Approaching 9/11 - User Submission From Damien Haining

The challenge of 9/11 is to penetrate public consciousness. It's all very well for aficionados to speak about Cleveland Airport, Flight 11 passenger gates and radar blind spots but the challenge is to express the legitimate concerns that arise over 9/11 to a public that has 'swallowed the blue pill' and finds it easier to remain disengaged. We need to give people reasons why they should open their minds to consider the matters of 9/11.

When a disheveled maniac pounces on you in the street and breathlessly asks you "Has Jesus saved you?" you're instinct is to walk. Particularly if you can be ostracized or lose your job just for being seen with them. It's the same with 9/11. It has to be made approachable for people - because they are frightened and don't understand the evidence. And that means 9/11 skeptics have to meet members of the public at their level and lead them to modify those beliefs in a reasonable way rather than beat them about the head with their own judgments.

Many members of the public are aware that 9/11 conspiracy claims exist. They are less aware of the evidence contradictions of 9/11 and so have trouble seeing how they can assess the conspiracy claims.

(1) We need to remind them that 9/11 was a crime - with no investigation! Before we tell people our pet theories we need them to understand that the whole deal has been swept under the rug. We need to convey to people that they have been betrayed in their reasonable expectation that their government would conduct a proper investigation.

Here we could mention some features of the 9/11 Commission:

  • It was forbidden to investigate 9/11 - only to investigate how to forestall a repeat of it.
  • It was forbidden to examine anything about the war games that paralyzed military responses.
  • It was forbidden to examine the plane 'black boxes' - their existence was concealed from them.
  • It was forbidden to examine any intelligence agency reports to the Bush Administration made prior to 9/11.
  • It was forbidden to examine any aspect of the financing of the 9/11 terrorists.
  • It was forbidden to examine 9/11 terrorists support networks within the US (a la Huffman Aviation)
  • The 9/11 Commissioners were specifically chosen because of conflicts of interest that would limit their investigative zeal.

We need to get this through to people first: You have never had a proper 9/11 Inquiry. Your belief that you have had a real 9/11 Inquiry is a deception foisted on you by your own government. You deserve better. If this principle is accepted then members of the public may feel more comfortable in dealing with the evidence itself.

(2) We need to remind people that what they know of 9/11 has come to them from their government in a debased setting of which the 9/11 Commission mandate was only one small part:

  • Evidence concealed: flight recorders
  • Evidence embargoed: various videos of the Pentagon attack kept from the 9/11 Commission and the public
  • Evidence discarded: the hurried removal of the steel at the WTC.
  • Evidence unreported: the testimony of Sibel Edmonds on terrorist financing.
  • Evidence downplayed: fire chiefs who did not believe the fires were sufficient to bring down the towers.
  • Witnesses intimidated: ordered by FBI and Intelligence officials not to discuss their experiences publicly.
  • Standard FAA and military investigations that should have taken place following 9/11 but did not.
  • Public discussion stifled by the Bush administration on alleged security grounds.
  • Uncritical and compliant media reporting: on the identity of the hijackers and the official 9/11 explanation.

(3) It may help people feel more comfortable about examining 9/11 if strong evidence contradictions can be placed before them at this stage:

  • The Osama bin Laden fake confession video (have the comparative photos and a link to the original CNN website)
  • Mahommed Atta, Islamic suicide warrior, had a stripper girlfriend, used cocaine and liked pork chops (Hopsicker)
  • He stayed at a drug-trafficking flight centre whose activities were never examined by the 9/11 Commission.
  • The evidence is more in favor of controlled demolitions at the WTC than collapses (Prof. Steven Jones)
  • The penetration of six walls [3 rings] at the Pentagon was consistent with a missile, not the nosecone of a Boeing.
  • Fighters that normally intercepted wayward aircraft after June 2001 needed Secretary Rumsfeld's approval.
  • The debris of Flight 93 was spread over six miles supporting claims its was shot down.
  • Senator Bob Graham, on The Lehrer Hour, admitted another nation was involved (Pakistan)
  • Why did Gen. Ahmad, Head of Pakistani Military Intelligence, pay $100,000 into Mohammed Atta's account?

The above list is not meant to be exhaustive, merely a means of arousing doubt about the official explanation. I believe people should steer clear of more contentious evidence contradictions (eg. pods attacked to the planes) not because these things may not be true, but because they distract from more obvious contradictions that are (a) generally easier to assess, and (b) don't rely on complex conspiracies involving high technology or extensive, active military participation in 9/11. Again, these aspects may well be completely true. They are just harder to prove and hence more easily dismissed. In the same spirit I believe the Pentagon attack is not an ideal issue for promoting 9/11 awareness because of the conflict between the physical evidence and the witness statements. The fact that the alleged 9/11 terrorists got visas they shouldn't have, or stayed at a drug trafficking flight school, is more appealing to me. Others would disagree.

(4) Having aroused the person's interest it is important they have access to the key issues of 911: evidence issues, people, terminology. They should not have to wade through sites about lizards, extra-terrestials and illuminati. If you have sold them on the idea that they deserve a decent investigation of 9/11 then it's an insult to them to present reports from psychics, or highly politicized web sites (The Israelis appear to have been aware of 9/11 going down; they may have even had a hand in it. That's no reason why unsuspecting Joe Public should have to be forced to adopt that theory in order to make their own assessment of 9/11 discrepancies).

Really, what's going on here is that Joe Public wants to get their head around the 9/11 issues. We should make it easy for them to do so by presenting materials in the following hierarchy:

  • 9/11 For Dummies: a simple explanation of the 9/11 events from an evidentiary point of view, with no theories attached, just present the known evidence.
  • a data base of key video downloads about 9/11 (This really is the way to open up public awareness).
  • key terminology listing (War Games, Mascal, Put Trades, Hufmann Aviation, Sibel Edmonds, Kean Commission, etc). I estimate about 60- 120 items in this list. Some of these would have a simple explanation (MASCAL), others (Sibel Edmonds) having associated with them 10 or so good web article summaries about that topic together with associated web links to the original articles. This is important because people need to get a background on key 9/11 issues in an easy way.
  • a brief listing of various explanations of 9/11 - conspiracy theories - with links to their proponent web sites.
  • further 911 web links
  • further 911 video/audio resources.

(The hierarchy of information I have just outlined is in respect of website development. But I believe there is considerable merit in developing a video along the lines of points (1) - (4)).

(5) Encourage Joe Public to promote 9/11 awareness by various means as a natural entitlement, pursuing accountability from government where crimes have been committed.

In summarizing these steps we should be using the following marketing strategy:

(1) 9/11 was a crime - with no proper investigation.

(2) What investigation of 9/11 did take place was conducted in a debased political setting, ignoring established criminal investigation procedures.

(3) In the light of this people should feel comfortable examining strong evidence contradictions regarding the events of 9/11 (give examples of these)

(4) With an increased interest in 9/11, members of the public should be able to access background briefings on 9/11 issues in an approachable format according to the hierarchy of materials outlined above. Particular emphasis should be placed on video resources.

In this context there needs to be a clear distinction drawn between known facts and attempted explanations of those facts (so people get to choose the theory that best fits their personal judgment on the facts available).

(5) Lastly, the presentation of the materials should be so intellectually coherent and non-judgmental that the person will feel comfortable recommending the website and its resources to their friends.

It's one thing to hold strong views on 9/11. It's another matter altogether to convince people to hear your views. For that to take place there has to be a demonstrated commitment to the good sense of the other person and a confidence that we can place the facts before them in such a way that they will form fair-minded conclusions of their own - and spread those ideas to others.

This article is very level

This article is very level headed, and is pretty close to how I personally handle discussing 9/11 with people I meet. However, I do not hesitate to honestly and firmly state my opinion on an issue if asked, but if given the chance a somewhat less extreme method tends to work best for me..

Check out the article, post some comments, but please be civil if you disagree with any points, this is a fellow user of the site, and I appreciate his work putting this together.

this is a great article,

this is a great article, well-though out and professionally written.

thank you.

For the ones who know the

For the ones who know the 9-11 facts
we may need to run for public office,
i'm doing it (more on that later),
or help people who's platform is the 9-11 truth!
DVD's are the best way to convience people that 9-11 was an inside job.
it may cost 50 cents to produce and hand takes about 10 minutes to do. hand them out like candy and ask them to share it with others and make sure you give them your contack information just in case they need another i said this before,
to anybody who can copy a DVD, be sure to hand out at least I 9-11 DVD a day,365 of them,
ps who cares how many skelatons we may have in our own closet, it pales to jesse (tvnewslies) would say....think about that

I think the basic thing to

I think the basic thing to submit or tell people is by, even sarkily saying, that the government is coveruping up the truth of 9/11. I mean we already have prominent senators and former intelligence on mainstream news saying its a whether ya walk away with that menaing preintel, lihop or mihop is up to the individual.

Heres what we need. The

Heres what we need. The ultimate 911 video(dvd) that fires all our ammunition at the controlled demolition issue. The video could be wrapped up with 20-30 minutes of rapid fire look at this, what about this, and this, and this,etc. The main topic should pound in great detail the explosive issue with all the great stuff out there in bits and pieces but not available on one presentation. Then we need to make these dvds available in quantity at cut rate prices for those of us who are willing to spend some of our own cash and give them out. $3 each is not cut rate for anyone looking to just give these out everyday. In great quantities cost and shipping is not that expensive. Im sure it could be done for $100 for 100 dvds if someone with the loot could get it going and keep it going. We could then let people know if they find the evidence compelling heres where they can get the dvds and return the effort themselves towarding wakeing people up. I still need to see Loose Change 2. I am hopeing the forthcomeing David Ray Griffin dvd could be the one I am waiting for. I think the proper tools need to be made available at the lowest cost possible. 100 dvds could probabley be burned and shipped for $50-ish maybe. All I know is once you prove the controlled demo to someone its case closed reguarding inside job. If you get them there and they dont want to learn more on their own theres nothing more you can do with that individual. You cant make people care.

Hello, I have been working


I have been working on a web resource along the lines of that which Damien Haining describes.

(australian site)

I actually wrote an article called 9/11 for Dummies, which you can read on the website.

I strongly agree with the whole thrust of Damien's article. I liked it so much I put it on my site.

Great work!


A VCD could fit 30 minutes

A VCD could fit 30 minutes without a problem, so you can sell it for a buck (or even 50 cents if you buy the 100 pack of CDRs)...

I also wanted to make a shirt that says:

"I suffer from a Military-Industrial Complex."

And whoever does these shirts is charging too much I think... I did network/pc work for a t-shirt/graphics company and I bet I can get you better rates...

let me know...

and DZ what do you want me to do with this QUOTES php thing?

Speaking of t-shirt ideas.

Speaking of t-shirt ideas. #1- "ONLY THE TRUTH WILL SUPPORT OUR TROOPS" (with 911blogger logo) #2-"AMERICA DOESNT NEED THE PATRIOT ACT " (front) "AMERICA NEEDS PATRIOTS TO ACT"(with 911blogger logo)(back) #3-yellow ribbon "SUPPORT THE TRUTH!" (with 911blogger logo) #4-"WANTED:911 TRUTH "(front)"WHAT REALLY HAPPENED?" (with 911blogger logo)(back)

If you like those t-shirt

If you like those t-shirt ideas they are mine. If not Im lying (kidding). My name gets dropped off that ID sometimes.(?)

anonymous, great


great suggestions.. we need to add new shirts (i have worn my white logo shirt out!) so i will get on these soon.. plz email me via the links on the left so i dont loose track of the shirt ideas.


this weekend i will have my first chance to check it out, ill email you once i have a look :)

Thanks dz. Will do this

Thanks dz. Will do this weekend. Might have a few more. Much love to you and your crew!

Love the shirt concepts they

Love the shirt concepts they are all really good. I think bumper stickers would be a nice addition as well.

My friend and I recently

My friend and I recently started a geek culture/satire/gamer online shirt store, and I'm thinking of interjecting some hot button political shirts, including
perhaps a 9/11 truth shirt. Shirts are always a great idea. If ya can mix 9/11 truth, or anything anti big brother/corrupt corporation/new world order but in a satiracle manner it gets the message out loud and clear.

since joe public does not

since joe public does not WANT to spend the time .. listening TO THAT SHIT ... all you nice talk is useless, even the BEST TALK is counterproductive...


find ONE PICTURE, or ONE SOUNDCLIP, or ONE SENTENCE that yous all can agree upon is the SILVER BULLET ...

maybe ONE FLYER... maximum ONE page in large letters and photos...

and then MANY VCDs... because joe public will spend endless hours watching bullshit and fascinating 911
stories on TV... if he can do it alone,
at home and un-observed.

I recommend KEN JENKINS

We might also consider viral

We might also consider viral marketing as a tool as well (think the Wedding Crashers online trailer and the Bush-Kerry election song animation). Something short 2-3 minutes, animated in Flash, that uses comedy (rather than doom & gloom) to peak curiosity (think of the viewer's reaction being "this is ridiculous, could this be true?") and encourage the forwarding of the URL to friends and family.

A payoff link at the end of the animation could point to a site that contains just the info that Damien laid out here.


That Illuminazi

That Illuminazi "documentary" is exactly the kind of cheap cable access sham that makes peopel go 'yep, look at thos elunatic fringe conspiracists'. Yeah I agree America's been hijacked by a bunch of thugs who has more a sworn allegiance to secret society like agendas than to the people, and who needed 9/11 to happen. But my gosh, how many cheesey "9/11 docs" are out there? There needs to be more slick and entertaining docs like Loose Change Second Edition out there. Also, where are the rest of the populace speaking out against the 9/11 coverup? It cant all be middle aged white professors and undergroudn hip hip artists. It seems the Arab and Muslim community would be really pissed their entire race and religion has been used in a Reichstag like scapegoating by the Bush regime.

Hey Damien, cause I'm the

Hey Damien,

cause I'm the guy detecting the Cleveland Airport and Flight 11 gate discrepancies, I assume that you have basically me in mind when talking about "aficionados", "disheveled maniacs", and people beating other people "with their own judgement" and their "pet theories".

I never ever have forced anyone to read my stuff; it's there for you to make up your mind and to understand the attacks better; it might be stuff for the "advanced" 911 skeptic and not for the beginner, but this doesn't mean it is my own biased "judgement" or "pet theory".

In fact, The Cleveland Airport Mystery is very real, and even approachable for beginners, particularly for Clevelanders.


Bush Authorized Wiretaps

Woody, do you have a site

Woody, do you have a site with more info about Cleveland on 9/11? ive read a little about it and was very interested.

a few points. Anyone seen

a few points.

Anyone seen KEN JENKINS 911-video?

1) I bet nobody has.

its very good, as it puts 911 in context, .. with JFK and Tonkin etc.

2) In a world of artificial HEROES, and FIGUREHEADS and the personafication (and hence de-reality-fication) of EVERYTHING.. it would be useful to find out


Name the Names. After thats been done, Hard to ignore, easy to focus.

So far, we have only hints:

I thought of it independently.
Tarpley says it: PRIVATE OPERATORS, he names George Shultz as "their spokesperson" and they have the nuke-codes and were able to threaten BUSH admin with MAD-MAN scenario, all they cared about was artificial CHRISTIAN-vs-MUSLIM thing to create a "KNOWN ENVIRONMENT" which they can rule by force... tell friend-from-foe by the pure logic of WHO IS NOT WITH ME IS AGAINST ME... the opposite of Jesus in the Bible: "Who is not against me, is with me" ... the ANTICHRIST therefore [ (c) u2r2h ]

oops, ranting...


WHO DID 911 ???

Look, the richest man on earth KNEW that something would happen, unpredictably, even NUKE war.. so he was at SAC in Nebraska (Buffett Offutt!) for safety.. and Bush came too.

Tarpley says BUSH - PUTIN call most important, as PUTIN gave in (flexible=stronger) and the WHOEVER_DID_911 people had less power therefore... hmmm

there are other possibilities:

presupposing that 911 was a TRICK that cannot be repeated (767/757 remote control codes now changed!) and lets say the 767 MAY NOT HAVE BEEN U.S.A.-flown/steered ... Israel and their knowledge of COMPUTER CODES thanks to their super-spy Pollard,

(Navy intelligence employee in the Naval Anti-Terrorist Alert Center)

(naval intelligence ONI the oldest and BLOODIEST/DIRTY-TRICK of all US spooks)

OK.. so maybe it WAS NOT remote-control from israel... hijacking the hijacking-exercise.

the fact that so many people KNEW it was going to happen, means it was a pure USA operation. In that case there is ONE PERSON who MUST HAVE KNOWN: Henry Shelton.

And who gave Henry the orders?

The private bankers, the finance-mafia, the oligarchs?


they have names.

please everyone, name a few, and tell us why.

@ pnac owns

thanks sitting bull.

thanks sitting bull.

Hi Woody, nice to hear from

Hi Woody, nice to hear from you. I am Damien Haining who wrote the article and I would like to assure you that "aficionados" and "disheveled maniacs" DON'T go together.

I am not aware of your deep interest in Cleverland Airport but I am deeply thankful that you, and others, have taken the time and trouble to explore these ideas. I certainly find the Cleverland Airport issue very interesting and worth discussing with members of the public who may feel comfortable talking about it.

No criticism of ANY 9/11 researcher is intended by my article. As far as I am concerned EVERY person who speaks about 9/11 lies deserves a gold star and a big cheer. (And that includes you!)

Rense, Hopsicker, FromTheWiderness, WhatReallyHappened....everybody...are heroes to me.

So keep up the great work.

My concerns are that:

(a) some features of 9/11 material can be more approachable to the general public than others, some aspects may be more contentious, less verifiable, less central etc. It's all a question of judgement about what we say to people. I only ask that - in a setting where there are many theories - that we keep our pet theories on a leash and try to let the public have a broad view of 9/11 concerns.

(b) As is evident from the comments provided above, many people have correctly twigged that ideas take a complete back seat to visuals and that T-shirts, videos, buttons and simple visuals have the biggest success rate in getting people to think about 9/11. u2r2h got it right on that one.

(c) There is an absolute crying need for first class video productions that we can wack on CDs-DVDs in large numbers. The right video can rip the mask off 9/11 and get the public onside. Anyone know any good video producers?

(d) AFTER we have got people's attention to our visuals they may wish to speak with us. Here we can blow it by appearing as dishevilled loonies or we can make our best effort to appear as reasonable promoters of fair questions about 9/11. I wrote the article to highlight what can be said in this setting.

(e) Keep in mind that mainstream films supporting the official 9/11 line are coming out this year so disinformation is going to be very high regardless.

(f) Also, I have found that columnists and mainstream media are a dead loss. They don't want to know. But ordinary people are receptive and they're out there in large numbers if we wish to get to them.

Personally, the one aspect of 9/11 that let's me get through to people are photos from the fake Bin Laden confession video. It's the only thing that gets people thinking.

Best wishes, Woody. And to everyone else at 9/11 blogger.

Cheers - Damien

German website

German website arbeiterfotografie has the best documentary about faky Osama so far. In german, unfortunately.
Such a site is needed in english, but missing.

I saw my name twice on this

I saw my name twice on this list so I thought I would jump in. Thanks for the positive words about my video "Perspective on 9/11" I also now produce the David Ray Griffin DVD's and have a new, short, inexpensive one,
which, when combined with this new card at
make up an "activist kit". The card was subjected to LOTS of peer review before it was printed.
I think there are many great ideas presented in this blog. How to tell the 9/11 story in a way folks can hear and understand it is the challenge we all face. Keep up the great work!

I can here via a link of

I can here via a link of Damien's in after he said (there) that (in 3 chunks):

> Any person who talks to the public about holograms, atomic explosives or even pods attached to planes is almost guaranteeing that the real questions of 9/11 will NEVER be asked or answered at a public level.

Well, that strikes me as highly presumptive statement, given that we do not know for a fact that holograms, plasma (the only form of energy which easily connects all of the otherwise-impossible-to-connect dots regarding the mysterious WTC evidence) weapons, and mirage-planes with bulges were not utilized in the 9/11 attacks against We The People. So how do we know that those are not among the real questions?

IMHO, if the general public ever learned that U.S. secret weapons systems were utilized in the "terrorist" attacks, that might just be (the only thing that is) sufficient to get We The People up off our couches in sufficient quantities to ever make a positive difference. (Which would explain why the perpetrator-aiding disinformationists would want to socially steer us away from going in that direction.)

But, of course, if we willfully/fearfully avoid going down that road, then we'll never know... In the meantime, 911truthers holding one another back over fears of unproven fears has proven consequences.

> It simply is irrelevant whether or not these facts are true.

I'd like to dismiss that as a gross exaggeration. It is hardly irrelevant to what degree We The People were deceived on 9/11, and some/many/most of us still very much want to know.

> There are sufficient UNCOMPLICATED objections to the official 9/11 explanation that can be pursued in order to get the public onside.

And that is precisely the theme of the very concise, highly incisive web site WWW.911BLIMP.NET. Still, the large, self-sustaining, cloistered ring of limited-hangout disinfo sites (911truth, 911visibility, 911inquiry, septembereleventh, 911citizenswatch, deceptiondollar, communitycurrency, oilempire, etc etc etc etc etc etc) which constitute the majority of the wwweb presence of the compromised 911 truth mvmt will not link to, apparently because it is not averse to many of the thoughts that those "gatekeepers" are working so hard to keep from ever entering most people's minds. (And once one sets out to suppress certain evidence and thoughts, one must be very careful about linking to a site which links to a site which links to a site which mentions a forbidden thought...)