$13K for 911 truth?

Thanks to Awoken Research Group for this:


The National Institute for Standards (NIST) is demanding $13,278.88 for a copy of the taxpayer-funded collection of multimedia documenting the events of September 11th, 2001 in New York City (NYC).

The NIST Collection:
NIST, an agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce, is a federal agency which conducted a massive $20 million Federal Building and Fire Safety Investigation of the World Trade Center Disaster. In support of this study this media accumulation, comprised of 6899 photos and 6977 segments of video, was exhaustively compiled, organized, indexed and cataloged by NIST.

Despite the report finally being published late last year, few of the photographs and none of the videos have been publicly released.
This is important because, despite the efforts of the mainstream media to repeat endlessly the conclusions of the unquestionably biased and ineffectual 911 Commission report, many United States taxpayers still have long lists of unanswered questions about that disastrous day.

The verified original source material for many of the 9/11 recordings, which NIST presumably holds in its massive accumulation, would aid many professors, journalists, students, researchers and members of the general public to resolve their questions concerning some of the most contentious issues surrounding the total destruction of three buildings in NYC on 09.11.2001. For example, Professor Steven E, Jones, of Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, recently released a paper, entitled Why Indeed Did the WTC Buildings Collapse?, in which he explains the evidence which supports an alternative hypothesis for the destruction of the three buildings WTC1,2,& 7 in New York City on September 11th, 2001. Citing the symmetrical nature of the collapses, the presence of molten metal deep in the debris, the failure of any building to collapse similarly prior to or since 9/11, the presence of horizontal ejections of smoke and debris during destruction & the duration of descent, Jones calles for a truly independent, international panel to consider all viable hypotheses. His 25 page paper ends with this call:
To this end, NIST must release the 6,899 photographs and over 300 hours of video recordings – acquired mostly by private parties – which it admits to holding (NIST, 2005, p. 81). In particular, photos and analyses of the molten metal (probably not molten steel) observed in the basements of both Towers and WTC7 need to be brought forth to the international community of scientists and engineers immediately. Therefore, along with others, I call for the release of these and all relevant data for scrutiny by a cross-disciplinary, international team of researchers.

boo, posted this long long

boo, posted this long long time ago ;)

Doh... Sorry.

Doh... Sorry.

do you know anyone who is

do you know anyone who is trying to raise the money? i've got $50 on it.

I was thinking, its not that

I was thinking, its not that much money, surely we can scrounge it up somehow...

Correct. That link was

Correct. That link was posted HERE before I posted it, and it's a great thing and thanx for the link, but the credit goes "zirkonyx". It's his deal.
- valis

Sorry, I posted this

Sorry, I posted this already, but in the wrong place! This is where I meant it to be posted! If anyone comes forward and comes up with the $13K, I will personally deliver the artifact if possible. I will even go as far as send the artifact to the founder of this website, if exceptable by him, so there is no question of authenticity or false promises made on my behalf!

I'm a little confused! Are you saying that no one is willing to lay out 13K
to try to possibly answer some troubling questions surrounding the events of 911?
This sounds absolutely insane! I'm having a hard time believing this, if that's what your implying. The media, scientist, engineers, or even the families of the victims don't feel that $13 thousands is nothing, especially in light that "hidden treasures of truth" might be undercovered.
Well, I will donate a historical World Trade Center artifact, which is said to be "priceless" because it was in the WTC on the morning of 911. It is an empty video case with a "Title Sheet" scotch taped to it. It was in the Port Authority archive in 1 WTC on that tragic morning of 911 and survived in light of the fact that all most the entire Port Authority Archive was destructed. Historical document historians have said there is no price
that can be placed on this historical artifact.
Well it's yours for $13,278.88! I'm certain the creators of this website and their commitment to the truth will
be more than happy to except the check and purchase the NIST documents and share them with the world.
I have donated over a dozen artifacts to the Los Angeles 911 Memorial and everything can be verified by the founder Rick Law. I will gladly give up this historical artifact to the first person who understands the important these NIST photos and documents and are willing to put up the $13K.
I will share photos with anyone interested. Keep in mind, you can even donate this artifact to almost any museum and get a charitable deduction which would probably be worth more than the $13K you'd be laying out for a truly important cause.
I'm an unemployed construction worker, but if I had the money, I would buy the NIST Documents and share them with the world.
Louis Briendel

Here's A link to my website,

Here's A link to my website, for anyone interested in seeing the artifact which I will donate to the first person who comes up with the money to purchase the NIST Documents and Photos!
The artifact is the empty video case with the scotch-taped "Title Sheet" with the address, 1 World Trade Center. Check out the date in the Title Sheet description. This is a one of a kind historical artifact from the worst attack in American history. Maybe it's survival was meant to possibly help in some way, who knows what truth might be learned from these NIST Documents! $13,278.88 is a small price in hopes that even one lie by our government can be proven beyond question!


13k... Hello... Jimmy

13k... Hello... Jimmy Walter[s] (not quite sure of the name) - he's willing to spend kkkkkk's on ads, dvds etc... surely he'd be willing to pay for this?

Hey ScaffoldRider, thank you

Hey ScaffoldRider, thank you for your generousity, someone, somewhere must we working on accumulating the funds for this. I'm gonna hunt around a bit and report back...

I figured out what

I figured out what Silverstein meant by "Pull"...

"Pull out the insurance policy"

this has to be bullshit..

this has to be bullshit.. like partridge said that jimmy dude would buy it in a second!!!

wasnt gold saying it might be bullshit from the start?