Limbaugh Lies About Pre-9/11 Intelligence to Justify Wire Taps

Limbaugh repeated Moussaoui myth to wrongly criticize FISA judges - mediamatters.og

LIMBAUGH: He was and that -- that is an excellent point because it was all -- that was raised by the Minneapolis FBI office, I think, after 9-11; [former FBI agent] Coleen Rowley was her name. But they had the guy's laptop and they wanted to get into it, wanted to connect the dots. Judge wouldn't let them do it. You know, that -- that actually -- it -- it -- great point. Why aren't -- why aren't some of these judges investigated and held to account for their secret decisions? Everybody else is out there getting mad at the president for what he's doing in secret, the NSA for doing what it's doing in secret, but how about these judges?

A Zeal to Defend Secrecy -

The department was never contacted and so did not decide anything; therefore, no decision was ever made regarding the given evidence and its subsequent application to FISA standards.

Thanks Jon for the heads up. Feel free to add some details.

For more on Moussaoui and

For more on Moussaoui and FISA, and how that case does not justify skirting FISA, see Colleen Rowley's recent article at

You guys are gonna love

You guys are gonna love this...

Set aside the discussion of the Pentagon, and fact check everything else he says... you're BOUND to find a few lies, and omissions, and distortions... ;)

Libby, Franklin, the OSP and

Libby, Franklin, the OSP and Sibel Edmonds - What's It All About?

Sorry Jon, that guy is

Sorry Jon, that guy is towing the party line pretty hard in that article.

Got anymore propaganda we'd find interesting?

fact check what he's saying

fact check what he's saying

Keith Olberman had Rush

Keith Olberman had Rush Limbaugh as "Worst Person in the World" for today due to his lies. He called Rush fans 'brainwashed'

Moussaoui has been cleared

Moussaoui has been cleared of involvment in 9-11. He has plead guilty to plotting terrorism, but nothing to do with 9-11! It's a fact. Comes from the legal proceedings.

Hey Jon, this paragraph kind

Hey Jon, this paragraph kind of says it all wouldn't you say:

"First to the easy part – refuting the claim. On a day in which, by everyone’s admission, two 757s piloted by Al-Qaeda hijackers had already been flown into buildings symbolising US power and prestige, a third 757 was hijacked and tracked by air traffic control on its way to Washington DC. It then disappeared from their screens. Moments later hundreds of eyewitnesses, many of whom are themselves trained pilots, testify to having seen a 757 hit the Pentagon. Wreckage of a 757 and DNA of passengers known to have been on the hijacked flight (American airlines flight 77) were subsequently found in the Pentagon itself. Sounds fairly cut and dried to me."

You think I should waste my time checking this guys "facts"?

This stood out to

This stood out to me...

"Note that this pipeline has still not been constructed and may in fact never be"

Not to mention the fact that he claims 6000 people died, and then 4000...

Guys, that's too many

Guys, that's too many syllables for Rush fans. Just play the music at 'em.

Have an Oxy on me...