Letter to Implosion World

A user submitted letter they recently sent to Implosion World regarding the collapses. The letter can be read in its entirety here. (I didn't want to post it here because it was a little too long for this forum):


Here's their reply, please notice that not only do they "welcome" dialog on this topic, they actually "appreciate" it, so I'm sure all of us can really make their day:

Subject: Re: Your Website

Thank you for your letter. We welcome and appreciate all reasoned dialog on this subject. Here are our generalized comments:

1. We are aware of Mr. Romero and Mr. Jones statements, however they both contain critical inaccuracies central to the explo-demo argument. I would also question whether either has extensive experience working in the explo-demo field.

2. Mr. Loizeaux's false and self-serving statements are designed to market this company, and one would be wise to question anything he says. He does not have a reputable standing in the industry.

3. We plan on releasing a comprehensive analysis of the wtc-explosives argument, although no timetable for completion is set right now.

Hope that helps a bit and please check our website in the coming weeks.

Brent Blanchard

Thanks to Greg for submitting this.



the claim that that Jone's

the claim that that Jone's article has critical factual errors and inconsistencies is a pretty broad stroke of BS without even mentioning one specific where he is in error.

its a cop-out answer, an answer to be expected from an intellectual coward.

One does not have to be an explosives expert to demonstrate that the collapses broke several Laws of Physics. Not suggestions, or even theories, but LAWS of Physics, such as the free-fall collapse of WTC-7, that according to the DVD 911 Eyewitness, actually was faster than was possible for falling bodies.

really, bungholes like that apologist from implosionworld.com really raise my ire, and I hope there is a special place in hell for enablers of the this collosal lie.

personally, everyone of those kind of enablers need to be strapped to a concrete/steel pillar with some of the fancy cutting and block charges, have a fueled remote plane flew into it and then blow the building, to prove to them how fast buildings collapse when rigged for false flag terrorism.

am I in a feisty mood or what?

Hey Rebel you're right, they

Hey Rebel you're right, they are quick to dismiss it, but at the same time can't bother to "set a timetable" to deliver their report.

ha. they can't even BEGIN to

ha. they can't even BEGIN to be specific about "critical inaccuracies central to the explo-demo argument." in regards to prof. Jones' report.
I say again, ha. I have to echo Rebel's sentiments and suggestion as to the fate of such enablers.
implosionworld has joined the ranks of the likes of popular mechanics, NIST, and the ASCE.

i e-mailed these fools

i e-mailed these fools months ago,i posted the reply i got on this site last week,and i must say the were a lot nicer to this guy than they were to me.they are still clearly bastards, but at least they dont get as offended anymore. haha.