The World Can't Wait - Action Item

On Jan. 31st a group called The World Can't Wait will be holding protests across the country calling for the removal of the 'Bush Regime'. You can find a list of their local events on the 31st here.

One of the best ways to spread the word is to attend these other events that are held by others like 9/11 activists who know it is imperative that the Bush administration be removed, investigated, and tried in a court of law. This event (and prior Iraq war vigils) are primo places to hand out flyers, flyer cars, or hand out DVDs.

If your looking to spread the word of 9/11 truth and meet some like minded people in your area, this event may be right up your ally, plus they are doing a good bit of advertising on Air America, which should help a bit too.

p.s. While has several articles which say 'since 9/11' and 'after 9/11', I don't see any that actually question the events of 9/11 itself. Perhaps showing up and informing the organizers of these events, or passing out some books to them, will help them look a bit closer at the event that spawned everything they are against.

World Can't Wait does have

World Can't Wait does have ties to the Revolutionary Communist Party, but participants in last November's demonstrations included just about every group you can imagine, all united to drive out the Bush Regime ... Howard Zinn, Code Pink, Critical Mass, various Iraq War veteran's groups, I can't begin to name them all. I'm sure you can find the list on their website. (One of the larger Truth groups might want to consider an official endorsement, and probably see 9/11 Truth in their promotional materials) Students were also in large presence. Bianca Jagger spoke in L.A. and Rickie Lee Jones performed. Cindy Sheehan's sister was also there. I have met with some of the members and organizers. There is an awareness of the 9/11 Truth Movement and a few Truthers among them. (Yes, 9/11 is the key, as far as I'm concerned) In any case, they seem to be quite open to including one and all. More bodies on the streets is what they want (breathing ones). Bring your sign, flyers, DVDs, Deception Dollars. This is the night of the State of the Union address. The actions in L.A. are to include a march to CNN. The call will be: Bush Step Down.

Just a thought: Go to

Just a thought: Go to and order the Stop The 9/11 Cover-Up signs for about 80 cents ea. You will probably get them by Jan. 31. They mount nicely on foam board with staples, and add a stick if you want.

Typical even the so called

Typical even the so called activist left wing side like this group completely ignores the alarming 9/11 questions and subject.

There's a new theatrical 9/11 documentary coming out called On Native Soil. The tagline is just too much:
"You've never been told what really happened...until now", but from all synopsis this documentary tows more of the official story than even Fahrenheit 9/11.

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