9/11 Truth via Podcasts!

Long overdue, but here are some details on creating your own podcasts. Many thanks to Truth01 for the details and Jon Gold for hosting the pdf.

First, please check out Podcasting and iTunes: Technical Specifications from Apple.

As well as the following PDF which should make setting up a Podcast fairly easy: iTunes Podcast XML How To

Here is the XML file the diagram is based on:

Also, please check out Podcasts for Beginners: A Primer

Regarding hosting the Podcasts, check out the quote from this article:

In the meantime, Netfirms is the latest web hosting provider to unveil new hosting plans, which offer 6 gigs of disk space and 300 gigabytes of data transfer for just $4.95, with a monthly 1.5 terabyte bandwidth allowance available for $14.95. Similar upgrades were announced last week by the two largest hosts, 1&1 Internet and Go Daddy, meaning other providers will likely follow suit. While shared hosting plans may not be ideal for all new podcasters, veteran bloggers with media archiving requirements may find the disk space and bandwidth allowances to their liking.

If the article is correct that 1.5 terabytes (1,500 GB) costs $15 (I would imagine that you could buy more at the same price or better), then you would get 1,500 GB for $15. That would be 1 penny per GB.

Jon Gold, below is my reply

Jon Gold, below is my reply to you from a thread about a week ago (see http://www.haloscan.com/comments/dazinith/113690747920510176/ ). I posted the below in said thread just alwhile ago, but I post it here also so that you will have a better chance of seeing my below reply.


Jon Gold, 199I-WF-213589 would be a document that literally signs off on the 9/11 attacks. What exactly is it that you're expecting, a document in George Bush, Jr.'s handwriting that says something along the lines of, "I, President of the United States of American, George W. Bush, do hereby authorize BlackOp agents of the U.S. government to stage massive Hegelian dialectical PsyOps attacks upon properties and persons within the domain of the United States on the date of September 11, 2001 in order that the U.S. government may obtain more funding, power, and control. [signed] George W. Bush"?

Somehow I don't think such a blatant document ever existed, even though all the evidence proves that was the operative intent of those who control the U.S. government, with Bush merely being one among many of their political figureheads. That's not how BlackOps are done. Obviously it would make no sense for the President to give official authorization for a BlackOps act that is illegal to begin with. The President would only be officially involved to the extent necessary. In this case getting well-meaning FBI agents off the back of the Arab U.S. government agents involved in creating the "legend" backstory of the 9/11 attacks--hence 199I-WF-213589, first authorized by Clinton and then by Bush.

Now, Jon Gold, if you would please tell me wherein I can find where Stanley Hilton said that he held the document George Bush, Jr. signed-off on the 9/11 attacks along the lines of the crude manner which I presented above, which you are apparently suggesting, then I would be appreciative.

As to the fact that David Ray Griffin supports the creation of and existence of a one-world government, what would even be the point of me proving this fact to you, Jon Gold? Once I go ahead and prove this fact to you you're just going to create an excuse as to why that's hunky-dory.

In other words, I must be a liar if I say something as truly bad as that about David Ray Griffin. But if I prove that what I'm saying is true about him then all of a sudden David Ray Griffin's promotion of a one-world government is alright.

But just so you know that I'm not pulling magical rabbits out of my ass and that I do indeed know what I'm talking about, below you can see where David Ray Griffin in his own words supports the creation of a one-world government. Not that me proving myself correct on this subject even matters, as I'm sure you'll just create a psychological rationalization as to why it's all cheery.

"David Ray Griffin Responds & So Do I, (With Links on 'Sustainable Development' Scam)":


"One of your reasons [to beware of David Ray Griffin] appears to be that both I and Richard Falk, the author of the Foreword to my book, are 'one world government aficionados.' It is certainly true that I am in favor of global democracy and have been working on a rather big book on this topic for many years. But I was surprised that you would assume that there is something 'creepy' to what I have in mind without looking at my arguments and the particular form of 'world government' that I advocate."--David Ray Griffin, September 13, 2004

I have set up a video and

I have set up a video and audio podcast (not 9/11 related) and know lots about how to do it.

Would be happy to answer any questions here.

Here is a link that shows how easy it is. Has step by step instructions including video tutorials.

The number of people reached when this get rolling is so worth it.

i dont see any problems with

i dont see any problems with us hosting such stuff here, we will just need the files and i guess ill need to catch up on the rest ;)

jeezus.. that host Netfirms

jeezus.. that host Netfirms could double our bandwidth for the same cost.. and we just went up 10x the bandwith switching to our current host.. with 750GB/month abilities we could host basically anything, including full length movies..


with 750GB/month abilities

with 750GB/month abilities we could host basically anything, including full length movies..

Plus, when you set up your video hosting with an RSS/podcast feed for iTunes (free to all) and iPods (more and more every day), your bandwidth is in effect multiplied because people are downloading to their machines and showing to others.

James... here's a pretty

James... here's a pretty good page that debunks Stanley Hilton...


In regards to the document, here is a quote from Stanley Hilton.

"This (9/11) was all planned. This was a government-ordered operation. Bush personally signed the order. He personally authorized the attacks. He is guilty of treason and mass murder."

Here's another one...

"We have some very incriminating documents as well as eye-witnesses, that Bush personally ordered this event to happen in order to gain political advantage, to pursue a bogus political agenda on behalf of the neocons and their deluded thinking in the Middle East."

Where are these documents?

Anonymous, this whole issue

Anonymous, this whole issue started with Jon Gold questioning Alex Jones for "promoting" Stanley Hilton. Alex Jones has also "promoted" Michael Ruppert and David Ray Griffin.

For all I know Stanley Hilton is a government operative who is being used to intentionally lose the 9/11 case he brought against Bush, et al. The issues concerning what appears to be a pod on the second plane that struck the World Trade Center is certainly not the strongest evidence that the 9/11 truth movement has, but then that's hardly the only thing that Stanley Hilton has spoken on regarding evidence in the case. But it's interesting to note that the judge in the case threw the case out not for lack of evidence, but due to the doctrine of Sovereign Immunity.

As far as the documents referred to in your quote of Stanley Hilton, 199I-WF-213589 would qualify in reference to the first quote, with 199I-WF-213589 and "Rebuilding America's Defenses--Strategy, Forces and Resources For a New Century: A Report of The Project for the New American Century" of September 2000 qualifying for the second quote.

At any rate, I find the page you reference to be ironic in that it presents Michael Ruppert as being some sort of paragon of truth, when he is guilty of promoting as gospel truth some very odious elitist agendas, such as the elitist "Peak Oil" scam and that the obvious murder of Gary Webb couldn't be anything other than a suicide, and even viciously attacked Alex Jones for presenting evidence that Gary Webb was indeed assissinated.

Between Michael Ruppert and Stanley Hilton, if one had to pick one as being a government operative, I would pick Michael Ruppert. But for all I know both of them are, or for that matter both of them aren't.