Accomplishments of 2005 and Goals for 2006 - A Year in Review

Well, it is the end of 2005 and as good a time as any to list out our accomplishments for 2005, and our plans for 2006.

In general, the first year (or 9 months really) of has been quite a success. We have come a long way from the initial idea and are still holding true to the initial goals of the site. Throughout the year we were able to run 19 blogads, some for specifically and a handful for the DC Truth Convergence. I was lucky enough to receive just over a thousand dollars in donations which helped tremendously with the nearly three thousand dollars spent this year. Aside from money however, one of the largest gains for the site (and my mental health) was picking up SBG as a team member, and building a strong base of users who help the site through submitting news, videos, music, suggestions, and more. In general this site would be nothing without the help from everyone who has donated, emailed, commented, and spread the word of this site, thanks everyone!

Overall Accomplishments for 2005 (in no particular order):

  • Launched April 5th, 2005
  • Picked up SomeBigGuy as a blogger team member
  • Ran 19 blogads across 10 blogs generating 5,444 visits costing $1050
  • Received 5,296 visits via Google adwords costing $739.06
  • Received 2,494 visits via Yahoo keywords costing $273.75
  • Spent $650.00~ for bandwidth and hosting
  • Received $1033.41 in donations
  • Received 280,000+ visits
  • Received 3400+ visitor comments
  • Went from 50~ unique visitors a day at launch to an average of 800~ unique visitors daily

While is primarily nothing more than a centralized monitor for the real 9/11 content producers, we did manage to do a few things on our own this year, below are some of my personal favorites.

Personal Favorite 9/11 Contributions for 2005:

Over the last few weeks I have been rethinking what really needs to happen to spread 9/11 awareness. In the beginning 911blogger was setup in the hopes of breaking through to the rapidly growing blogger community (given the growth to over 800 unique visitors a day I think we are well on the way to that goal), and to sidestep the divisions that are still readily apparent in the 9/11 movement (we link to almost everyone in the community, none of the other major sites do this - at least not so predominantly). What I have become convinced of now is that we almost have enough Internet 9/11 activists. The number of people out there spreading information through online discussions, or posting relevant 9/11 related links as feedback for other blogs is becoming more and more impressive. With that said, will continue on its way in the blogger community and Internet activism, but in the new year I intend to focus a lot more on outer-web related activism in the hopes of reaching into the larger audience of those who don't even get on the web, or have never even heard of a blog.

By outer-web related activism I specifically mean using to provide resources which help reach non-web savvy people. The final button to be added to the upper right of this site will be a '9/11 Related Activism' button. This section of the site will provide a frequently updated section including links to flyers and handouts, as well as resources for purchasing bumper stickers, magnets, t-shirts, and more. While will continue to run blogads when important news stories come out and events are held, the primary focus of advertising for the new year will be outer-web as well. A few specific examples of upcoming outer-web advertising includes purchasing advertisements in local community and college papers, purchasing classified ads advertising 9/11 truth, and whatever other ideas we might come up with. This new section will also include a running list of examples of activism as sent in by users of this site. The hope is that as people decorate their cars, put up posters, hand out flyers, purchase inexpensive local advertising, etc. that will show photos of their actions and help encourage others in the community to participate and submit their own examples of activism. It is also worth noting that the majority of future publicity will not be for itself, but for whatever site users wish to spread as primary resources.

Overall Goals for 2006:

  • Provide centralized resources and support for outer-web activism
  • Bring back 9/11 Quotes section (need a PHP helper!)
  • Run blogads for major 9/11 events and news
  • Pickup 1-2 new blogger team members (specifically one with mid-day abilities)
  • Establish detailed posting guidelines to refer to those that might take issue with specific articles, and to guide valid submissions

One of the things I keep hearing people wondering aloud is whether or not 2006 will be the year in which America is finally able to stand up and ask some serious questions about 9/11. While none of us can tell for certain, I am certain that it will not happen unless we all work together and make use of whatever abilities we each have to make it happen. If you have money to support 9/11 sites do it, if you have video editing abilities use them, and if you have the ability to walk then get out and spread valuable information.

I will leave you with a hopeful statement made by Dr. David Ray Griffin in his last presentation in NYC, perhaps it will help motivate any who may have otherwise become apathetic over the last year:

Our problem really is to reach the masses of the American people and to reach the media, and there are some signs, and it is very hopeful now. I am more hopeful now than I've ever been. Just in the last few months I've been contacted by three mainstream media organizations who are open to hearing, and reporting, the truth about this [9/11]. Now whether the higher ups in the organization will allow these reporters to get the story out is another question, but at least we have some people inside who do know the story, and want to report the story. So the 9/11 truth movement has made a difference, and we should not give up in despair, these things do take time.

Best wishes for 2006, and thanks again for all the great help we received in 2005!

p.s. Take some time to peruse the now massive archives and post your favorites of the year as well as a few suggestions for the new year.

DZ and SBG,John Gold and

DZ and SBG,John Gold and others (george washington)
that keep 911blogger going...thanks
i come by here everday to get the latest 9-11 news First.
Loose Change 2nd edition is a very good 9-11 DVD, Jesse somehow got it to me in 3 days
tell him thanks
ps, Dylan and others from LC2nd
way to go

Sounds like respectable

Sounds like respectable goals--way to go. Congrats on all the work you guys have done to date--looking fwd to the future of this site...

A juicy chunk of freedom

A juicy chunk of freedom theory for the uninitiated...

..this podcast is by Stefan Molyneux. You can find his podcasts at or

And this is his blog:

I also really suggest:

The most powerful argument for freedom

This is great. Looking

This is great. Looking forward to seeing the button and the outer-web resources/activism network.

I wont say congrats ... I'll

I wont say congrats ... I'll say THANK YOU ... for all you have done. 9/11 truth will eventually seep into the minds of most Americans. It is a very slow process to turn away from fear. 2006 will be another slow year, but progress will be made :) Thanks again.

I'm a little confused! Are

I'm a little confused! Are you saying that no one is willing to lay out 13K
to try to possibly answer some troubling questions surrounding the events of 911?
This sounds absolutely insane! I'm having a hard time believing this, if that's what your implying. The media, scientist, engineers, or even the families of the victims don't feel that $13 thousands is nothing, especially in light that "hidden treasures of truth" might be undercovered.
Well, I will donate a historical World Trade Center artifact, which is said to be "priceless" because it was in the WTC on the morning of 911. It is an empty video case with a "Title Sheet" scotch taped to it. It was in the Port Authority archive in 1 WTC on that tragic morning of 911 and survived in light of the fact that all most the entire Port Authority Archive was destructed. Historical document historians have said there is no price
that can be placed on this historical artifact.
Well it's yours for $13,278.88! I'm certain the creators of this website and their commitment to the truth will
be more than happy to except the check and purchase the NIST documents and share them with the world.
I have donated over a dozen artifacts to the Los Angeles 911 Memorial and everything can be verified by the founder Rick Law. I will gladly give up this historical artifact to the first person who understands the important these NIST photos and documents and are willing to put up the $13K.
I will share photos with anyone interested. Keep in mind, you can even donate this artifact to almost any museum and get a charitable deduction which would probably be worth more than the $13K you'd be laying out for a truly important cause.
I'm an unemployed construction worker, but if I had the money, I would buy the NIST Documents and share them with the world.
Louis Briendel



Thanks guys, bulldog

Thanks guys,

bulldog manifesto has a great post regarding the anthrax scares and 9/11...

I can help with the PHP.

I can help with the PHP.

i wanna know who David Ray

i wanna know who David Ray Griffin is talking to in the mainstream media about 9/ guess is maybe Lou Dobbs.hes had Peter Lance on his show.....

Has it been a year already?

Has it been a year already? Let's hope there isn't another. ;)