Bringing legal action against the Bush administration for complicity in the events of 9/11

TvNewsLIES Radio! Live - Tuesday, Jan 10, 12PM ET

Topic: Bringing legal action against the Bush administration for complicity in the events of 9/11

Guest: International lawyer who came up with a criminal solution to the treason committed by Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld on 911 rather than a POLITICAL solution by impeachment.

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So Quiet At The Top

if someone could please post

if someone could please post a direct link to the media i would appreciate it. that web site makes me go into seizures everytime i look at it. web design doesn't mean graphics, it means usability.
scroll 3/4 way down to the proper links

The show was at noon. They

The show was at noon. They have the links for the archive up, but now the files, yet:

both links above are dead

both links above are dead when i tried them.

hey, the links are correct

hey, the links are correct but it looks like the pages are missing from the site. i went to the site. man i hate frames . . .

MSM 9/11 NEWS:in the current

MSM 9/11 NEWS:in the current issue of Vanity Fair, with Lindsay Lohan on the cover, there is a story called "Through the Lens,Darkly" about two 9/11 documentaries, one of which goes into conspiracys(they actually mention "The Great Deception" in the piece). In the same issue,they do a story on an upcoming Natalie Portman movie called "V for Vendetta", with a plot that follows:in an increasingly orwellian world,some of the worlds most famous towers are blown up-by the "good guys".This movie is gonna fucking rule.keep in mind,Vanity Fair is very mainstream.the truth is slowly bleeding through.....

USA exports state-sponsored

USA exports state-sponsored terrorism

The Pravda.

The Twin Towers were long regarded as architectural dinosaurs and economic failures by their original owners, who applied to the City of New York to have the Towers demolished, but they were denied permission to demolish the Towers for safety reasons. Larry Silverstein, who is a close friend of fellow Australian emigre Rupert Murdoch, purchased the Twin Towers with 129 million dollars of borrowed money just six weeks before 9/11/2001. Silverstein then took out Terrorism insurance on the Twin Towers, and Silverstein has now been awarded more than 4 billion dollars for the loss of the buildings.

The files are there

The files are there NOW.
I've just downloaded them and they both play fine.

(Sorry for my earlier typo. I meant "no files are ther" not "now files are there.)

"This movie [V For Vendetta]

"This movie [V For Vendetta] is gonna fucking rule"

No, its gonna be shite. Do yourself a favour, go read the graphic novel its based on (also called V For Vendetta, by Alan Moore). Hollywood has pretty much ruined every Moore work it has tried - League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Constantine, From Hell (actually a decent flick, but nothing like the graphic novel) - thanks god they scrapped the plan for a Watchmen film.

I don't read many comics, but Alan Moore's are always a cut above the rest. More like literary novels with pictures.

ok jackass, you dont gotta

ok jackass, you dont gotta nitpick. sorry im not a super-fan like you. im just saying based on the movies that have come out in recent years, this seems like a great story for a movie. jesus, sorry i offended you fanboy.

Replies are always great

Replies are always great when they start with an insult aren't they? Lord forbid we conduct a civil conversation about views on movie, of all things.

You didn't 'offend' me (though you certainly tried in your last reply), nor am I 'fanboy' - having knowledge about a certain subject does not a 'fanboy' make.

I was simply offering you some advice re: V for Vendetta. That advice being, 'go read the graphic novel', because in all probability - based on the evidence of Hollywood's previous attempts at filming Moore - the film will be shite. That (after reading the script) Moore insisted that his name not be associated in any way with the film, would bear this out.

It was a friendly pointer in the direction of something you may be interested in (and if you are interested, V for Vendetta can be easily got on most torrent sites, or in good bookshops). I wasn't even saying 'don't see the film', as I'll certainly be seeing it.

sorry man, im a bit of a

sorry man, im a bit of a cynic by nature(which is part of the reason i starting looking into 9/11 in the first place) i just assumed you were bashing the movie based on its premise, not because hollywood tends to fuck books up when the turn them into movies.i was just trying to point out that this movie could be good for people who dont see 9/11 for what it is. i honestly dont care about who wrote it or where it came from, im just glad somebody has the balls to make a movie with true relevance.

Oh I see what you mean now.

Oh I see what you mean now. But I think you have the wrong end of, the stick when it comes to V. Above when you talk about 'the good guys' carrying out the bombings - the good guy in V for Vendetta is actually the terrorist (his name is V). This is _not_ false flag terrorrism, it is terrorism actually carried out by a radical who hates the fascist system he exists under.

There will be no '9/11 was an inside job' allegories or anything like that - the terrorist is _actually_ a _terrorist_, a throwback to the days of the 'propaganda of the deed' actions carried out by the Narodniks and others in pre Soviet Russia (assassination of prominent public figures associated with the Tsarist regime in the hope that this will stir the masses into activity).

Btw I think Star Wars III is

Btw I think Star Wars III is a pretty good allegory for 9-11 and the Patriot Act.