Controlled Demolition Inc. and the Hudson Department Store

Thanks to Rebel Patriot for sending this in, I can't get the video of the collapse of the J.L. Hudson building to work on my machine, but maybe someone else can get it to work:

In 1998, Controlled Demolition, Inc. brought down through implosion the JL Hudson Department store building in Detroit, MI.

It was a world record blast for CDI, but there was damage to the nearby People Mover rail system, as steel beams were shot out over 50ft onto the tracks. The damage claimed to the insurance of CDI, Inc. was nearly $4 million. Please view the links below, and the images of the demolition damage to the tracks. Compare the damage witnessed at the Hudson Demolition, to the WTC damage of ejected steel columns, view the 9/11 Eyewitness video clip of the ballistic path of the debris from the Twin Towers collapse:

Hudson Building, steel column ejected from demolition on the track of the Detroit People Mover railway system. $4 Million in damage.

Hudson debris is like volcanic ash:
“Look at the dust. It's like volcanic ash," Barbara Sutton told her husband Don yesterday. The couple from Macomb County's Washington Township watched the blast on television Saturday and decided to see the remains themselves the next day.”

Looked like a bomb went off:
“It looks like a bomb has hit. It's just unbelievable that that big building is down. It was awesome, awesome," said Paul Johnson of Detroit, who as a member of the demolition crew walked around the building's remains shortly after the blast.”

Jennifer Dixon Detroit Free Press 25 Oct. 1998

Railway damaged:
“In the aftermath, a handful of shattered windows could be seen in the buildings facing Hudson's along Woodward. Debris and several steel beams rested across the People Mover concrete track.
The track curved within 10 to 12 feet of the store's block-long facade. City officials and Jim Santoro, senior project manager for Controlled Demolition Inc., a part of the demolition team, said the damage was cosmetic.”

8 Concrete-filled steel columns landed on the track, 50 ft. away from the building:
Snel, Alan “Neighbors wary of Kingdom demolition.” Seattle Post-Intelligencer
“But when Hudson's fell, eight concrete-filled steel columns collapsed outward, falling across the People Mover, said Albert Martin, director of the Detroit Department of Transportation. The damaged monorail was about 50 feet from the old 28-floor store -- until the explosives went off, Martin said.”

Photos of damage to Detroit’s People Mover light-rail:

The video is not the video

The video is not the video of the Hudson Dept Store demolition but video of the WTC explosive demolition. The video clip comes from the video 911Eyewitness if I am not mistaken.

Hey DZ why isn't LooseChange2 displayed prominently on the site? You've got the videos of Dylan interview with channel four. But not their video?? Curious why that is after you gave such a wonderful review as was warranted and considering that the opening credits clearly state that we are encourage to distribute it on the internet. Yet you have the 911eyewitness taking up space which is a very poorly done though still a good resource video. I think it is fair to say it pales in comparison to LC2 and why no link to loosechange911 on the home page of blogger with all the other sites??? This is very puzzling to me.

maybe dz is a government

maybe dz is a government agent.

Maybe DZ's web site has been

Maybe DZ's web site has been taken control of by the government. Does it make any sense that he would give such a great review of LC2 and then not post it on the site?

Hey SS, I meant the video at

Hey SS, I meant the video at this link:

Supposedly its of the demolition, but it won't play for me.

Well, that page won't even

Well, that page won't even load for me.

I found this one on the

I found this one on the Controlled Demolition site...

direct video link (mpg):

I'm not sure if this is the same video that's in the dead link.

i can't afford to host LC2E

i can't afford to host LC2E in full given its size and the # of ppl who would want it.. (same reason we don't host any other full length movies) but i do need to add his link to the side panel, ill do that this evening.