Rant on American Imperialism Recognizes 9/11 as the Catalyst

Imperial mongers of civilization: From Gladstone to 'King George'

Until the latter days of 2001, President Bush's skeletal talents for peacetime democracy were creaking out of the closet and down the ravine of opinion polls. He was a Hoover in the making (the president or the vacuum, your pick). Osama bin Laden to the rescue. His one-hit wonder on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon did wonders for a presidency looking for salvation. And the most imperial presidency in the nation's history was off on its wolves' hunt, with democracy for a battle flag.
That's Bush's march for democracy for you: Autocracy on autopilot. And for what? For fascism's seducer, a pimp called security, and whose whores we all are.

It's pretty obvious from the satire here that the author at least realizes that 9/11 was more than just convenient for the Bush administration. The number of things planned before 9/11 (Patriot Act, Iraq, Afghanistan) that just happened to be put into effect because of 9/11 is too much to ignore.

The biggest problem is that those who should be compassionate to our cause are somehow left out in the dark. Given your typical person on the 'left' I would imagine most would know a little bit about a few somewhat 9/11 related topics (PNAC, Sibel Edmonds gag order, etc.), while the remainder would be ignorant of any major subjects (wargames, evidence destruction, 9/11 commission failures, physical anomalies, etc.). Even just the fact that the Jersey Girls considered the 9/11 commission a 'hollow failure' is enough to perhaps justify a person on the edge to realize 9/11 is not out of questioning. In fact, questioning 9/11 makes everything else make a lot more sense.

Be sure to check out the whole article, and thanks Doug for the heads up!

Has anyone noticed a

Has anyone noticed a connection between Venezuela/Hugo Chavez, and the Bush-Cheney CIA new world order? It's pretty clear that the Bush administration helped engineer the failed coup of President Hugo Chavez: http://observer.guardian.co.uk/international/story/0,6903,688071,00.html

Chavez opposed free trade, globalization, corrupt oil companies, and what he saw as the US' imperialization.(AKA the new world order) And there is a moutnain of evidence linking the Bush administration to that coup...yet the US mainstream media hardly picked up on this. Makes ya wonder what else they've been behind, and how they ar willing to do whatever it takes to get scenarios in palce that benefit the globalist elite. I'd like to see more anti nwo/Bush/911 truth people see how Venezuela and Hugo Chavez fit in with all this.