Weekend Grab Bag

New 9/11 Website for your perusal


This page shows pretty clear evidence of multiple explosions going off in WTC1, just before and after WTC2 was hit:

Public opinion of 9/11 commission report shifting

Thanks to Johnny who submitted this link to the 9/11 Commission Report on Amazon. Read the comments section, very encouraging:


Flight 93: The movie

Thanks to those that have submitted this trailer, I can't get the video to play on my machine but thought I'd post it anyway to see if anyone else has any luck:

Here is their official site, prepare to lose your lunch:

Website with lots of mp3 audio & video of 9/11 related materials

I found a great website that has a treasure trove of mp3 audio interviews of 9/11 researchers like David Ray Griffin, and videos of documentaries.
Its all in this one place. It has audio of Jack Blood, Alex Jones, lots of Wing TV, several documentaries, like Hijacking Catastrophe, Painful Deceptions---in 7 parts, Alex Jones---Martial Law 9/11---in 5 parts, David Ray Griffin on C-Span and alot more.

Helpful information for creating PodCasts:

The size of the video should be 320x240 as that is the size of the iPod.

I use MPEG-4 video and MPEG-4 audio. There is plenty of instruction on the details of who to format for the iPod here:

If you want to maximize the reach of your video message visit:
To learn from people what are doing lots of things right.

Here is one more useful article:

LC2E going to be a

LC2E going to be a milestone?


Just want to go on record that this has/will go down in history as one of
the best business weeks ever.

I got a very, VERY surprise phone call this morning. Don't want to reveal details, but you'll find out soon enough.

And, we're going down to NYC this weekend to meet with an international
distributor...he's worked with A&E, BBC, Sundance, you name it...

Dylan Avery, Blog

From the front page at

From the front page at http://c-span.org/

Lee Hamilton
Q&A is C-SPAN's weekly Sunday night interview show, airing at 8pm ET. Our guest this weekend is Lee Hamilton Former Vice Chairman of the Sept. 11th Commission.

In addition to Amazon.com's

In addition to Amazon.com's customer reviews of the official Kean report, here's what people have to say about the official report's critique, Ommissions and Distortions, by David Ray Griffin:


I've had these and the below

I've had these and the below Amazon customer reviews bookmarked for monthly perusal;

Webster Tarpley, "Synthetic Terror"

Michael Ruppert, "Crossing the Rubicon"

Nafeez Ahmed, "The War On Truth"


Yep, that's me... COINTELPRO

Yep, that's me... COINTELPRO Gold they call me.

Of course, I could be saying

Of course, I could be saying just to throw you off... MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

Hey Jon, I don't see you in

Hey Jon, I don't see you in that article, but I do have my suspicions...

Oh no... I'm definitely

Oh no... I'm definitely COINTELPRO... Agent Gold.


Secret....aaaaaaaaaaaaagent man... Secret.....aaaaaaaaaaaaagent man...

@ Jon: Don't want to harm

@ Jon: Don't want to harm YOU, you doin' great work!


re: http://laura-knight-jadczyk.blogspot.com/2006/01/how-to-spot-cointelpro-... (above)

There are disinfo agents. Labeling them "COINTELPRO agents" is probably itself an agent trick, designed to make the labeler seem especially knowledgeable.

Just as we've seen how "if you want to get away with crimes, pretend you're a crime-fighter", I think it's possible that "if you want to get away with being a disinfo agent, pretend to show others how to recognize disinfo agents"! Further, I suspect that that shoe fits Laura Knight Jadczyk.

First, the article is way too long (with some other lengthy article inserted in-line into LKJ's article). So it takes too much time to read, time which could be spent doing something productive. (Mission accomplished, Laura?)

Second, it's a case of the pot calling the kettle black with respect to LKJ's "Looks like a typical COINTELPRO three way food fight designed to divert and distract and make a lot of noise and confusion." comment combined with LKJ's "Everyone I know ... knows quite well that Israel played a big role in 9/11".

So there's LKJ accusing johnny-come-lately-with-a-big-splash DBS of spreading hate even as LKJ publishes similar-sounding unsupported contentions. Which smells very much to me like "Looks like a typical COINTELPRO three way food fight designed to divert and distract and make a lot of noise and confusion.", just as LKJ said (of others!).

Of course, for the article to be effective, it must contain some good info, and hers does; especially the cult- and control-/programming-related parts such as "It is not unheard of for activists, enamored by the perceived helpfulness and competence of a good agent, to find themselves considering ethical violations and perhaps, even illegal behavior, in the service of their agent/handler."

worst. trailer. ever.

worst. trailer. ever.