Great KPFA interview with Tarpley

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Part 1
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Great cure for cognitive

Great cure for cognitive dissonance. I feel so much better now that things make sense.

I'm not familiar with

I'm not familiar with Tarpley, although I've heard his name. Seems to know alot about the inner workings of the government.

Tarply's most famous book so

Tarply's most famous book so far was "Geroge Bush- The Unauthorized Biography"

Interesting, I'm well into

Interesting, I'm well into the second hour, and he is discussing peak oil. You know what I like about this guy? Two things:

First, he talks doom and gloom about the economy, but then he states a possible solution. This is what we need to do to solve this...

Second, he doesn't claim to know everything like others do. He says "This is what I think is happening or is what is gonna happen".

Anyway, its a refreshing change from the usual.

I agree - Condi Liar Rice is

I agree - Condi Liar Rice is trying to get the world to gang up on Iran today and its playing out just like Tarpley said it would.

i just picked up his book on

i just picked up his book on 9/11 yesterday, so far i love it.

somebigguy:No disrespect but

somebigguy:No disrespect but Im shocked you are not already familiar with Tarpley and his work. I dont think there is anyone who cant learn something from him. I first learned of him in 2004 watching vids on (in addition to Griffin, Hoffman, etc).

Hey Jaybird, I've heard his

Hey Jaybird, I've heard his name here or there, but have never seen his work till now.

I like his approach, he's got a cool, calm demeanor and really gets his point across. I'll definitely be checking his work out in the future.

This interview is actually

This interview is actually from April 05. I was all excited until I figured out I heard it monthes ago. I actually put a plug in on this site monthes ago (comment section) for this interview as well as lots of other killer interviews reguarding 911 truth. They are on Killer radio archive people! Now crack that Red Bull(remember?).

direct download

direct download 10megs

part two


Yeah, Tarpley is essential

Yeah, Tarpley is essential when it comes to 9/11, and I'm somewhat surprised that people here, of all places, seem to be just discovering him. I heard the Guns and Butter interviews back in April or May.

To me, the great essential point he makes is that 9/11 was the work - meaning, the direct action, apart from the work of the moles and patsies, which he explains in the interview - of the same circles of operators responsible for CIA covert ops and assassinations, including Kennedy, the covert wars and so forth. The CIA used to do these things directly, but many of these functions have been privatized since Reagan's executive order 12333 - I believe that's the number - and we can see this crowd of mercenaries, ex-special forces guys, etc., at work in Iraq too: Blackwater, Dyncorp, and all the rest.

I don't mind bragging that I got to meet Webster very briefly here in Madrid in May when he was here on the Jimmy Walter tour of Europe, and that a copy of 9/11: Synthetic Terror was a gift from the man himself.

Here are transcripts of that

Here are transcripts of that KPFA interview...

Part 1

Part 2

Tarply,s "The Man!"

Tarply,s "The Man!"

Webster, tell us the NAMES!


tell us the NAMES!