'One of the most explosive US political corruption scandals in decades' - Not Quite

The big story of the night is Jack Abramoff's guilty plea which is consistently being referred to as the largest political scandal of our generation by the mainstream media.

Now the question is, how deep will this investigation really be? And does his corruption even compare to the corruption surrounding this administration and 9/11? Are they in any way tied?

Just a few quick searches of 9/11, Abramoff, and heroin will yield a few nights worth of research, is there any chance these things might come out?

Osama Bin Laden, Mohamed Atta, and Abramoff - Wikipedia

In 1995 Abramoff worked for the Global Council of Islamic Banks, whose chairman, Saleh Abdullah Kamel, was under investigation for alleged funding of terrorism, including Osama Bin Laden. [17]

Prior to the events of September 11th, 2001 chief hijacker Mohamed Atta and several of the other 9/11 hijackers were reported to have made multiple visits to the SunCruz casino cruise ship off the Gulf coast in Florida. [18] This has led some to speculate that Mohamed Atta was using the casino to launder money for al-Qaeda and that possibly Atta was involved in a scheme with Abramoff and the mob to smuggle heroin. [19] To date none of these allegations has been confirmed or investigated.

The Big Fix 2006 - Is Abramoff Getting Away with Murder?

Like Iran Contra, it is too big to ever be allowed to break. It involves, as we will see, virtually the whole apparatus of America's secret government. And it leads to places that have nothing to do with Abramoff's 'cover' as a 'College Republican leader' turned 'big money lobbyist.'

Exposure would open up what Sen. Fulbright once famously called, referring to the Bay of Pigs/JFK assassination, 'An endless can of worms.'

I've always found madcowprod.com articles to be a bit hard to follow, perhaps because I haven't read many of their articles, but they and others contend that Abramoff had ties to 9/11.

So, what ties are there, and what are the chances these ties will come to light? Perhaps over the next few days we can help unearth a good set of simple questions for Abramoff and the MSM. Perhaps once he is behind bars we can get some real answers.

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huge post on abramoff

huge post on abramoff here:

I personally find Dan

I personally find Dan Hopsicker (madcowprod.com) to be a trustworthy investigative reporter. He probably doesn't get everything right (who does?) but I do think he's genuine. Yeah, his articles may be some work to get into, but he really gets context and connections (lots of cans of worms) so it's worth taking the time to get into what he's saying.

I'll find him trustworthy,

I'll find him trustworthy, too.

Hopsicker has things to say

Hopsicker has things to say that would galvanize the nation if he would only keep things simple. People need to have the players identified and explained to them - for instance, Hopsicker should have a simple webpage listing who flight school owner Hilliard is, his involvement with 911 and what people need to know about him. Just Hilliard.

Instead, Hopsicker uses a sensationalist editorial style that poses an endless series of confronting questions about many characters who flit in and out of his reports. For the average reader the result is overwhelming.

Don't get me wrong, I think Hopsicker has major evidence on 911. He just has a roundabout style that's offputting, like someone telling you a secret by getting you to play twenty questions.

He need's to say:"This is person X. This is what we know about them. This is what we can conclude. Here's the likely story of 911"