Best of 9/11 Truth Media, 2005

Notably absent is any blogger entry, but interesting nonetheless. A 911blogger regular is mentioned in this list, see if you can pick him out:

Best 9/11 Truth Report
300 People RALLIED For 9/11 TRUTH in NYC
Report by Nick Levis,
Photos by Stefania Zamparelli

Most Symbolic Alternative Media Speech
Peter Phillips of Project Censored speaks about media and 9/11 censorship at the National Press Club. 9-22-05 at the DC ETC.

Leading 9/11 Truth Women
• Jenna Orkin or video
• Janice Matthews
• Victoria Ashley
• Carol Brouillet

Best Truth Event
The DC Emergency Truth Convergence
Despite a few organizational shortcomings, this historic gathering of leading activists, authors and researchers will serve as a building block.

Jan Hoyer has done so much

Jan Hoyer has done so much for movement. Really... she has designed so many flyers, and the infamous, "Expose The 9/11 Cover-Up" sign that SO many people have carried in SO many marches... she is truly a hero.

I kinda figured I'd win the

I kinda figured I'd win the "Biggest Jackass" category, but it didn't happen.

You'll always be the biggest

You'll always be the biggest jackass to me.

Secret Service played a roll

Secret Service played a roll in making sure the criminals succeeded

in the JFK assination 42 years ago and 9-11

NEW! Video shows Kennedy's Secret Service ordered to stand down. Note the two Secret Service men walking on either side of the car would have been in an ideal position to protect Kennedy when the shooting started, but as this video shows, were ordered back into the Secret Service car following JFK's car. One agent clearly expresses confusion at this order.

To one and all.....

above is a must see video (5 min long)
below is 2 new articles that i just read within the last 4 weeks
from the same page as above....
The Death Of John Kennedy
Why Nixon resigned instead of facing impeachment.


,,,,,,,,below is an excerpt from David Ray Griffin speech given in May 2005
on CSPAN, I have the DVD and is one of the best 9-11 DVD's there
The bottom line, in the 2 biggest criminals acts (both lead to unjust
wars against 3rd world countires) against the USA
the Secret Service played a roll in making sure the criminals

,,,,The same conclusion can be inferred from the behavior of the Secret Service agents with the president that morning.

The Behavior of the Secret Service: As everyone who saw Michael MooreÂ’s Fahrenheit 9/11 knows, President Bush was in a second-grade classroom in Florida when he was informed about the second strike on the World Trade Center. This report left no doubt that the country was suffering a terrorist attack. And yet the president simply sat there. Many people have asked why he did not spring into action, assuming his role as commander-in-chief.

But the real question, which Michael Moore mentions in passing, is why the Secret Service did not immediately rush him away from the school to a safe place. BushÂ’s location had been highly publicized. And if the attacks were a complete surprise, executed solely by foreign terrorists, the Secret Service agents would have had no idea how many planes had been hijacked. They would have had to assume that the president himself might be one of the targets. For all they would have known, a hijacked airliner might have been headed towards the school at that very minute, ready to crash into it. And yet these agents, who are highly trained to respond instantly in such situations, allowed the president to remain in the classroom another 10 minutes. They then allowed him to deliver his regularly scheduled TV address, giving any suicide hijackers and even wider window of opportunity. This behavior makes sense only if the head of the Secret Service detail knew that the planned attacks did not include an attack on the president. And how could this be known for certain unless the attacks were being carried out by people within our own government? .....

well, we are mentioned if

well, we are mentioned if you follow the award for oilempire, and then find their 'bogus 9/11 sites' section.. wish that guy would update his info..

This is done... Sometimes

Paul Craig Roberts

Paul Craig Roberts today:

"September 11, 2001, played into neoconservative hands exactly as the 1933 Reichstag fire played into HitlerÂ’s hands. Fear, hysteria, and national emergency are proven tools of political power grabs. Now that the federal courts are beginning to show some resistance to BushÂ’s claims of power, will another terrorist attack allow the Bush administration to complete its coup?"

speaking of JFK, there is a

speaking of JFK, there is a great documentary about the assassination that runs about 90 minutes in length and is very in-depth...

Check it out and let me know what you think:

oilempire is disinfo. dz,

oilempire is disinfo. dz, you wish it was updated, even when you know it's bogus??? Get a clue, dude! Wake up and smell/recognize the disinfo, don't selfishly wish for it be tweaked in your favor! When you publicly wish for oilempire to let you off its hook, it seems as if you're just in it for yourself (in this regard). You, dz, claim to be able to link to everyone; a uniter not a divider, as if that's a good thing.

Yet Mark Robinowitz (oilempire) does the opposite; he goes out of his way to pretend that he is the sole keeper of the truth and deems himself worthy of telling people what sites they needn't bother looking at -- after he's published a list which has smeared, labeled, libeled, and marginalized them!

Robinowitz is a divisive disinformative lying-government-aiding gatekeeper whose stench pervades the entire 9TM. (Kind of a bad-gatekeeper good-gatekeeper thing he plays with Hoffman, and JH's plane-hugging sidekick+squeeze Victoria Ashley. Together they are tougher on 9/11 truthers who do not share their plane-hugging gatekeeper views than they are on the lying perpetrators of 9/11. In that way, they have turned to the dark side...)

Given all the ways in which it has been well-established that the U.S. govtmedia lied to us about 9/11, it is quite insane, and a counterproductive investigative approach, for Hoffman/Robonwitz/Ashley to insist that all uncertainties and unprovens must remain consistent with the lying government's disproven/unproven version of events, until proven otherwise. EXAMPLE: Hoffman suspects that the 5 Pentagon video frames are fake/forged, therefore: 1. Hoffman will attack anyone who's 'fallen' for the 'fake' images, rather than attack the government for providing fake evidence in the first place; 2. Hoffman will not condemn the 9-11 Commission for leaving its own (govt) evidence out of its own (govt) report; 3. Hoffman will not condemn John Judge for omitting from his 149-page "Omission Report" the omission of this evidence by the govt from the govt's 9-11 Commission Report (IOW, it's bad when the govt+media gatekeeps evidence, but it's OK when certain 911truthers do it??? When did hypocrisy become a sound investigative technique?). EXAMPLE2: Robinowitz/Hoffman/Ashley attack 911truthers for noticing that many (most? all?) images of "Flt175" reveal an anomalous bulge in its fuselage area and an anomalous unexplained spot of light with which it lines up perfectly, instead of calling for explanations into the phenomena, and for the media to relase its originals, and for NASA to provide enhancements. (RobinoHoff prefers to pick on people who've made good, sound observations from compressed videos, instead. And to get people to focus on the bulge, which they derisively label a "pod" -- as in "pod people", instead of, for example, the fact that the left wings of that "plane" are so ghostly-looking in every image of it. They want us to believe the lying government instead of photographic and video evidence!)

Oh what a tangled web Robinowitz and Hoffman weave, once they've practiced to deceive -- and to gatekeep the same incriminating evidence as does our lying mass-murder-complicit govtmedia.

I do not believe that Janice and Carol have fallen into bed with Hoffman, even though they have -- giving them the benefit of the doubt -- fallen for, and joined in on, and vigorously supported the big RoboHoff 911pravda disinfo campaign.

wasnt George H.W. Bush(at

wasnt George H.W. Bush(at the time, head of the CIA) in Dallas the day JFK got killed? im just sayin..........

C: Watch that video link I


Watch that video link I posted above... It is much deeper than that.

i wish i could, i only have

i wish i could, i only have internet access at work,and its very limited.