Gore's Speech From Today

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Watch the highlights clip and replace the wiretap controversy with 9/11, and you'll see what many of us dream for today on Martin Luther King day.

Damn, a glorious speach I

Damn, a glorious speach I might say. The part about Cheney and 9/11 was kind of funny, as I was thinking 'if he only knew the rabbit hole goes much deeper'.

You know, I have trouble with Alex Jones and others vision of every politician being some "puppet for the new world order illuminati". Clearly, the neocon thugs who have hijacked America definately want no part of Al Gore or Howard Dean.

I do think nefarious wills lies closer with the Republicans, as much as I tend to see both parties as one and in the same ultimately. It's the total hypocracy that is sad. You have these big with republicans that love to go to Bohemian Grove and get serviced by gay prostitutes, but they arent for AIDS research or gay rights. Ya have all these Republicans so anti abortion, but willing to send thousands of American youth to die for their manifest war fantasy. Anyways, I hope this gore speach gets picked up on all the media and maybe wake a few people up. And yeah, it would have been pretty sweet if he had at least hinted at a full new 9/11 investigation or 9/11 Truth.

looks like a stronger

looks like a stronger candidate in 08 than he did in 00. Hillary won't stand a chance against him if he decided to run.

Don't know if I would vote for him, as he is a one world globalist of the environmental flavor, but I heartily agree with everything he said in this speech.

i am very fretful of how

i am very fretful of how hard the media is pressing clinton for the democratic ticket.. all the polls i've seen on 'left' blogs put her 3rd or 4th tops.

I didn't see or hear today's

I didn't see or hear today's speech, but liked the ones he gave before the 2004 election debacle.

The thing is, he never kicked ass before. What has changed? Or, is that just indicative of politicians on the left -- when they're in power, or running for office, they stay center-right like the Clintons. Then, when it's safe to really speak their minds (assuming they have any ethics and morals in the first place), a few like Gore might speak up.

The Democrats in power now are the ones who should be raising hell, and they aren't. Not enough of them, anyway.

Sorry for the pessimism, but I'm tired of hearing rhetoric that can't go anywhere. I see very little hope for the U.S. as a whole. Regional strategies and solutions are most likely where the hope is, but that will probably only happen after the chaos of the biggest economic crash this country has ever been dealt. And then, my friends, politics will likely be even more a circus of corruption than it is today.

You have to take what you

You have to take what you can get people. You may or may not like Gore but he is probibly the best chance we have for any king of redemption in our country.HE probibly knows full well what happened on 9-11. It's just that he can't get up in front of the world and say it out loud.Keep the Faith!

Walter Conkrite spoke out

Walter Conkrite spoke out against the war also.

Many older Republican voters

Many older Republican voters who are probably grappling with the prescription drug fiasco called into Washington Journal this morning and praised Al Gore. My only advice for Al is . . . don't fly in any small planes. Sound like Wellstone, die like Wellstone.

The O'Reilly Factor (I know,

The O'Reilly Factor (I know, I know) is having a contest

"Would you like to sit on the set of "The Factor" and let Bill O'Reilly have it?! The Great "Factor" Debate contest is underway and here's the deal:"


All you have to do is write an email (then a phone call) proving you can debate with O'Reilly on a topic of your choosing...

US residents only.

Dylan, or anyone else in the US up to the challenge? Maybe if enough entrants broach 9/11, they'll cave and pick one...

Scott McClellan was pushing

Scott McClellan was pushing Condi for President. Now... do you think that would be at all possible? Literally... isn't that one of the most absurd statements you've ever heard? Yet, I think unless we prevail as a movement, that's exactly what you'll see by 2008...

Al Gore is a totally

Al Gore is a totally controlled puppet of the globalist elite. It never ceases to amaze me that people eat this phoney Good Cop/Bad Cop stuff up. In case you didn't realize, the two cops work for the same department. But you think a cop you don't even know just happens to have your interests in his heart, is really against his bad-cop partner and is trying to help you. Yeah, whatever. Meanwhile on the weekends the two cops golf with each other and laugh at the stupid shmucks who bought their act.

A one-world government and one-world religion cannot be established unless the top-tier of both political parties in the U.S. are in on the act. Indeed, it's not even correct to call them different political parties. Collectively they are the Political Establishment--at least the outward figurehead face of it.

Where was Al Gore in speaking out against Bill Clinton's U.S. government-staged Waco slaughter, the U.S. government-staged 1993 World Trade Center bombing, and the U.S. government-staged 1995 Oklahoma City bombing--all which occured on Al Gore's dime? Oh, yeah, that's right, Al Gore didn't. But then, Al Gore was Vice President at the time to Bill Clinton's Presidency. And Bill Clinton now publically calls the Bushes his adopted family.

Are you starting to see the bigger picture?

Alex Jones has been speaking out against U.S. government-staged terrorism for over ten years--long before the U.S. government-staged 9/11 attacks. The U.S. government-staged 9/11 attacks are nothing new--it's just business as usual for the U.S. government and its globalist controllers. As such, the neo-conmen are merely a diversion; the globalist elite could throw them all away like a used condom and nothing would change for the better.

The U.S. government-staged 9/11 attacks aren't about the Bushes or the neo-conmen, it's about something much bigger. It's about something which all U.S. Presidencies in the 20th century have worked towards, whether they be called Democrats or Republicans. It's about a big idea--a New World Order.

i find it amazingly

i find it amazingly coincidental that Bush Sr's New World order speech in Congress was Sept. 11th 1990 which was exactly 11 yrs before sept 11, 2001.

James Redford I appreciate

James Redford I appreciate your opinions above. I saw part of the Gore speech (re-run) on cspan and I watched only because it was a headline on this site. I thought "The Muppets Take Manhattan" was a much better puppet show.

Wasn't the Bush "New World

Wasn't the Bush "New World Order" speech the State of the Union Address given on Tuesday, January 29, 1991

Has anyone gotten the CSPAN

Has anyone gotten the CSPAN video to work since the speech happened? I can't get any of their videos to work on any of my computers. I'm afraid that the NSA is somehow blocking that!