Canadian Action Party Knows the Truth

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The justification for Canada's draconian anti terrorism laws is the official story of 9-11 - that the US was attacked by Islamic terrorists led by Osama Bin Laden. The problem with this justification is that the official story of what happened on 9-11 is physically impossible as a highly qualified team of Canadian, American and international scientists, engineers and investigators demonstrate at their website physics911[.net]


Hard for those who don't

Hard for those who don't know how to do it. ;)

AHAHAHA... they link to FTW.

AHAHAHA... they link to FTW.

Canadians... love em.. Keep

Canadians... love em.. Keep your country clean. Keep it europeanish!

Still need a PHP guy? I'm

Still need a PHP guy? I'm your man

"Case 9/11 unsolved" with

"Case 9/11 unsolved" with english subtitles

Dear friend,

this is just to inform you about an internet edition of our documentary "Aktenzeichen 11.9. ungelöst" (Case 9/11 unsolved).

With two clicks or so you arrive at the download site. The download takes about an hour with highspeed.

Just to show you the commitment of the people who added (very funny) english subtitles to the film. But nevertheless I think the film will be understandable for english speaking people also.

All the best
Gerhard Wisnewski,

@ Dylan: Gerhard Wisnewski was his name! ;-) Qué claro that this was not easy to recognize!

DHS, I need a PHP script


I need a PHP script that can randomly display quotes, preferably from an xml document.

Here is the current xml format we were using:

If it can do it from a text file, etc. that would work too.

Contact me if you are up for the task!

dz: I've created one that


I've created one that reads from a text file since that was easier for me than parsing the xml...

It's format is :

It parses on the | key...

I can manipulate it any way I want but I figured this is a start.

DHS, sweet, that was quick


sweet, that was quick ;) i will check it out soon.