Action Alert: The SEPTEMBER 11, 2001 Treason Independent Prosecutor Act

Please sign the petition supporting the The SEPTEMBER 11, 2001 TREASON INDEPENDENT PROSECUTOR ACT at this website:

Congressman John Conyers is now investigating an action to impeach Bush and others. This is a POLITICAL solution to the treason committed on 911. We are seeking a CRIMINAL solution to their actions on 911.

Please sign, post, pass around, publish and promote this action to try Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld for treason.

Please comment here after

Please comment here after signing....

signed. another checkmark


another checkmark into the blue or red rex-84 and gardenplot lists for me.

How pathetic. Here is the US

How pathetic.

Here is the US american sigining
something VIRTUAL in the hope
it will relieve him from DOING

A bi-monthly fax to your SENATOR,
is far more effective:


Hello my representative, Dear Senator,

I am organising my neighborhood to
ascertain the follwing points:

- if we should vote for you
- if you are willing to uncover
the 911 atrocity committed not by
arab terrorists, but by our

We expect you to respond to this fax
together with a progress report on
your efforts.

We will contact you again in 2 months,
when we will publisize our efforts
and communication in our local newspapers.

Advance thanks for your future efforts,

your voters.

A - person one
B - person two
... and so on.


After 6 months and 2 publications
iin the local newspaper you will be
amazed at results...

a fax like this is like the electric chair for that man.

sadly, although the WORLD is affected,
only USA citizens/voters have the clout.

Happy New Year everyone.

Happy New Year everyone.

Accountability And Justice

" How pathetic. Here is the

" How pathetic.

Here is the US american sigining
something VIRTUAL in the hope
it will relieve him from DOING

There's more than 1 way to skin a cat. I agree that your approach is generally more effective, but I'm for anything that has a chance of making a difference.

For the most part, I don't think pleading with either Congress or Main Stream Media is the way to go. Main Stream Media should be put out of business. Congress can't be put out of business, but we can tell them, via demonstrations, that Uncle Sam is not legitimate (since we know 911 was an inside job, etc.)

Martin Luther essentially said so much of the RC Church, and the long term effect (ignoring wars between Catholics and Protestants :-) ) was positive for Christianity as a whole, including the RC Church.

Of course, if we can actually get them to do their jobs, via fax, email, or anything else, I'm not going to complain....


Happy New Year, Everybody!

Happy happy.

Happy happy.

Michael Ruppert Gives A 9/11

Michael Ruppert Gives A 9/11 Lecture On 10/20/2004 - Audio Inside

This was something I had in my files... I recently got the ability to upload to my site (don't ask), and so I figured I would share. A very detailed analysis of the wargames, etc... Basically, it's a lecture of the contents of his book, "Crossing The Rubicon".

Thanks Jon.

Thanks Jon.

I edited out the Peak Oil

I edited out the Peak Oil discussion for those who don't wanna hear about it... even though this was recently released by Bloomberg...

You're welcome The

You're welcome The Professional...