Aljazeera Asks Questions About Israeli Intelligence Ties to 9/11

Israeli links to 9/11?

On the day of the September 11, 2001 attacks, former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was asked how they could affect Israeli-U.S. relations. His quick reply was: "It's very good..... Well, it's not good, but it will generate immediate sympathy (for Israel)".
In fact, a Mossad surveillance team made quite a public spectacle of themselves on the day of the attacks. Five of the Israelis were arrested after "angry witnesses had seen the five at a waterfront park in New Jersey apparently laughing and clowning, and photographing themselves in front of the burning towers." One witness told police at the time that the men "were like happy, you know .. They didn't look shocked to me."

According to ABC's 20/20, when police stopped the cheering Israelis, one of them told the officers: "We are Israelis. We are not your problem. Your problems are our problems. The Palestinians are your problem".
The compliant mainstream media completely ignored the Israeli connection. Rather it immediately blamed OSAMA BIN LADEN even though he had no record of doing anything on this scale. On the day of the attacks, CIA Director George Tenet said "You know, this has bin Laden's fingerprints all over it."

But a number of intelligence officials have raised questions about BIN LADEN's capabilities. "This guy sits in a cave in Afghanistan and he's running this operation?" one CIA official said at the time. "It's so huge. He couldn't have done it alone."

BIN LADEN himself denied any involvement in the attacks. The BBC published his denial in which he clearly stated: "I was not involved in the September 11 attacks in the United States nor did I have knowledge of the attacks. There exists a government within a government within the United States. The United States should try to trace the perpetrators of these attacks within itself..." (Most of us never heard that quote on our nightly newscast).

To date, the only shred of "evidence" against bin Laden is a barely audible fuzzy amateur video that the Pentagon just happened to find "lying around" in Afghanistan.

I really want to rip the segment on the Bin Laden 'confession tape' from Loose Change Second Edition, it really shows how fake this tape really was. For those unfamiliar, LC2E shows Bin Laden wearing a gold ring in the tape (forbidden by Islamic law), as well as writing right handed (even though he is left handed). Perhaps we can rip that segment out and share it.

Many people question the feasibility of Bin Laden organizing the 9/11 attacks, but even more people wonder where the proof that we were told would be shown is. Don't forget that leaders of the Taliban offered Bin Laden to the U.S. if we could provide solid proof of UBL's involvement, but perhaps Bin Laden is nothing more than a useful enemy to fuel the need for war.

It's important to note that

It's important to note that this article is not from Al Jazeera, that is, not the Al Jazeera we all know, the Qatar satellite channel Bush wanted to bomb. This is another page that sprang up, having copped the domain. But a good article.

Dancing Israelis!! Dancing

Dancing Israelis!! Dancing Israelis!!

FYI... John Judge has

FYI... John Judge has started his own website... Yes, I know a lot of you don't agree with him, but just because someone has differing views about certain things, doesn't mean we have the right to chastize him. I spoke with him last night, and asked him flat out, "In your opinion, was it an inside job?", and he responded, "Absolutely". So take it for what you will, but there is a MASSIVE amount of information here...

LC2E is entertaining, like a

LC2E is entertaining, like a music video. But the simple fact that it uses Wikipedia as a supposed authoritative source for its factual information nullifies the film's credibility. Why do that? Very weak. Very weak.

Israel was involved with

Israel was involved with 9/11 it's quite blatant. Aside from "the dancing Mossad agents”, there were also 200 Israeli intelligence agents who were busted by US authorities, exposed for conducting a huge Israeli spy ring. Some of these people were apparently explosive ordnance experts, and they were posing as "art students". (Now it is suspected and practically proven now, that the towers and world trade centre seven, were brought down using explosives.)
Even FOX news, a channel owned by Rupert Murdock, a confessed Zionist and close friend of Arial Sharon, had to cover this "Israeli spy ring" story because it gathered so much momentum. So they did a series of pieces on it, which apparently explained that the "art Students" were, tracking the "9/11 hijackers" and going around to US intelligence institutions etc or something to that effect, trying to sell them art work, while planting bugs and stealing documents. FOX news reported that the fact this coincided with the lead up, and occurrence of 9/11 was suspicious, but just said that Israel might have known something about 9/11 before it happened, but nothing more.

FOX News:Israel Is Spying In And On The U.S.? Parts 1 to 4

This FOX news version of events seems to be a smokescreen cover story, as Israel had "warned the US" that there were going to be up to "200 Al-Qaeda" operatives inside the US coinciding with 9/11, but non of these "200" people were ever arrested. But "200" was also the number of Israeli "Art Students", and Israel obviously knew about them. So my conclusion is that these "200" Israeli "art students" when considering there field if expertise, "explosive ordnance", were the people outsourced to wire the WTC buildings for demolition.

Israeli security issued urgent warning to CIA of large-scale terror attacks

"The Telegraph has learnt that two senior experts with Mossad, the Israeli military intelligence service, were sent to Washington in August to alert the CIA and FBI to the existence of a cell of as many of 200 terrorists said to be preparing a big operation."

US arrests 200 young Israelis in spying investigation

"The DEA report said most of the students questioned by American investigators acknowledged having served in units of the Israeli armed forces specialising in military intelligence, electronic signals interception or explosive ordnance."

Israel has benefited from 9/11 as now its enemy "Fanatical Muslims" are also the enemy of the US. And it's enemy neighbours, Iraq etc, are being dealt with by the US. The US benefiting from the strategic dominance of the Middle East and its oil supply etc.

Dancing Israelis!!! Dancing

Dancing Israelis!!! Dancing Israelis!!!

For those of you wondering

For those of you wondering why I keep saying, "Dancing Israelis", it's because there is someone on the internet who claims to be a "9/11 Truther", but only focuses on Israel's connection. This person prompted John Conyers to ban me and everyone else from his site because he associated everyone talking about 9/11 with that person... and talking poorly about Israel is apparently a bad thing...

More chat with Major Easter

More chat with Major Easter from West Point, but first....

More chat with Major Easter from West Point, but first....

i have struck a nerve with some others at West point

here's an example (my comments are in red)


ps here is some very good 9-11 links and a couple

others that i visit every day

i wonder how many of you West Point Boys visit these 3

links above?...Now to 9-11 and my chat with some of the West

Point Boys


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Your an this the best you got? LOL LOL
our country is in serious trouble if thats the best you can do
to defend the Bush/PNAC adminstration.
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I really must insist that you remove from your distribution list. I
wouldn't mind them so much if you took the time to structure and
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read. (Really is it more painful than losing a Limb or eye or being mamed some other way
in an unjust war?
Sorry about the grammar i guess i did not use the money i got from the military
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I am in fact sending you this message to let you know two things. First,
I have reported your abuse of the internet service to Bell South.(this won't be
the first time or the last)
Secondly, I have researched how to have your e-mails blocked.(what you
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Have you considered addressing your concerns to someone who may actually
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adm. and i will gladley share information that proves that the Bush/PNAC adm. planned and orchestrated
What do you think Major, i took
a couple of hours of my time to get everybody in your department that should bring
me close to 4000 contacks including MSM (main stream media) all of congress, 100 or
so from the DOJ & FBI several other universities so on and so forth)

on a closing note Major, everyday more and more people are learning the
truth about 9-11, i see to that myself...well i got to get going Sir, there's a peace
rally in town this weekend and i need to try to open the eyes of these people
just to let them know that the RABBIT HOLE IS MUCH DEEPER THAN WHAT
good day Sir,
ps. and Thomas Meyer you almost made me puke while my brothers
and sisters are dying unjustly in Iraq your signature is "Go army beat navy"
WTF is that? you are very disillusioned

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I really must insist that you remove from your distribution list. I
wouldn't mind them so much if you took the time to structure and
proofread your "newsletter." Your grammar is atrocious and painful to

I am in fact sending you this message to let you know two things. First,
I have reported your abuse of the internet service to Bell South.
Secondly, I have researched how to have your e-mails blocked. I have
shared this information with your colleagues, so your e-mails will not
be read.

Have you considered addressing your concerns to someone who may actually
be able to influence the current administration?

Perfect time to hand out

Perfect time to hand out some 9-11 information....peace,pw

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We need to present a unified front in our call for justice. A coalition of organizations, led by, has organized a series of town hall events and house parties this weekend to coordinate grassroots activity in support of efforts to investigate impeachable offenses.

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I also want to let you know about a program I have started called the Citizen Cosponsorship campaign which encourages people to sign onto my legislation calling for the investigation of possible impeachable offenses. We have amassed 30,000 signatures in a week and are seeking to reach 100,000 cosponsors by the time Congress reconvenes at the end of January.

This campaign follows a thorough review of Bush Administration misconduct I undertook which culminated in the publication of a 250-page report. [A copy of the report may be found at Raw and also at]

The latest incidence of the Bush Administration's abuse of power underscores why we must unite to take strong action now. Late last night we learned that NBC is investigating reports that the National Security Agency (NSA) conducted wiretaps of CNN reporter, Christiane Amanpour. While it is very troubling that the NSA would be targeting journalists to uncover terrorist plots, what is especially disconcerting is that Ms. Amanpour's husband served as a senior advisor to the John Kerry presidential campaign and would have been using the same phone that the Agency is alleged to have been wiretapping. The overreach of the NSA in conducting warrantless wiretaps is astounding in its audacity and I have demanded the White House disclose to Congress whether, and to what extent, journalists have been under surveillance and report on additional elements of this program. 21 other Members of Congress joined me in this request, a copy of which may be found on

These continued constitutional abuses means your voice needs to be heard. Please take the time to get involved. Help send the message to the President, the media, and the American people that we want an end to the war and we are not going to stand for an imperial presidency any longer.


John Conyers

Gix: Off the top of my head,

Gix: Off the top of my head, I remember two citings of Wikipedia for LC2E: cordite and Marvin Bush. Is there more I am forgetting about? Does any of the information presented from Wikipedia on these two issues not add up?

My feeling is that unless the information presented from Wikipedia on these two issues is shown to be faulty or inaccurate it's fine. Yes, I have read Wikipedia has issues with trustworthiness and integrity, however, many people seem to take Wikipedia at face value and this may in fact add credibility to these issues in most peoples minds rather than detract credibility as you suggest.

I have not researched and cross-referenced the information from these two issues, so I am open to hearing if there is a problem with what has been presented as factual.

I would like to know EXACTLY

I would like to know EXACTLY what the MOSSAD knew prior to 9/11.

That's all.

Anyone check out the latest

Anyone check out the latest piece of propaganda?

Johnny, thanks for sticking

Johnny, thanks for sticking up.

Gix, you're going to discredit the entire movie because I source WikiPedia twice? (John's right...I use it for cordite and the WTC gold)

WikiPedia sources all of their information, so if you're too lazy or incompetent to do the research yourself, that's not my problem. =D

Anyone check out the latest

Anyone check out the latest piece of propaganda? large.html
The Professional | Homepage | 01.06.06 - 5:02 pm | #

that makes me sick!

but what a good piece of propaganda...

we will need people out in front of movie theatres handing out flyers and videos to everyone who sees that crap. otherwise, we'll never penetrate their closed minds.

no plane parts and a crash zone with at least an 8 mile radius.....i bet that won't even be mentioned.

yeah, we need to make some

yeah, we need to make some major noise when that Flight 93 movie comes out.this could actually be a very good thing in the end.does anyone know when it comes out?

let me clarify, it could be

let me clarify, it could be a very good thing as long as we expose it for the propaganda it is.

Hey guys, I know their

Hey guys, I know their talking about boycotting that movie in the TruthAction yahoo group. Lemme know if you'd like more info...

Dylan & Johnny- Anyone who

Dylan & Johnny-
Anyone who considers Wikipedia to be an authoritative source is a web surfer, not a researcher. Yes, citing Wikipedia even once makes your whole movie a glorified music video. If the facts that you used from Wikipedia were sourced, as you say, then you should have checked those sources to see if they were credible, and cited those. (I'm not the moviemaker, so I'm not the lazy one.) You may as well have said, "According to some guy I just met..." This may sound harsh, but I say it here in this supportive forum because I know others less supportive will think and say the same. I offer my opinion as constructive criticism, with the best of intentions.

Gix: Each to their own...

Gix: Each to their own... My opinion is the movie has value. I enjoyed it and learned some things from it as have others I know who have seen it. I like the feel and the music which adds an entertainment value other 911 documentaries I have seen have lacked so far, and this makes it unique in this respect. I do agree with you, in general, that the more professional the sourcing and research, the more credibility the film will carry. I certainly can't make a black and white statement that citing wikipedia negates all value. However, I hear what you are saying and understand where you are coming from...

The movie comes out April

The movie comes out April 28th, 2006




Paul Greengrass (Director--Flight93)


76 Oxford Street
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)20 7636 6565
Fax: +44 (0)20 7323 0101


Just sent this:

From: "Johnny"
Subject: For Paul Greengrass

ATTN Agent -- Please forward to Paul Greengrass or provide me a contact email.

Hi Paul,

I have learned recently that you will be one of the first directors to produce a theatrical movie based on the September 11 terrorist attacks.

I wanted to find out if you are aware of the growing body of physical, video and scientific evidence and inquiry which strongly suggests there was much more to 9/11 than meets the eye--that is, that elements of our goverment had a hand in the perpetration of the attacks.

I invite you to attend an open public seminar put forth by physics professor Dr. Steven Jones as shown below:


Prof. Steven E. Jones will provide an invited seminar open to the public at Utah Valley State College in Orem, Utah, on February 1, 2006:
"9/11 Revisited: Scientific and Ethical Questions"

Steven E. Jones, Professor of Physics, Brigham Young University, 7:00-8:30 p.m., CS 404 (Center for the Study of Ethics, Cosponsored with the School of Science and Health)


In the meantime, I suggest you also review the peer-reviewed scientific paper which he has written on one aspect of the subject at:

and also other scientific lines of research and inquiry which can be found at:

Much more information is readily available.

I would be happy to provide any information or assistance you may desire on the subject.