Loose Change 2nd Edition on Seatle Public Access and the Web

Happy Spirit Journey Formation Anniversary!

Do you live in the Seattle/King County/Washington area? Or do you have an internet connection? (ha! gotcha!)

Loose Change 2nd Edition will be playing on local public access cable channel 77 / 29 in Seattle / King County Washington and world-wide on the internet at http://www.scantv.org

Monday Jan 2, 2006, 9 PM: Part 1, ~40 minutes
Monday Jan 9, 2006, 9 PM: Part 2, ~60 minutes (overlap)

Excellent article... It's An

Excellent article...

It's An American Issue

Seattle is misspelled in the

Seattle is misspelled in the title.

Last night I watched the

Last night I watched the history channel. They discussed the history of skyscrapers. Most of the program was about the construction of the World Trade Center. Then they discussed the terrorist attacks that brought them down; how the jet fuel caused them to collapse. They made it sound so convincing that the normal person would believe it. It was all I could do to keep from kicking in the TV set. This is what we are up against. As far as I am concerned the media is just as complicit in 9/11 as Bush and his thugs. Those responsible for garbage like I saw last night should be tried for treason and mass murder when the truth about 9/11 does come out. I am still so angry I could scream!


AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE!!!!!!!yeah, i know what you mean, every time i see that bullshit documentary on the history channel,or the bullshit one on Discovery, it makes me want to kick in my TV as well.so unbelievably naive and one-sided.