What is Daily911.info

Daily911.info is news portal covering 9/11 2.0 & related stories, serving specifically as a platform to derail false-flag operations. The site utilizes a non-hierarchical editorial process, meaning that users can submit articles, and through a peer-based voting process, determine which stories are promoted to the front page.

The website hypothesizes that with enough eyeballs monitoring enough news outlets, it will be possible to prevent further state-sponsored false-flag attacks by exposing them while they are still in their planning stages.

Everyone is invited to participate in this process by submitting stories pertaining to terrorism "drills" or "exercises", which experience has shown are actually dry runs for various state-sponsored terrorism operations. (Additionally, other stories of interest to those in the 911 Truth Movement are also welcomed.)

Daily911.info (which serves as an alternative to the failed mainstream media) is a sister project to 911TruthEmergence.com (which serves as an alternative to the failed 911 Commission.)