Don't blame Osama; U.S. caused 9/11 attacks - Letter to the Editor

Don't blame Osama; U.S. caused 9/11 attacks -

In studying the truth about the 9/11 attacks, I have uncovered very horrifying and disturbing facts. Most Americans do not accept these as facts. They, along with the media, call us "conspiracy theorists" and label us as left-wing, liberal, and most of all, unAmerican. There are many anomalies that lead one to theorize, but there are far more facts about 9/11 that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that there was complicity in the 9/11 attacks by our own government and the Bush administration.

In a very disturbing and revealing book called "The New Pearl Harbor," author and theologian David Ray Griffin brilliantly provides evidence of involvement in the 9/11 attacks by high levels of our government and their success in extinguishing any real investigations or answering tough questions.

To recap the evidence, Griffin includes a summary of facts at the end of his book that people must accept if they accept the official account of 9/11. Here are the strongest ones:

1. The failure of standard operating procedures to intercept flights 11, 175 and 77.

2. The fact that the orders to scramble jet fighters to intercept flights 11, 175 and 77 went to more distant Air Force bases instead of the closest ones.

3. The fact that in New York on 9/11, three steel-framed high-rise buildings, for the first time in history, collapsed because of fires - quite localized fires at that, especially in the South Tower and Building 7.

4. Larry Silverstein's (owner of the World Trade Center) statement the he and the fire department decide to "pull" WTC-7, combined with evidence the fire department had prior knowledge of its collapse, despite the lack of evidence indicating imminent collapse.

5. The quick removal of the steel from all three buildings, especially WTC-7, where there were no victims - before it could be examined.

6. The fact that photographic evidence shows that the hole created in the Pentagon was much smaller than a hole created by a Boeing 757 would be.

7. The fact that any nonmilitary plane, not having a transponder sending out a "friendly" signal, would have been automatically shot down by the Pentagon's battery of missiles.

8. The fact that Bush and his entourage, including his Secret Service detail, showed no sign of fear that they would be attacked while in Florida. Even assuming the official account is true, they would not have known if the school itself was a target, hence putting the lives of children and school staff in danger.

9. The fact that no punishment or reprimand was ever given to any agency like the FAA, FBI, CIA, DIA, NSA, the White House, NORAD or the Pentagon for the incompetence these agencies admitted, yet whistleblowers like Sible Edmunds and Julie Sirrs were fired/demoted.

10. The immediate confiscation (within minutes) by the FBI of surveillance videos from a nearby gas station and hotel that would have captured what really hit the Pentagon. Still, we have not seen these videos.

These facts barely scratch the surface of the many disturbing truths of 9/11.

The media won't report it and most Americans don't accept it, in my opinion because of fear of it taking us to "places we don't want to go." Go buy Griffin's book and please, America, wake up and don't just stand by and watch these people get away with the crime of the century.

If anyone wants to get involved in the 9/11 truth movement, please write letters to the editor backing the idea.

L. Simons

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I dont think the people will

I dont think the people will ever wake-up on this one. The 9/11 truth will become exactly what the puppeteers want it to be and that is of course, HIDDEN from plain sight becuase people don't want to know the truth because they can't handle the truth. Period. End of story. I am so disgusted by the US government. I finally had to just leave the country! (of course it was not only my disgust for the US government...)

Right on Simon! Keep talking

Right on Simon! Keep talking right over the top of them. The truth will set us free!

After watching the Naudet

After watching the Naudet video again, I heard the same sound of an explosion prior to the North Tower collapse like in 911eyewitness, but very, very slightly.

And I want to bring up another item: Just a few seconds after the one Naudet hide behind a van because of the debris, it's very clearly to see, that the light debris turns towards the North Tower. In a case of explosion this is just impossible.

I wonder if someone else had noticed that scary stuff.

Lots of dumbasses over there

Lots of dumbasses over there eh! There is always one, no matter where you go. Funney huh?

I can only see one, the

I can only see one, the tweddle.

But in general your right. Everytime Mathias Bröckers wrote something about 9/11 on, you can bet that within seconds the first dumb ass post a comment.

I wonder for a long time how they can handle this so fast. I watch for his site quite often, and even this brought me late to post a serious comment many times.

You guys are funny.

You guys are funny.

It's more fun to be

It's more fun to be funny.

The Tweddle theme-song:

Hey Sitting-Bull, you know

Hey Sitting-Bull, you know how they monitor all Internet communication. "They" know when something of importance is posted long before we ever do.

Its just amazing, they always have the exact same tactics.

"it's very clearly to see,

"it's very clearly to see, that the light debris turns towards the North Tower. In a case of explosion this is just impossible"

Sitting-Bull, could you explain what you meant by that?


that review is quite

that review is quite suspicious.

I've seen Free market news with opinions that question the official story before.

OK, the book review was written by the state wonder.

i ain't paying taxes for my government to do book reviews. WTF?

I'm just shocked to see even

I'm just shocked to see even the strongest Bush haters, democrats, and anti war people ignoring or laughing at 9/11 as a coverup or the notion we're not being told the truth. Which makes me realize, democrats and repubs=the same damn thing. Sheeple dressed in different clothes.

@ VESA: There were some


There were some papers and other fine debris from the collapse of the South Tower all over the street.

Naudet says: Chief Pfeifer throws over him from behind, behind a van, the camera lays on the ground, and then you can see that the papers and dust and others tiny pieces of debris turn towards the WTC for a few seconds, before the dust-wave from the North Tower came to him.

That's a clear hint for implosion.