ridicule people into believing that we can take the government's word regarding what really hit those 3 buildings on 9/11?

(Maybe that's where some of the missing $2.3T wound up! While being on Agent Robinowitz's bogus list is no guarantee of a particular site's authenticity, it is still frequently a good indication, which 911blimp wears as a badge of honor. We relish being such a bogus person's bogus list. Why sbg would yearn to be removed from that list is a mystery to us!)

I wrote that blimpy. At

I wrote that blimpy. At least Mark has contributed something to the movement... What have you done lately?

> It is probably not

> It is probably not possible to prove
> 100% that remote control was used


Computers write log files all the time.
Air-safety and communication traffic
are logged by MANY MANY machines.

If fact I think THIS IS DIS-INFO.

precisely the fact THAT THERE ARE LOGS
is the MOST CERTAIN WAY to ascertain
whether remote-control was used.

In my mind there is no doubt, alone
for the reason that there are only two

A) real-life pilots steered
B) remote-control, cockpit disabled.

please vote on

the precendent of EGYPTAIR 990 is
the smoking gun here.

My theory is that Israeli Mossad knew
a long time ago that 767 and 757 can
be remote-controlled, but they had
incomplete coded, so they were only
able to CRASH the plane uncontrolled.

But the US-military have the full set
of codes, and the computers and transmitters
to make it a smooth job.

the "secret plan" to do a BLACK OP and
crash passenger jets into towers was
AN OLD PLAN, hatched in the 90s, if not before.

The grapevine knew, hence OCTIUM CHIP and LONE GUNMEN pilot...

On board the EgyptAir 990 many top
Egyptian military big-whigs were murdered ... expensively trained
Apache war-helicopter pilots ...

The official report
speaks of an unexplained transmission:


and the pilot saying "HOLY F***ckn Christ almightly sh**" .. as a muslim
of course he was much more civlised and polite and said "Allah be with me".

Which the western Corporate-f***ward media interpreted as the co-pilot being

a SUICIDE pilot.

another give-away!!

Incidentally blimpy, do you

Incidentally blimpy, do you have Mark Robinowitz's Government pay stubs xeroxed for everyone to see?

is 911blimp the guy that

is 911blimp the guy that thinks holograms were used on 911?