Australian Commercial TV Channel airs "In Plane Site"

911: In Plane Site (Special Presentation) PG
The official story of that day was told on live TV by reporters, policemen, firefighters, and other on-the-scene eyewitnesses, however, that footage was shown only once and then… it was never repeated.
(Adult Themes)

Fabulous news in my book, seems to have been well received by the Aussies too, you can check out some of their comments here:

Dear Sir, J. Easter MAJ.

Dear Sir, J. Easter MAJ. Mathmatics WEST POINT

I think you have forggoten what your "real work" is suppose to be,

so i left you a reminder(1st below), i have not forggotten my Oath, that is one

reason i do what i do. But i don't blame the E-3-4's and below, i believe

E-4-5's and above are to blame for our current state of the USA, the higher

the rank and specialty (like instructers and Professors and officers to the

commander in chief).

Sir, i know at the very least that you know that the American people did

not get the true story of 9-11, can you live with that?....i can't!.

So i'll do what i have to do, hand out, like candy, information that

prove's the Bush/PNAC adminstration Planned and Orchestrated 9-11.


PS i 2nd Jesse's comments (below)


TVNL Editor's Comments:

I no longer support the troops and let me tell you why. I have spent every day of my life for the past 3 years fighting for my nation and fighting for our troops. Yes, I have fought for my troops by fighting for truth, honesty, integrity and human compassion while trying to protect our Constitution and our democracy. This is more than the troops have done for me. They have not protected me. They have supported my enemy and they have violated their oath. The troops have betrayed me and they have betrayed the United States of America.

The Marine Corps Oath: "I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic." With this phrase begins life as a Marine. And we treat it as the solemn promise that it is.

US ARMY OATH: "I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God."

KEY POINT: “defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic” – Let me repeat this: ENEMIES DOMESTIC! The US Military have not protected us against ENEMIES DOMESTIC! They have betrayed us and they have betrayed each other!

I am saying what has to be said. I am saying what many Americans and perhaps many fine Americans within our military feel but who are afraid to say because of the politically correct false patriots ruling our nation. These so called patriots, who know nothing about patriotism, our Constitution or democracy, have unwittingly been supporting something that no longer exists, because the people they support destroyed it; America.

Our military has stood by as our nation experienced a coup, in the form of a stolen presidential election. They have stood by as our election systems have been hijacked by political operatives and we no longer have secure elections by the people. This, in essence, ended our democracy. Once the vote verification process was compromised our democracy was in question. At this point our military should have been on alert for enemies within.

Since the coup we have experience an assault on our Constitution the likes of which have never been seen before. This assault did not come from enemies foreign, they came from enemies domestic. Our military once again, did not protect us.

There is ample evidence that enemies domestic played a part in the attacks on our nation on September 11th 2001 yet there was never even an investigation questioning the possibility of enemies within. Even when a simple crime is committed such as a burglary, questions are raised and people are investigated in the even it was an inside job. Yet with the most implausible and truly unbelievable collapse of our defense procedures on September 11th 2001, not a single question was raised about who, on the inside, could have arranged or participated in such an implausible and mathematically impossible widespread failure of virtually every standing defense procedure and system. This, even though our core leadership openly expressed how a “New Pearl Harbor” would benefit their agenda. In other words people. On the inside, with clear, obvious and undisputed motives, were never questioned or suspected of their involvement. Anyone who has ever watched a crime drama on TV understands how ludicrous this is, yet our military leaders did not stand on alert for enemies domestic. Perhaps this is because the military leadership has been compromised by the enemy.

The executive branch of our government, our legislative branch and perhaps to some extent our judicial branch is now under the control of enemies domestic. The America that everyone takes pride in is no longer in existence. It was taken over by way of nonviolent coup and the coffin was nailed shut with the signing of the patriot act.

Our military is now in the hands of enemies domestic and they are doing nothing to fight this enemy. As a matter of fact they are not even willing to examine the question of whether or not enemies domestic exist. That in itself is clear evidence that our military is not protecting us and has betrayed us by refusing to act as a sentinel guarding us from enemies domestic. They are ignoring their sworn duty and they are betraying us by this inaction.

Every word that I have written has been a bullet fired in my war to defend our democracy. I have fought for my nation with every sentence I have typed. I donÂ’t need a gun to protect my nation. So before you criticize me understand that there is more to protecting our nation that killing foreign enemies; real or perceived. Enemies can be within. Like Christians protect their bible, Jews protect their Torah, Muslims protect their Koran, patriots, like me, protect the US Constitution, which is the bible or holy book of a patriot. Anyone who threatens my bible is my enemy

While those other bibles demand you suspend your critical thinking, believe the unbelievable and accept all that is told to you as truth, the Constitution demands the opposite. It demands that we do not trust our leaders; instead we hold them accountable to us! When you trust your leaders you are being anti-American!. The current civilian and military leadership of the United States has assaulted the US Constitution and they have declared war on America. We must hold them accountable and so must our military. It is time for our military to protect us from the real enemies of our nation; the enemies domestic. Think about it! – Jesse, Editor,


War Is A Racket

Excerpt from a speech delivered in 1933, by Major General Smedley Butler, USMC.

.....For a great many years, as a soldier, I had a suspicion that war was a racket; not until I retired to civil life did I fully realize it. Now that I see the international war clouds gathering, as they are today, I must face it and speak out......

_____ Original Message _____
From: Easter, J. MAJ MATH
To: Bush-Adm-Planned-911
Sent: Wednesday, January 04, 2006 6:02 PM
Subject: RE: American patriots can learn a lesson from suicide bombers...peace,pw

Stop sending me e-mail. I use this for work, and I did not request any newsletter from you.

American patriots can learn a lesson from suicide bombers...peace,pw

“Power, which holds itself in opposition to law, is evil and tyrannical. No one is required to be bound (by) it, and it may be legitimately resisted. There is no imaginable reason why wickedness can oblige anyone. We are under no commandment to suffer the abuse of wicked men...”

~ Samuel Rutherford's LEX REX – 1644


TVNL Editor's Comments: American patriots can learn a lesson from suicide bombers. No, I donÂ’t mean we should be blowing ourselves up or taking the lives of innocent people. I mean we should risk more in order to defeat our enemies (within).

Many people have inside information about terrible crimes being committed but they are scared to come forward. They fear everything from losing their job to having the government come after them. Many even fear blackmail.

Well guess what…America and the world needs people to risk all and come forward to expose everything from election fraud to the truth behind 9/11. Next time you see a New Hampshire license plate read the motto at the bottom…it says “Live Free, Or Die”. Think about that.

It’s time that the silent majority become the brave majority. If you know about the problem and you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem. It’s time you become the solution! Think about it! – Jesse, Editor,


36 Or 37 Missing And 70 Percent Empty
by Mark R. Elsis
Published September 9, 2003 (31 Pages)


nice to see 9/11 DVDs being

nice to see 9/11 DVDs being played on tv..

last week was loose change 2 on tv, this week in plane site, perhaps others out there can make this happen for other dvds on a weekly basis?

and to those who might complain that this dvd is playing and not another, get out there and get the ones you want played on tv! most states still have some sort of public broadcasting, get out there and make it happen!

I nearly fell off my chair

I nearly fell off my chair when I saw this on Network TV in Australia last night. It's a shame it had to be the film that includes so many discredited theories, but the mere thought of a few viewer's minds being totally blown away by that film made me very happy. The rarely seen on MSM footage of dissenters shouting down the 9/11 comission alone was worth it.

Silverstein finally answers

Silverstein finally answers "pull it" comment's question...

2 years for that?

Some more good news: the

Some more good news: the comments have come to a trickle and some very positive feedback was left.

Check it out here:

Discredited theories? In

Discredited theories? In Plane Site is as solid as it gets. Many questions are left to the viewer to answer.

In plane site was the one

In plane site was the one that got me rolling as well.

I regret nothing!

thanks DHS for the wtc7

thanks DHS for the wtc7 link.

So THAT's why so many

So THAT's why so many Aussies suddenly showed up at today. (Mystery solved. Thanks.) Amazing. Is that BushCo Global, test-marketing truths about 9/11 in Australia, in order to relatively safely gain more data for their their sociological computer models, or what?

As for "discredited theories", there's that jerky minimal (5? frames of) video evidence of that cloud plume where one tower had evidently been made to look like 2, a scene that some ostensible 911truthers howl about because it wasn't pulled from a 2nd edition.

The disinfo agents in our midst seem concerned with, and intent on, and good at, making us believe that if our work isn't perfect, that we lose. (I call that their "1-strike-and-you're-out" crap; it keeps us from swinging for the fences, which is why I see their approach to all this as part of the ongoing "limited hangout".) They find more fault with us than with the perpetrators, and they get us so worried about our theories and presentations that we forget that it's much easier to disprove a theory than to prove one. (Which is why concentrates on poking holes in, and asking questions about, the government's impossible theory of 9/11, rather than in pomoting its own.)

And since IPS gets people thinking, and asking questions, about 9/11, I think IPS is a good thing (it includes audio of the 2nd time Bush said he saw the plane fly into the 1st tower, on TV, before it was ever broadcast -- which is a lot more than M.Moore's F911 ever hinted at regarding Bush's incriminating 9/11 witness statements). So while IPS is not perfect and there are some things about it I'm not particularly fond of, so what? IPS gatekeeps a lot less evidence than does a self-proclaimed keeper of the total absolute truth about 9/11 (oilempire's Mark Robinowitz, who publicly and loudly denounced IPS weeks before he or anyone else had ever seen it -- another indicator that IPS can't be all bad).

While IPS is not the best

While IPS is not the best video around the fact that it was shown on commerical tv in Australia ia welcome. The tv channel needs to be encouraged to have a real debate on the topic. I fear that the weaknesses in the video will give ammunition to critics of 9/11 sceptics and those weaknesses will be an excuse for avoiding discussing some of the much more compelling arguments for government complicity.

I think this is slightly

I think this is slightly more good news then bad, like peeps have said if it gets people thinking then that's a good thing. Oil empire chat shit about every1 it seems so, for example they diss the pod theory, which I agree with, but they then attack in the same breath what I consider very valid issues raised about the Pentagon attack.

That said "In Plane Site" is not the most tried and tested documentary to use. Personally if I were the Aussie who could get something on national TV, I'd stick one of David Ray Griffin’s outstanding speeches on loop. The damage "the pod" potentially causes is a real factor, I personally have witnessed a guy speaking from the audience on a big TV show in the UK called "Question Time". He begin challenging the panel of politicians, officials, media people, celebrities, etc by saying something like "these wars are based on lies, everybody agrees on that now, but lets go back to the source, on 9/11”. And then my ears really pricked up I was like go for it, he then continued with “the planes that hit the towers were military, and it's clearly visible that they had a pod like device under them, and they fired a missile just before impact". At which point the guy who heads the show, who called David Dimbleby, interrupts him and goes something like "right so all the relatives who received calls from their soon to be deceased loves ones on board just made all that up then", and the whole audience then laughed and clapped. My hart sank the second he said, “pod” because I knew he’d just lost all credibility. It’s like the Iranian President denying the holocaust etc, whether he’s got a point or not he’s not picking the most persuasive arguments. If that idiot Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had got on the world stage and said “what if 9/11 was an inside job, look at all this evidence that points in that direction”, instead of providing those who want to demonise and make war on Iran, with ammo. We'd probably be all celebrating in the streets like in the end of starwars or something lol. “The Pod” is idiotic, but I still think if you weigh up the pluses and minuses “In Plane Site” does more good then harm, but it is marginal.

In my opinion “The Pod” needs to be dropped wholesale, sites like “Letsroll” aren’t helping!

the pod theory may sound

the pod theory may sound wacky and turn people off, but one cannot deny that the pod AND the odd flash were captured on no fewer than 4 mainstream media videos from 4 separate angles

i mentioned in Nov. that In

i mentioned in Nov. that In Plane Site is being shown on public access in San Fran during 30min broadcasts.

here is the schedule for the local access feeds.

Bay Area 9-11 Television and Radio Programs

Television Programs:

Public Access Channel 29, San Francisco-

Mondays (every Monday) at 11:30 PM until Midnight: "9-11 Cover-Up!"

Fridays(1st and third Friday of the month) at 8:30 PM - 9:30 PM "Uncensored 9-11 and Beyond"

2nd and 4th Tuesdays 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM: "9-11=Inside Job"

Saturdays Midnight - 12:30 AM: Exposing the New World Order

Public Access Channel 28, Berkeley-

"911=Inside Job"
Mondays: 8:30 PM - 9:30 PM
Saturdays: 10:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Sundays: 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Streaming available on

James Ha, True but what does

James Ha, True but what does that prove? The flash could just as easily, and more likely be, the electronics in the nose cone of the plane shorting on impact. Which is just like the satellite that nasa slammed into that commit or whatever recently.

"In Plane Site" was the

"In Plane Site" was the video that woke me up. Say what you want, it's one hell of a video!

dem bruce lee styles - - I

dem bruce lee styles - - I don't know what it PROVES, but the presence of that bizarre pod on that plane certainly IMPLIES that it wasn't really flight175 doesn't it? boeing issued a resounding "no comment" when asked what the devil that weird protruberance on their plane was. for me, it was seeing that pod and the flash for the first time on that opened my eyes. I've given out almost 100 'in plane site' dvd's - not a lot compared to some of you guys' output, but every little bit helps. I hope.

and regarding the

and regarding the flash....they make a special point of showing that it flashes BEFORE the impact - 1/3 of a second before the impact I think? - and the naudet bros. clip of what is supposed to be flight11 has a flash as well, and a special point has been made that IT flashes before the impact also, I beleive - am I correct on this? anyone?

James Ha, I see your point

James Ha, I see your point but I still disagree, what do you find more compelling, the mountain of credible evidence e.g. "Controlled demolition, Prior knowledge, Bin Laden CIA ties (1980's Afghanistan up to 2001 in a Dubai hospital), The impossibility that a Boeing airliner struck the Pentagon, Strong proof of Israeli Mossad involvement, Strong proof of Pakistani ISI involvement, etc etc etc, or "the pod, Missile, Flash" theory which is associated with "holograms hit the towers" etc.

People will always disagree about this or that, that's the nature of debate. But we're all on the same side here and so a common ground needs to be found. I think the strong facts that we all agree on need to be the focus until this is all fully exposed. Once it's exposed then people should asked the questions about "was there a pod" etc. Because telling someone who still believes the official story that 9/11 was probably inside job is wild enough already. To tell them something that regardless of it's validity sounds incredibly out there like "the planes fired missiles", sends most people who still believe the official story into ridicule and disbelief. I think people should totally entertain the idea that there was "a pod" if they feel strongly about it. But when presenting the argument to people who need convincing, the strong facts need to be presented, "the pod" is not a strong fact.

bruce lee, I believe all

bruce lee,
I believe all that you sed is valid, with one exception:: I don't think that the pod and the flashes have to be equated with the hologram theory - in my opinion the hologram theory is ridiculous, one might as well say that aliens did it - the pod seems like a strong fact to me in light of the many separate images of it - the alternative would be that the pod was photoshopped onto each and every frame of each and every clip of flight175 wouldn't it?
me, I believe that flights11 and 175, if they truly existed at all, were replaced with drones and rammed into the towers which had pre-positioned demo charges already in place - flight77 was obviously NOT what hit the pentagon, so why wouldn't 11 & 175 also have been replaced?
any way, I think your point was about using available facts and evidence to convince those who still believe the official fairy tale, yes? - in that regard, I do believe that the pod and the flashes tend to just confuse the entire affair, BUT it was the pod and the flashes that first opened my eyes to the fact that all was not as it seemed -

The pod could be wing

The pod could be wing fairing, that is reasonable doubt.

Is this a pod, or is it wing fairing?

Whether or not something is there is irrelevant, it cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, so why try to push something that does not stand up to intense scrutiny?

I was once a pod person, however, over the years it has become quite clear what stands up to intense scrutiny, and that is controlled demolition, its time to abandon old theories and move on.

I am not a pod person - I

I am not a pod person - I was merely trying to defend in plane site and let', as they were the impetus for the opening of my eyes. your photo looks like a wing fairing to me, but THESE PHOTOS do not look like wing fairings to me. I say that old theories don't neccessarily need to be abandoned - new theories can be added on to the old. I do my best to promote prof. Jones' report v.3.1, and prof. Karjanmaa's report as well.