Cut to the Chase or Risk Irrelevance: The Plain and Simple Truth of 9/11

Couldn't agree more. The time for debate is long gone, spread the Truth!!! Follow the link to get all the details for each of the points made...

As a full time activist and researcher, it is obvious, from my perspective, that we as a movement still have serious work to do to inform millions of people. The government, media and so-called progressive organizations have resisted even seriously considering the overwhelming evidence of official lies. We still must find a way to break through the silence--and we cannot fail.

The obvious task is to distill the analysis down to simple, powerful messages. Then we must realize that any one of the points is enough to pierce and shatter the official deception of 9/11.
Getting mired in complexity is an unfortunate risk we face. So here is a list of facts, supported by sources, that add up to the plain and simple truth about 9/11.

Steel frame buildings cannot collapse at virtually the speed of gravity, symmetrically, straight down into a relatively small pile of rubble due to fire or any other natural occurrence. Case closed…

Steel cannot remain in a molten state for weeks due to a hydro-carbon fire. Case closed again…

A paper passport cannot survive a plane crashing at 400 miles an hour into a building, survive the collapse of a 110 story tower which pulverized thousands of tons of concrete into fine dust, then be found intact on top of the rubble. Case closed again…

Four commercial airliners cannot get hijacked within minutes of each other, have their transponders shut off, make u-turns in the sky and fly for nearly two hours without being intercepted if air defense protocol is followed. Case closed again…

The multi-trillion dollar US defense/intelligence apparatus cannot receive many years of warnings of terrorist attacks, including specific mention of use of planes being flown into buildings, and attribute the success of the attacks of 9/11 entirely to failure and incompetence. Case closed again…

Arab terrorists who are supposedly plotting to commit such a grand scale operation as the 9/11 attacks don’t exist in this country without making an effort to conceal their identity, nor tell flight instructors they don’t care about learning how to take off or land, unless they feel they’re under protection. Muslim fanatics on a jihad don’t hang out in bars, go to casinos, do drugs, and get lap dances. An official investigation that ignores these facts cannot be taken seriously. Case closed again…

Hani Hanjour, the alleged pilot of Flight 77 who allegedly crashed into the Pentagon--who was reported by his flight instructors to be such a terrible pilot that he couldn’t even fly a Cessna--could not have maneuvered a Boeing 757 to make a 270 degree turn during a 2.5 minute 7,000 foot descent from which it flew into the Pentagon without even touching the lawn. Case closed again…

Osama Bin Laden could not have been the person in the miraculously-found video showing a celebration after the attacks because his face simply doesn’t match many other photos of him, he was writing with the wrong hand, and because the figure in that video was wearing a gold band, which is prohibited in the Muslim faith. Case closed again…

The FDNY is not equipped or trained to “pull” Building 7 in a controlled demolition, as was reported by WTC leaseholder Larry Silverstein. Nor can any building be prepared for such a well-designed demolition in the few hours before Building 7 “fell.” Case closed again…

The removal of the steel debris, which should have been treated as forensic evidence at the scene of a crime, was in itself a criminal act. This act has been inexplicably ignored by the media and 9/11 Commission and is further proof of a massive cover-up. Case closed again…

Key people within the FBI and cabinet positions are not rewarded with promotions for failure to take actions that would have prevented the attacks, as they have been since 9/11. Case closed again…

An official investigation of the attacks cannot be taken seriously when it took 14 months to authorize it, was then underfunded and obstructed, was then staffed only by government insiders who failed to ask hundreds of questions posed by victims’ families and excluded important information provided by whistleblowers, based its whole premise on proving the official story, and allowed the FAA timeline to be changed. Case closed again…

Many notable events in 2005 has put momentum on our side. Now the actual terrorists must be made known and must feel the full weight of the law, and soon. The next three to six months will be crucial, and with myriad scandals swirling in Washington, DC, including the recent uproar concerning domestic spying, the time has never been more ripe. Let's seize the day!

great summation of points to

great summation of points to hit.

Damn right!! Spread this!!!

Damn right!! Spread this!!!

The "information problem"

The "information problem" goes far beyond 911. I have recently posted a proposal for replacing our current media with a new, sustainable media that facilitates the selection of "filtering agents". You can think of these as honest gatekeepers that YOU trust - and that keep out trivial information, rather than very important information that groups with economic and other hidden agendas prefer to hide from you.

The thread is entitled: "Putting the NY Times Out of Business"
The thread is subtitled: "Proposal to replace ALL corrupt media"




set up a server with NEWS in a
READY-TO-PRINT file format,
automatically filling columns,
and make free neighborhood newspapers.

open low power FM stations, and
broadcast RADIO4ALL.NET

make VCD (yes standard old 60minute CDs)
and label them: COPY ME.
VCD are easy to copy.
or self-booting EMOVIX .. you can
fit 20 hours of films on them
(240x192 XVID 100kbit + 22kbit sound)
in TV-watchable quality.

create Flyers and release them in
trains and busses.

Stickers on lamp-posts.

will give the impression that the
official news is one-sided, as is.

Thanks. These are (at least

Thanks. These are (at least mostly) cool, but I made a point of sketching out a business model. People can only give away so much of their time, energy, and money for free. Beyond that point, being too altruistic interferes with their ability to feed their family, AND their ability to maximize their efforts at disseminating the truth.

We ultimately need to create an honest media with excellent production values that families can sit down and watch together on their TV's. Anything less ambitious will leave in place the current crap streaming out of the "one-eyed-monster" directly into the brains of the public.