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Sunday Jan. 22nd - "Putting 9/11 in Context" by John Judge - ny911truth.org

Presenter: John Judge, current co-director of the 9/11 Research Project, co-founder of 9-11 CitizensWatch, and formerly with the Washington Peace Center
For this presentation John will cover several topics not covered by other 9/11 researchers such as:

  • Historical and political framework of the rise of bin Laden and Al Qaeda and US covert operations here and abroad since WWII
  • The aftermath of 9/11 and the flawed domestic, foreign and intelligence policy recommendations of the 9/11 Commission which do nothing to challenge the direction taken by the Bush administration to date.
  • The nature and purpose of the special operations unit Able Danger that went beyond data mining, and the real nature of the supposed "wall" between intelligence agencies.
  • An in-depth look at the suspects and their stolen identities, the intellectual authorship of the 9/11 Commission Report and the corruption of the investigation by Zelikow and associates, the ignored anthrax attacks a month after 9/11, and the P-56 restricted air space around DC which also failed along with Pentagon defenses on September 11, 2001.

Questioning the War on Terrorism

Speaking Out- For Truth, Peace, and Justice
Sunday, Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday,
January 15, 2006
11 am to 1 pm

Lytton Plaza,
(University x Emerson, Downtown Palo Alto, just a few blocks from the University Ave. Train Station)

Americans and people throughout the world honor the life, words, actions and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. The day is also the anniversary of a March upon Congresswoman Anna Eshoo’s office in 2002 Demanding a Congressional Investigation of 9/11. In 2003, a subsequent March took place- Demanding an End to the 9/11 Cover-Up, Repeal of the Patriot Act, and the Pre-Emptive Impeachment of Bush.
“Truth is the first casualty of war. The official 9-11 story is a lie. Lies are used to sell unjustifiable wars. The PATRIOT Act was anything, but patriotic, and an attack upon the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, dissent. Congress was terrorized and pressured into passing it quickly.

“When we demanded an investigation of 9-11, Bush and Cheney limited the investigation and had it overseen by the CIA and the men, who should have been investigated for their role in the attacks, Goss and Graham. The systemic destruction of evidence and cover-up culminated in the deeply flawed official Report directed by Philip Zelikow, part of the Bush National Security transition team, who co-authored a book with Rice. The Commission ignored, omitted and distorted evidence that didn’t fit within the parameters outlined by the official narrative.
“The “War on Terrorism” is a bogus war, a war of terrorism against all people, a war on truth, a war on freedom, launched by a terrorist attack which has all the fingerprints of a special operation, a Reichstag Fire. 9-11 was one of the false pretexts, lies, used to sell the war on Iraq.

If anyone will be in NYC to record Judge on the 22nd it would be much appreciated!

I'll be at the John Judge

I'll be at the John Judge event for anyone who's interested...

Abiotic Oil Vs. Peak Oil:

can someone explain to me

can someone explain to me why 9/11 Eyewitness refuses to send me a DVD?did they shut down or stop making DVDs or something? i was really looking forward to getting it in the mail, and all i got was a return to sender.

i need Loose Change 2 as

i need Loose Change 2 as well. i gotta see that shit.

LC2E is going strong, not

LC2E is going strong, not sure about 911eyewitness.. i would try to contact the owner of the site.. lemme know if you find out anything..

by return to sender do you mean you mailed a check instead of online payment?

yes,i mailed a check,and it

yes,i mailed a check,and it came back. i was pissed as shit,was looking forward to seeing it.

For failing to cite the most

For failing to cite the most glaring, flagrant omission from the 9-11 Commission Report -- the omission of the government's own lie-revealing Pentagon Video Frames evidence from the government's own report -- in his 149-page "Omission Report", and for his reaction when this was pointed out to him, I've branded John Judge a fact/evidence/thought-concealing, gatekeeping, disinfo agent.

(If you disagree, feel free to enlighten me by explaining how it's OK to hold John Judge to a lower standard than we do our government and media: When the govt omits it, it's an omission, unless John Judge also omits it, and then it's not?)

John Judge (along with Kyle Hence, and David Kubiak, and Jim Hoffman, and 911citizenswatch.org, and 911truth.org, and 911visibility.org, and septembereleventh.org, and deceptiondollar.org, and 911inquiry.org, and whatreallyhappened.org, and wtc7.com, and 911review.com...) does not like to talk about the 9/11 evidence which disproves and calls into question the government's "plane" contentions any more than does the government itself. These agents of disinformation are much less shy, however, about smearing/dismissing/marginalizing 9/11 truth sites which do not "shy away" from considering all the evidence.

Coincidence? I don't think so.

total bullshit. John Judge

total bullshit.

John Judge just has a different opinion than you.

He wants the truth about 911 just like you...

he just received different "facts" and chose to not ignore them.

If anyone is an evil f**k, it is....

u2r2h... blimpy is a shill.

u2r2h... blimpy is a shill. Plain and simple.

You can download loose

You can download loose change 2 and 911 eye witness free here.