Sierra Club weighs in on 9/11

Episode 1: 9/11 Forgotten Heroes
Air date: January 12, 2006

The terrorist attack on 9/11 was one of our country's most horrific moments, and the damage continues. Told there were no health hazards in the aftermath, the truth shows there was and many first responders are now afflicted and ignored by our government.

John Feal, Marvin Bathea, Jonathan Sferazo and Mike McCormack want justice. Before September 11, 2001, Feal was a jock and robust construction supervisor, Bathea a life-saving paramedic, McCormick was a decorated emergency medic, and Sferazo was proud steelworker. At ground zero all four of these New Yorkers gave everything they had to the search and rescue effort.

What they were told about the safety conditions at the site and what was the truth are now emerging as two very different tales. The federal government ignored its long-body of knowledge about incineration and demolition. It also ignored the results of four independent studies that contradicted its findings. Were they afraid of mass hysteria? Did they think the rescue effort would not continue if they were honest with New Yorkers? "I have no idea" says Feal. "All I know is that they didn't tell us what was really in the air down there, and now me and my friends are paying the price for their lies."

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Not sure about those links,

Not sure about those links, but it's definitely worth checking out. Go to It's good to see an environmental group moving in the right direction on 9/11. They need a pat on the back. This fits in well with the recent Cop's Lung Death story. Things seem to be popping, and it's only the 10th of Jan. Now is the time. Congrats 911Blogger!

Maybe those links will work.

Maybe those links will work. I got a page of mumbo-jumbo, but it looks like it may be starting up.

the story can now be seen on

the story can now be seen on their website in full.

it is really touching and emotional...and makes me so mad (as if i needed more fuel for the fire that already burns)