September 911 Surprise

Anyone seen this yet? The DVD cover is worth the price of admission alone:

Even in Tennessee the

Even in Tennessee the discontent groweth!

Thanks for posting this.

Do you realize who you are

Do you realize who you are promoting here?

Go to the home page of

and do a text search for Jewish. Just read each of these sentences and judge for yourself what this site is all about.

Plus, Flocco's bogus stories mentioned approvingly.

Is there to be no discrimination here with regard to obvious fabrications, or racist propaganda?

Uh-oh. does

Uh-oh. does seem a little uh, label-mad, doesn't it?

"Jew Karl Marx"
I think that's true.

"Jewish General Colin Powell"
Wait a minute...

"Jew Dick Cheney"
Say what!?

Seems to me that the crew is a little obsessed with gay folks, too.

"Drag queen promotes faggot to chief justice of US Supreme Court"

bigguy, better take a close look at this. Also, examine exactly how this came to your attention. You may have been set up.

i had downloaded parts 1 and

i had downloaded parts 1 and 2 before new years and did not get to put them into a permanent folder.....the temp files are gone (the cookie expired maybe?) and i cannot download anything from the site.

i also noticed alot of material from Alex Jones plus this:

"Robocop Spy Cam Scam
by and John Lee Saturday, Nov. 05, 2005 at 2:22 AM" is an Alex Jones website.

in watching the first 20 minutes of part one, i was digging had clips of quotes about NWO, Northwoods, Nazi propaganda spliced with audio from NYFD, EMT tapes talking about explosions, etc.

the downloads seem to be currently unavailable now.